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Health apps tune into the personalized medicine initiative

There are many health apps on the market. One of the leading brands – HealhTap – has become more sophisticated through the use of a new algorithm that tailors the content towards individual patients.

Facebook Messenger wants to help you find something to talk about

Facebook is preparing a new Messenger feature that will let the app suggest conversation topics to you. Messenger will guide you towards interesting discussions with your friends, keeping you engaged on the platform for longer and increasing app usage.

Microsoft Paint is getting a complete overhaul, 3D object support

Microsoft Paint has been in Windows for almost as long as the operating system has existed. The app has changed little over the decades but that could change soon. Leaked videos reveal Microsoft is working on a complete overhaul with 3D object support.

Applause's giant analysis finds the best UK retail app Special

The digital experience testing company Applause discloses the results of over 3.5 million reviews of the 50 most downloaded Android and iOS retail apps in the last six months.

Facebook using Messenger AI to prompt you to pay friends back

Facebook has revealed it is testing a new Messenger feature that will allow the app to remind you to pay friends back. Facebook Messenger can already be used to send payments. It can now detect when you've loaned money from friends to make you repay.

FDA launches app competition to tackle opioid abuse

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a competition for app developers to come up with software to address the growing epidemic of opioid overdose.

Google causes controversy by removing encryption from Allo

Google has launched Allo, a new messaging app that's designed to allow you to express more emotions in text chats. Allo can integrate with Google Assistant to suggest message replies and take immediate action to messages like "sushi places nearby."

Shopify launches new point-of-sale app for retail stores in U.K.

Shopify recently announced its upcoming launch of a point-of-sale (POS) app and card reader for UK retail stores. The new reader will support all types of payment including chip, tap and swipe payments from both contactless and traditional cards.

Capital One teams up with booking app HotelTonight

In keeping up with its tech initiatives, Capital One has teamed up with HotelTonight to give new offers to travelers. HotelTonight is a last-minute booking app that gives travelers discounted rates at thousands of hotels.

FDA to begin scrutinizing health related apps

Bethesda - Health apps (or ‘mobile medical applications’) have been produced at increasing regularity in recent years. Some are more meaningful and accurate than others, prompting calls for their regulation.

100 million people now play Solitaire on Windows

Microsoft has announced that over 100 million people have now played Solitaire on Windows 8 or 10. It makes it one of the most popular and far-reaching games ever created, showing the mass appeal of the simple titles that come bundled with Windows.

Google can now peer inside your apps to get search results

Google has announced that it can now use your installed apps to power search results on mobile devices. It means that searching with the Google app will show you links to content in other apps, such as music tracks in Spotify and notes in Keep.

Google to phase out Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux

Google has announced it will discontinue support for in-browser Chrome apps on Windows, Mac and Linux PCs in 2018. It launched Chrome apps to allow developers to build rich online experiences, but it admits better solutions are now available.

Warning over period tracker apps

Women have been warned against using period tracker apps, for the purposes of contraception, by a leading medical organization. The apps are simply not accurate enough.

Windows 10's new File Explorer app allegedly revealed in pictures

Microsoft may be planning a heavily revised version of its core File Explorer app for Windows 10. Allegedly leaked screenshots of the app show a fresh and modern design that's less crowded than the current desktop app and easier to use on touchscreens.

Apple Music's Android app is now out of beta with new update

Apple has officially launched Apple Music on Android, bringing its only major app for the platform out of beta. Apple Music for Android is now roughly equal to its iOS equivalent and viewed as a fully-fledged client for the streaming service.

Facebook to banish clickbait and spam from your News Feed

Facebook has announced it is updating its News Feed to hide more clickbait stories with deliberately misleading headlines. It said it realises the benefits of authentic communication and is making the change based on extensive user feedback.

Instagram introduces Stories, an almost total Snapchat clone

Instagram has announced a new feature called Stories, a name which might sound a little familiar. There's more in common with Snapchat Stories here than just the name though, as Instagram has almost completely copied Snapchat's original idea.

Wikipedia becomes a news provider with substantial app update

Wikipedia has relaunched its Android app with a major design overhaul and a focus on newsworthy and trending articles. The updated app uses concepts from services such as Google Now to show you suggested content.

