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Arm News

NVIDIA out to be a giant in an AI age

Washington - US graphics chip maker NVIDIA aims to be a powerhouse in an era of artificial intelligence with the big-ticket buy of Britain-based Arm, whose microprocessors are in many smartphones.

Arm launches 'Project Trillium' machine learning platform

Arm has announced a new suite of hardware IPs and software solutions for machine learning and edge computing. The company has developed "highly scalable" processors to consolidate its position in the increasingly competitive on-device AI market.

Microsoft, Qualcomm launch ARM-based 'Always Connected' PCs

Microsoft's launched Windows 10 on ARM, a project that brings its desktop operating system to a new category of hardware. The company has partnered with Qualcomm to build Windows devices with smartphone processors, offering month-long battery life.

ARM explains how it'll get one trillion IoT devices online

IoT is expected to explode over the next decade as growing numbers of connected devices come online. This poses challenges across several domains, ranging from security and networking to trust. ARM recently explained how it's tackling the issues.

Microsoft hints at the Surface Phone with new Windows 10 for ARM

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 10 desktop can now run on the ARM-based processors used in mobile devices. The development hints at the emergence of a new class of devices capable of powering smartphone and desktop experiences.

New ARM GPU to bring VR to low-end phones by 2018

ARM has launched a new GPU design that's built to bring virtual reality to low-end smartphones. The Mali-G51 uses ARM's Bifrost architecture to create an affordable chip that's optimised for virtual reality and augmented reality content.

Intel hints it's quietly planning a return to mobile processors

Earlier this year, Intel suddenly bowed out of the mobile processor market. It ceased development of its Atom chips for smartphones and tablets, ceding defeat to the likes of Qualcomm and MediaTek. It has now hinted it could return in the future.

Raspberry Pi 3 goes 64-bit and adds Wi-Fi, still a $35 computer

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has released an updated version of the infamous Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The Raspberry Pi 3 is 10 percent faster than the original Pi Model B unveiled four years ago today and now features on-board Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Raspberry Pi 2 unveiled; updated minicomputer now runs Windows 10

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an updated version of its acclaimed credit-card sized computer featuring upgraded hardware and much more power than its predecessor, giving it the ability to run a version of Windows 10 later this year.

Woman powers robotic arm wirelessly

Pittsburgh - A paralyzed woman has used her brain to move a robotic arm wirelessly. This is said to be the most dexterous movement yet accomplished via a brain-machine interface.

New 3D-printed hand set to change prosthetics

A company based in Bristol, UK, has combined 3D scanning and 3D printing techniques to produce a revolutionary new prosthetic hand that could transform available solutions for amputees with improved-quality, lower-cost functionality.

Mind-controlled robotic prosthetic arm gets FDA approval

A team led by the US Defence Department's advanced research agency has been granted permission by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) to begin producing a robotic prosthetic limb.

$20 smartphones 'coming in the next few months'

Mobile processor manufacturer ARM has predicted that $20 smartphones will be made widely available before the end of the year using its processors.

Amputee is given a bionic hand (video)

Dennis Aabo Sørensen, a patient with an amputated lower arm, has been given an artificial limb that enables him to grasp at an object and feel it as though he was using his real hand.

Barbecan's double revolving doors block and trap armed intruders

The recent gun violence incidents in the United States emphasizes the need for better security, better detection, and better protection.

Man with bionic arm dies after car crash

A 22-year-old man who was able to drive by using a mind-controlled robotic arm has died of injuries he suffered in a car crash in Austria this week.

New York man blows arm off with fireworks

Islip Terrace - An Islip Terrace man has been hospitalized at Southside Hospital tonight after blowing his arm off his body in a horrific accident. The man took a direct hit from a mortar he was launching. Friends packed his arm in ice for the trip to the ER said police.

Fake severed arm halts traffic for hours in Britain

What looked like a real severed arm on a motorway in Britain caused a halt in traffic for thousands of motorists on Thursday.

Man saves his own life by amputating his arm

Jonathan Metz, who lives alone, was rescued Wednesday after a friend became worried when Metz failed to report for work and missed Tuesday’s softball game.

Aussie man implants ear into forearm

The headline for this article sounds like something you'd read in a supermarket tabloid. But in this case, it is absolutely true; a Melbourne artist had it done in 2007 and pictures are making their way around the Internet now.

Artist implants 'third ear' on his own arm

Performance artists are known for pushing the bounderies, but one Australian has astonished his contemporaries by having a third ear implanted onto his arm. Yes you read right!

She will dance with you, If you touch her arm

Study says, if you touch a woman lightly on her arms, she will dance with you with a higher probability than when you don't touch.

More reasons to home school your kids

Add this to my "Parents, please supervise your children!" list of videos!

Taiwanese Zoo Worker has been attacked by Crocodile

The crocodile attacked Chang Po-yu's forearm on Wednesday at the Shaoshan Zoo in the southern city of Kaohsiung when the veterinarian tried to retrieve a tranquilizer dart from the reptile's hide

David Beckham Just Can't Get Enough Of The Needle

When he is not kicking a ball around for Real Madrid, he is stepping into the fashion limelight - never as a sports star been so trendy since David Beckham

Police officer dragged by arm

A driver dragged a Texan police officer during a traffic stop.

India arms scandal suspect held in Argentina

An Italian business man Ottavio Quattrocchi a suspect in bribery in Boforse arm deal was arrested in Argentina

Monkey controlling robot arm with brain chip

Frankenstein horror, or nifty scientific advancement? You decide.

1 Armed Thief Jailed for the 17th Time...

"A car thief with just one arm has been jailed for the seventeenth time"...Is there something wrong with this story?
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Richard Couto with associate rescues one of the many animals found in very sad condition at Coco Far...
Richard Couto with associate rescues one of the many animals found in very sad condition at Coco Farm.
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NASA will remove a multi-ton chunk of an asteroid in the Asteroid Redirect Mission
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A cast on a broken arm
A cast on a broken arm
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The DARKA DEKA robotic prosthetic arm
The DARKA DEKA robotic prosthetic arm
Arm Project Trillium
Arm Project Trillium
Windows 10 can now run on ARM-based mobile processors
Windows 10 can now run on ARM-based mobile processors
At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday  Bono described Africa as  remarkable creative  and entrepren...
At the IHT Luxury Conference on Friday, Bono described Africa as "remarkable creative, and entrepreneurial," and reminisced about conversations he shared with friends at EDUN's launch in 2005. "Our African friends said to us... 'Is it another charitable project?' And we're like, 'No, it's a business.' 'Oh thank GOD.'"
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