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Arsenic News

Lawmaker calls for federal probe of contaminated baby food

Senator Chuck Schumer is calling on the Food and Drug Administration to examine a report that found dozens of baby food products contaminated with lead and other toxic heavy metals.

India's arsenic-polluted drinking water causing cancer (Part 2)

In Part 1, we learned that millions of people are showing signs of arsenic poisoning linked to contaminated groundwater in India, particularly in Bihar State in the eastern part of the country. In Part 2, we look at the sources of that arsenic.

Illegal levels of arsenic found in baby foods

Belfast - A review of samples taken of baby rice food has found over half of the products on shelves to contain illegal levels of inorganic arsenic. The food is out-of-step with European Union regulations.

India's arsenic-polluted drinking water causing cancers (Part 1)

Patna - In Bihar, India, literally millions of people are showing signs of arsenic poisoning, which can be linked to cancer, due to continually drinking contaminated water.

One of world's largest water sources is contaminated

A water crisis of monumental proportions has hit southern Asia, affecting over 750 million people in Pakistan, India, Nepal and Bangladesh. At least 60 percent of their groundwater is contaminated with salt and deadly levels of arsenic.

Millions drinking arsenic-laced water in Bangladesh: HRW

Dhaka - Twenty million poor Bangladeshis are still drinking water contaminated with arsenic, two decades after the potentially deadly toxin was discovered in the supply, Human Rights Watch said Wednesday.

Keeping rice arsenic free

Scientists have identified a transporter protein in rice that shifts arsenic in to vacuoles. This mechanism helps to prevent the toxic element from traveling into grains.

A secret no more: One-fifth of China's soil is contaminated

When is a state secret no longer considered secret? How about when the secret has grown so bad that there is fear that irreparable damage to the environment and to the population as a whole will result in consequences for which there is no remedy.

Yellowknife's Giant Mine sitting on enough arsenic to kill world

Yellowknife - Barren tundra, "nothingness," frigid space – just some of the ways most Canadians would describe the northern territories.

Sweden finds arsenic in Chinese herbal remedy

Stockholm - A chinese herbal remedy has posed a very serious health threat as workers in Sweden's National Food Agency have found arsenic in it.

New technique to reduce arsenic levels in rice

Delaware - Levels of arsenic in rice presents a major toxicity risk to millions of people. Scientists are experimenting with a new bacterium to see if the organism can reduce arsenic deposits down to a safe level.

High levels of arsenic found in rice brands

Houston - Rice can be found in a lot of food we consume: pasta, syrup, flour and beverages. A new investigation found that the little grain you eat actually contains different levels of arsenic and inorganic arsenic.

Arsenic, antihistamines and antibiotics fed to chickens

Beef consumers who were shocked to discover they were routinely eating pink slime now must face news that the chicken industry also routinely feeds chickens with reprocessed chicken feathers, which tested positive for arsenic and other ingredients.

Dr. Oz's apple juice claim criticized by FDA

The FDA says they’ve been testing arsenic in apple juice for years, and it’s safe to drink, in a press release. The statement follows claims by Dr. Mehmet Oz that apple juice contains arsenic, which the FDA has criticized as being "irresponsible".

Op-Ed: NASA Arsenic Money and the Moon

In spite of the recent discovery of life being able to be supported with arsenic as a key element, finding funding for space exploration is iffy.

NASA: Arsenic-resistant organism to impact search for ET life

Washington - The astrobiology finding revealed the first known microorganism on Earth able to thrive and reproduce using arsenic, suggesting that NASA could start to look for life on planets previously ignored.

Water supply poisons up to 77 million Bangladeshi's

Dhaka - The World Health Organisation calls it "the largest mass poisoning of a population in history" as a new study shows up to 77 million Bangladeshi's were poisoned by their country's water supply.

Poisoned by arsenic, millions are sick or dying in Bangladesh

The poisoning of almost the total population of Bangladesh is so bad, the WHO regards it as the biggest disaster ever, way beyond the terrible and catastrophic events we know by the names Chernobyl or Bhopal ...

High Levels of Lead Found in Cameron, Missouri

After a series of brain tumors in Cameron Missouri, several tests were done on the soil. The tests have confirmed that there are levels of potential concern.

Ancient Bacteria Uses Arsenic to Grow

Scientists have discovered ancient bacteria that rely on arsenic rather than water to grow during photosynthesis. This process probably dates back a few billion years.

Rice Shortage Could Be Eased by Plants That Resist Uptake of Arsenic

genetically engineered rice plants that resist the uptake of toxic metals could boost production and ease the shortage of this staple crop in countries where irrigation with contaminated groundwater has created soils with toxic levels of arsenic.

Loblaws Recall Children's Pear Juice Possible Arsenic Contamination

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Loblaws Inc. are warning the public not to consume certain pear juices for toddlers because these products may be contaminated with arsenic

Arsenic Can Kill Cancer?

In a twist that seems unlikely arsenic is being used to treat patients with a rare form of leukemia. Arsenic has been used for over 2,000 years in China but now the West sees that in this case it works.

High Arsenic Levels Found in Rice Grown in Parts of United States

Scottish researchers have reported finding elevated levels of inorganic arsenic in rice grown in the South Central United States. Inorganic arsenic is a known human carcinogen and is also believed to play a role in causing other diseases.

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Arsenic Image

Patient with arsenicosis.
Patient with arsenicosis.
Public Health and Environmental Database
Felisa Wolfe-Simon processing mud from Mono Lake to inoculate media to grow microbes on arsenic.
Felisa Wolfe-Simon processing mud from Mono Lake to inoculate media to grow microbes on arsenic.
NASA / Henry Bortman
Image of GFAJ-1 grown on arsenic.
Image of GFAJ-1 grown on arsenic.
Groundwater quality in the IGB aquifer system. a  Salinity measured as total dissolved solids  (TDS)...
Groundwater quality in the IGB aquifer system. a, Salinity measured as total dissolved solids (TDS) in the groundwater and areas where arsenic is known to be widespread. b, Volume of the water in the top 200 m of the aquifer.
Nature Geoscience
The Oshiwara River in Mumbai are severely polluted with solid and liquid wastes generated by Mumbai....
The Oshiwara River in Mumbai are severely polluted with solid and liquid wastes generated by Mumbai. Most of India's surface water is not safe to drink.
Jan jörg
Obra Town in the state of Bihar  India.
Obra Town in the state of Bihar, India.

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