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Area 51 News

Digital influencers Binxie and Aliza to take us inside Area 51

The highly-anticipated Area 51 raid may have been canceled but, for two wildly popular digital influencers, the raid is still very much on schedule.

Video: Lockheed Martin Area 51 scientist confesses UFOs, aliens

Roswell - A video recently posted to YouTube shows Boyd Bushman, who claims to have worked as a scientist at Lockheed Martin, making bizarre claims of evidence that aliens have visited Earth and that he worked at Area 51 on alien spacecraft technology.

Op-Ed: While at CIA’s secret Area 51 base, I spy with my little eye...

Las Vegas - Area 51, the most secret air base on the planet, does exist, the CIA was forced to admit after documents were declassified and made public last summer – but a few days ago, there was a new development.

Review: 'Conspiracy Road Trip - 3. UFOs' Special

Los Angeles - This is the third in the series of road trips aimed at squelching so-called conspiracy theories. There may or may not be life on other worlds, but have our governments really been covering up alien visits to Earth, or worse?

BBC film crew arrested sneaking into Nevada's Area 51 'UFO base'

Military personnel arrested a BBC film crew at the secret Area 51 military base in Nevada where UFO conspiracy theorists claim US authorities are keeping bodies of aliens and debris of an ET "flying disc" that crashed in Roswell, New Mexico in 1947.

Best Kept Military Secrets - The Aurora

One of the military's best kept secrets was revealed on an early Thursday morning in June 1991 in the city of Los Angeles. Earth rattling shockwave rock the city. It's not an earthquake. It comes from somewhere up above.

The Top-Secret Warplanes of Area 51

Makes ya wonder what they are really doing out there....

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