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Joint military action, Yemen to dominate Arab summit

Egypt is hosting a weekend Arab summit at which regional leaders will discuss plans to form a joint military force against the backdrop of Saudi-led strikes on rebels in Yemen.

Libya appeals for weapons to battle militias

Cairo - Libya's internationally recognised government on Monday appealed for weapons to combat militias which have seized parts of the oil-rich but conflict-wracked nation, at an emergency meeting of the Arab League.

Palestinians kill four in attack on Jerusalem synagogue

Jerusalem - Four Jewish worshippers were killed Tuesday when two Palestinians attacked their Jerusalem synagogue before being fatally shot by Israeli police.

Arab League calls on 'all parties' to back Gaza truce proposal

Cairo - Arab foreign ministers in Cairo early Tuesday called on "all parties" to accept an Egyptian proposal to end the raging conflict between Israel and Hamas, after the Palestinian militant group signalled its rejection of the truce.

Arab summit calls for political solution in Syria

Al Kuwait - Arab leaders on Wednesday called for a political solution to the conflict in Syria, although the Syrian opposition had asked for "sophisticated" arms to tip the balance of power."We call for a political solution to the crisis in Syria based on the Gene...

Syria opposition calls for 'sophisticated' arms

Al Kuwait - Syria's opposition chief urged Arab leaders Tuesday to pressure the international community to supply rebels with "sophisticated" weapons that would tip the balance of power on the ground.Addressing the Arab summit in Kuwait, National Coalition chief A...

Syrian conflict takes centre stage at Arab summit

Al Kuwait - The Syrian conflict takes centre stage at an Arab summit starting Tuesday in Kuwait, where a regional rift over Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has been kept off the agenda.The dispute which broke out in the runup to the summit pits Qatar against Egypt, Sau...

Arab cyberactivism faces 'unprecedented attack'

Amman - Cyberactivists from the Arab world said Thursday they are facing "an unprecedented attack" from regimes in their countries, three years after the start of Internet-fuelled uprisings in the region.

Arab bloggers aim to boost cyberactivism

Amman - Arab bloggers on Monday discussed ways to boost cyberactivism at a meeting in the Jordanian capital, faced with new challenges three years after the start of Internet-fuelled revolts in their region.

Auschwitz launches online Holocaust awareness in Arabic, Farsi

Warsaw - The Auschwitz museum at the site of the former Nazi German death camp in southern Poland said Monday it had launched online Holocaust awareness programmes in Arabic and Farsi.

Lifestyle disorders top health issues in Arab world

Paris - Heart disease and stroke have replaced infectious disease as the top causes of early death in the Arab world, tracking the West in a trend towards lifestyle disorders, The Lancet reported Monday.

Op-Ed: Obama plans historic trip to Israel soon

Following weeks of indecision and threatening not to travel before the Netanyahu coalition government is established, President Barack Hussein Obama is now dedicated to his first presidential and probably final visit to Israel. What are his real motives?

Op-Ed: Another Arab-Israeli conflict begins

As rockets fall on Israel, Obama quietly removes Hamas terrorist from U.S. watch-list. For the first time ever Hamas launches rockets on the Holy City of Jerusalem. And Gaza cease-fire collapses as new explosions are heard in Tel Aviv.

Marcel Khalife, Musical Poet Special

Lebanese musician Marcel Khalife is a star in the world music scene. His inspired blend of traditional and modern sounds, and his anti-establishment stance have garnered comparisons with Bob Dylan. But as he reveals, there's more than meets the eye.

Op-Ed: The pre-war buildup reflects past Mideast conflicts

“The next 50 days are the most fateful Since Yom Kippur War,” said Hanegbi. Russia starkly warns Israel and the U.S. not to attack Iran. And analysis of the pre-Mideast war buildup reflects the 1967 Six Day War.

Op-Ed: In the line of fire — The plight of Middle Eastern Christians

New York - Christianity is under heavy attack in the Middle East region with followers of the faith facing persecution and institutionalized discrimination in nations with Islamic-based governments and a jihadi threat in which terrorists target Churches for attack.

Op-Ed: The Third Reich, birth of Israel, and today

Jerusalem - Is this the biggest irony in modern politics? A comparison between certain policies regarding Israel's treatment of Palestinians and Nazi Germany's treatment of its own Jewish population.

Arab Uprisings, from Serbia

The April 6 Youth Movement, the Facebook group that caused so many major events against the regime of Hosni Mubarak lead the Egyptian revolution. It was formed in part from the Otpor! movement that caused the collapse of the Yugoslav 2000 regime in 2000.

Op-Ed: Middle East another Berlin Wall?

It is far too early to predict the outcome of the current upheaval in Arab countries, but if the countries concerned choose to reject Islamic rule in favor of democracy and modernism the big winners will be not only themselves but the West too.

Millions of protesters to converge in Cairo to oust Mubarak

Protesters are hoping to gather two million protesters in Cairo Tuesday to press for the immediate resignation of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

Curfew strands thousands of passengers at Cairo airport

Thousands of outbound passengers fleeing Egypt due to on-going citizens protest which calls for president Hosni Mubarak's ouster, remain stranded at Cairo airport due to shortage and cancellation of flights by Egypt Air and other airline companies.

Foreign governments urge citizens to leave Egypt as chaos reigns

Foreign governments have advised their citizens who are in Egypt for a visit and those who are working in the country to leave as soon as possible as street protests continue in various parts of the country.

Video: Death toll in Egypt unrest rises to 62 as foreigners evacuate

At least 62 people have been killed in the on-going mass government protest in Egypt as thousands of tourists struggle at the airports to find their way out of the troubled country.

American woman and her British friend stabbed in Israeli forest

Jerusalem - A British woman has been found by Israeli police with her hands tied behind her back suffering from multiple stab wounds outside the city of Jerusalem. The body of her friend, a US-Brit dual national lady, was also found bound and repeatedly stabbed.

Dispute escalates, UAE turns away plane with Canadian officials

The United Arab Emirates closed its airspace to a plane carrying Canadian government and military officials on Monday, expressing their unhappiness with the country’s stand on commercial landing rights.

Arab man convicted of rape for consensual sex with Jewish woman

Jerusalem - An Israeli Arab man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for having consensual sex with a woman who had believed him to be a Jew.

Islamic games cancelled due to Arab/Iran dispute over Gulf name

The Islamic Solidarity Sports Federation (ISSF), based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia has cancelled the region's athletic games in Tehran due to Iran's use of the words "Persian Gulf" on the winner's medals.

Rising a new silk road: China-Arab ties tightened

Last week, Ben Simpfendorfer, chief China Economist for the Royal Bank of Scotland and the author of the new book "The New Silk Road" had an interview with the New Yorker magazine, talking about the long-term interaction between China and Arab World.

Bin Laden turns on Arab leaders

A new recording which claims to be from Osama Bin Laden has been released and this time he his criticising some of the Arab leaders.

Arab Leaders Conflict with 'Street' About Israel’s Gaza Assault

Not every Arab leader agrees that Israel is at fault for the current crisis in Gaza. Mahmoud Abbas, President of Palestine, has spoken up about Hamas and its unwillingness to talk and practice peace.
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A group of people are demonstrating in front of the Great Synagouge of Jerusalem against the rabbis ...
A group of people are demonstrating in front of the Great Synagouge of Jerusalem against the rabbis' letter that invites Israelis to don't sale or rent houses to non-Jewish people.

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