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Arthropods News

Lifting the lid on arthropods found in U.S. homes

Scientists have been poking around in representative homes in the U.S. to review the number and diversity of arthropods. To aid the categorization advanced DNA techniques have been deployed.

Huge diversity of spiders and other arthropods in homes

What types of spiders and other arthropods are lurking in your home? A new U.S. based study reveals considerable diversity, with up to 500 different species.

Scientists analyze 500-million-year-old brains of 'sea monsters'

Scuttling around in their Cambrian world over 500 million years ago, two species of hard-shelled, primitive arthropods could have no idea that they would help scientists to better understand how modern arthropods like lobsters and scorpions evolved.

Size matters: Evolution helps sea creatures, land animals get big

Stanford - A recent study suggests that sea creatures may follow a hypothesis known as "Cope's rule," and this rule states that in a lineage, animals grow larger in the passage of time.

Animal life on Earth expanded rapidly after 'Cascade of events'

Oxford - On Earth, animal life expanded rapidly during the early Cambrian period, around 520 million years ago. Many theories have been advanced to explain this rapid expansion of animal species which has come to be known as the Cambrian explosion.

Scientists shake up the arthropod family tree

A team of scientists compared genetic sequences from 75 arthropod species and drew a new family tree for the most successful phylum of animals on Earth.

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