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Arctic ice News

Polar bears are starving due to warming of the Arctic

Polar bears are not adapting to food loss associated with warmer summers in the Arctic. Scientists once thought the bears would enter into a form of hibernation when deprived of prey, but new research says the bears are starving.

Op-Ed: The Arctic's huge store of methane gas: 'Ticking time-bomb?'

Some climate change proponents are saying the huge amounts of methane gas, stored under the Arctic ice is a potential "ticking time bomb." They claim that we must stop extracting fossil fuels that put more CO2 into our atmosphere or face disaster.

Greenland Ice Sheet melt 'unprecedented' in 2012

After 2012's unprecedented melting of Greenland's Ice Sheet, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) last week launched a new website dedicated to providing up to date satellite data and scientific analysis of what is happening in Greenland.

Op-Ed: With sea levels rising rapidly, tough decisions for humanity

If a recent scientific study is correct on the human-induced impact on arctic ice melt and sea level rise, humanity is facing two grim choices - expensive urban planning options or managing our core overpopulation problem.

Video: NASA discovers phytoplankton blooms below Arctic ice

NASA scientists have made a discovery described as unexpected as finding a rainforest in the middle of a desert. They discovered massive phytoplankton blooms beneath Arctic ice in the Chukchi Sea. Scientists say the find is an effect of global warming.

Figures show Arctic ice dramatically increased during winter

As parts of the world experienced a brutal winter and record snowfall, the Arctic ice grew almost the average levels of ice again.

Arctic ice melt is faster than thought, ecosystem in peril

Canadian Professor David Barber spoke to a symposium Friday about the findings of a 2008 study of Arctic ice. The study is called the Circumpolar Flaw Lead System.

“Okay, Maybe it is Global Warming”: Arctic Ice Melts 30 Years Ahead of Schedule

The North Pole is on the fast track to "Slushville", as the polar ice caps are melting at a rate thirty years quicker then expected.

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Bedmap 2 s most up to date map of Antarctica wthout the ice
Bedmap 2's most up to date map of Antarctica wthout the ice
British Antarctic Survey
Scattered ice floes are seen from the bridge of the USCGC Healy on August 20  2012 northwest of Barr...
Scattered ice floes are seen from the bridge of the USCGC Healy on August 20, 2012 northwest of Barrow, Alaska. Arctic sea ice fell to its lowest daily extent in the satellite record on Sunday, August 26, 2012, a record since surpassed.
NSIDC/US Coastguard

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