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Trump's handling of pandemic reflected in his approval ratings

Washington - Registered voters across the country have little good to say about how President Donald Trump is handling the coronavirus as the pandemic tears through the country. Only 12 percent of Americans are happy with the way things are going.

Op-Ed: Trump's approval on handling of COVID-19 is now underwater

American approval of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has dropped to the lowest level on record, the latest Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll shows. And this includes both Republicans and Democrats voicing their displeasure.

Trump's approval rating dips over his handling of health crisis

President Donald Trump’s job approval has taken a negative turn as a growing number of Americans harbor doubts about his handling of the coronavirus crisis.

In poll average, President Obama's disapproval hits two-term high

Across a broad spectrum of national polls and spanning his entire two-year term, President Obama's disapproval ratings have reached a record high.

Harvard survey: American youth abandoning Obama and congress

According to Harvard University's Institute of Politics survey, America's youth are abandoning Obama and the two-party federal government in general.

President Obama's approval rating plummets

A new poll carried out by CNN has revealed that President Obama's approval rating has taken a major dip over the last month.

Gallup: Obama had third worst approval rating in modern history

Washington - United States President Barack Obama has officially entered his second term. As pundits look at what he has accomplished in his first term, a new poll shows that Obama averaged a 49 percent approval rating in his four years in office.

State of Toronto: Most support mayor's policies, approval rises

Toronto - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's popularity is growing again. A new poll shows that the mayor, who has been a controversial figure in the city, has an approval rating of 47 percent and more than half support his policy initiatives.

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford approval rating drops, still popular

Toronto - Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is a popular figure in the city, but a new poll shows that his approval rating has dropped slightly. The survey also showed low support for road tolls to help pay for the Sheppard Subway Line.

Obama approval rating hits 60 percent

A poll was taken after the U.S. Navy killed Osama Bin Laden, and the poll shows that there is increased confidence in President Barack Obama.

Obama meets squad that killed Bin Laden as approval rating jumps

The President today personally met and praised the team that hunted down and shot Osama Bin Laden. He hailed it as one of the "greatest military operations in our nation's history."

New poll finds Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's approval rating at 70% Special

Toronto - It has been six months since Toronto Mayor Rob Ford entered City Hall. Most of what he promised to do during his mayoral campaign has come to fruition. But what do his constituents think of the mayor? New poll finds Ford is very popular.

Poll: Kennedy, Reagan 'good presidents'; Bush, Nixon were not

New York - John F. Kennedy, the youngest U.S. president since the Second World War and Ronald Reagan, the oldest of them, are at the top of the "good president" list, according to a survey released today. G.W. Bush and R. Nixon are at the bottom of the list.

Barack Obama approval rating drops to all-time low

Washington - A recent CBS News poll finds that President Barack Obama's approval rating has fallen to an all-time low of 44 per cent. which is down 5 points from last month.

Poll: French President Nicolas Sarkozy near record low ratings

In a new poll released, French President Nicolas Sarkozy is still near record low approval ratings as he is planning to deliver a prime-time speech outlining his agenda for the upcoming year.

CBS Poll: Obama approval rating sitting at 46 per cent

A new poll conducted by CBS News shows that United States President Barack Obama's approval raiting stands at 46 per cent among the general public. Other polls show him in the general ballpark.

Obama approval ratings sinks to lowest ever

A new poll released on Thursday shows that United States President Barack Obama's approval rating is continuing to decline.

CNN Poll of Polls: Obama's Approval Rating Continues to Decline

In June, Pres. Obama's approval rating was 61 per cent but now it has declined to the lowest in the President's young tenure.

Obama approval ratings dip to lowest point in early presidency

Arguably one of the more ambitious presidents in American history, Obama's approval ratings have hit their lowest point since he took office.

Bush's public approval rating hits all-time low

President George W. Bush's popularity has hit a new low. His public approval rating is at an all-time low of 28 percent, and nearly two-thirds of Americans think he is "stubborn and unwilling to admit his mistakes."

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