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Cemetery with one million mummies unearthed in Egypt

A massive desert necropolis has been unearthed in central Egypt, revealing more than one million mummified remains, according to archaeologists from Brigham Young University. The excavation at Fag el-Gamous has been going on for 30 years.

Step pyramid predating Giza's Great Pyramid uncovered in Egypt

To date, 138 pyramids have been found in Egypt, almost all of them on the west bank of the River Nile, and all of them in "pyramid fields." Recently uncovered "step" pyramids have Egyptologists unsure of their function, as they had no burial chambers.

Evidence of cannibalism found in Spanish archaeological dig

Burgos - Near the northern Spanish city of Burgos, in the Sierra de Atapuerca, can be found the remains of the "oldest Europeans," who lived a million years ago. New discoveries are being made all the time.

Archaeologists believe they've found skeleton of 'Mona Lisa'

Florence - Archaeologists believe they have found the skeletal remains of the model who posed for Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa painting.

Experts admit second Mayan prediction of 2012 as end of the world

Mexico - The Mexican National Institute of Anthropology and History have admitted that they have a second reference to the date 2012 as "end of the world" on a carved fragment found at an archaeological site in southern Mexico.

Construction site dig unearths remains of Neolithic farm

Edinburgh - Archaeologists digging trial trenches at the site planned for a new Forth Road Bridge have found what they believe to be the remains of a 4,000 year old Neolithic farm.

Archaeologists Discover ‘Count Dracula's’ Cellar

Archaeologists have found a cellar in the university town of Pécs in southern Hungary, which they believe to have belonged to Wallachian Duke Vlad III, more commonly known as ”Dracula.”

Chinese Archaeologists Reveal Details of ’Xanadu’

Chinese archaeologists have completed mapping the legendary capital of Kublai Khan, Shangdu, made famous by Samuel Taylor Coleridge as ”Xanadu.”

Greek Archaeologists Unearth Rich Tomb

Greek Archaeologists unearth a Roman tomb with graves and a small theater. The tomb was found on a Greek island and it contained gold jewelry, pottery and bronze offerings.

Greek Archaeologists Find Hera Statue

A 2,200-year-old statue of the goddess Hera has been found built into the walls of a city under Mount Olympus, home of Greece's ancient gods, archaeologists said on Thursday. The headless marble statue was discovered last year during excavations in the ru

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Archaeologists digging at the end of the tunnel that may lead to a royal tomb under the city of Teot...
Archaeologists digging at the end of the tunnel that may lead to a royal tomb under the city of Teotihuacan.
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Iron-Age chariot parts found in Leicestershire  Rngland.
Iron-Age chariot parts found in Leicestershire, Rngland.
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