Google's Nexus phones now offer built-in robocall protection

Google has updated the dialer on its Nexus and Android One devices to fend off scammers and directly from the incoming call screen. You'll see an alert if a call is suspected as spam and will be able to immediately block and report the number.

Play Store saves your data by cutting app update file sizes

Google has developed a method of compressing app downloads made through its Play Store that will heavily reduce the size of app updates. The new algorithm saves you data and speeds up downloads by compressing new content in patches.

Facebook Messenger reaches one billion monthly active users

Facebook Messenger has crossed the one billion user mark, becoming one of few online services to gain such a following. The standalone messaging app is rapidly expanding to include new features that are proving to be popular and attractive to new users.

Facebook has a data centre full of five-year-old smartphones

Facebook's data centres mostly contain racks of servers to store user data. Though one of them holds something a little different. Inside a facility in Oregon, the company is testing its apps on hundreds of ancient smartphones, measuring performance.

Apple could make more money from Pokemon Go than Nintendo

Now that it's clear that Pokemon Go is a bit of a phenomenon, the question is which tech companies stand to win or lose from the millions of people running around cities catching cartoons.

Buy Android apps once, share with your family for free

Google has announced it is making a highly requested change to Google Play which will make the cost of purchasing apps and games significantly less for families. You'll be able to share your Android apps with up to six family members for free.

Uber, accused of illegal background checks, opts to pay fine

The U.S. giant of ride-sharing applications is in the eye of the storm again. This time several of its drivers filed a lawsuit claiming they got their accounts terminated illegally. The company opted out for a cash settlement.

Facebook Paper is closing down

Facebook has announced it is closing down its news-reading app Paper. The app failed to emulate the success of news aggregators like Flipboard and will be closed down next month two years after its launch. The app has already been pulled from iOS.

Spotify accuses Apple of using App Store 'weapon' to block update

Apple recently rejected an update to Spotify's iOS app, refusing to approve the new version and preventing it getting to users. Spotify now alleges Apple made the move to stifle competition and hurt its business, increasing the growth of Apple Music.

HP's newest laptop lasts for almost 13 hours, runs Chrome OS

HP has expanded its range of ultra-portable cloud-based Chromebooks with a new laptop capable of lasting for up to 12.5 hours on a single charge. The HP Chromebook 11-inch G5 is indicative of the growing popularity of Google's Chrome OS.

Canadian students design winning health app

Health related apps represent one of the biggest growth areas in relation to the new health economy, using digital media to present information. In a new contest, two Canadian students have scooped the top prize.
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A smartphone with the Georgie app tells you where you are  what’s around and which way you are tra...
A smartphone with the Georgie app tells you where you are, what’s around and which way you are traveling, etc.
ASI Delhi Circle
Windows 10 will run iOS and Android apps
Windows 10 will run iOS and Android apps
In partnership with Polar Mobile  Digital Journal is releasing free news apps for the Apple iPhone a...
In partnership with Polar Mobile, Digital Journal is releasing free news apps for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch as well as BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone devices. Available for free at, the apps enable smartphone users to read news from Digital Journalists working in 175 countries around the world.
Ubuntu Convergence allows apps to scale automatically across platforms
Ubuntu Convergence allows apps to scale automatically across platforms
The Explore feed in the new Wikipedia Android app homescreen.
The Explore feed in the new Wikipedia Android app homescreen.
Wikimedia Foundation
Courtesy Polar Mobile
Digital Journal s tablet apps let you share content via your social networks or by email. You can al...
Digital Journal's tablet apps let you share content via your social networks or by email. You can also interact with Digital Journal via an embedded Twitter feed. The apps are available free on the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook.
Digital Journal
The Explore feed in the new Wikipedia Android app homescreen
The Explore feed in the new Wikipedia Android app homescreen
Wikimedia Foundation
Apps for Office will look the same regardless of platform
Apps for Office will look the same regardless of platform
Courtesy Polar Mobile
Courtesy Polar Mobile
Instagram Stories
Instagram Stories
Courtesy Polar Mobile
Courtesy Polar Mobile

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