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Q&A: Cloud-native software apps in 2019 Special

With Google Docs leading the way to an ‘open’ approach to cloud-native software, software development could be moving completely into the cloud. There are other factors, however, influencing 2019’s trends as Aurimas Adomavicius explains.

'Kyoto Process' looks to cellulose nanofibers instead of steel

Kyoto - Scientists are working with plastics and cellulose nanofibers to create a product that is five-times lighter than steel but will be five-times stronger.

Full suite of megawatt-scale energy storage solutions rolled out

Vermont-based Northern Power Systems Corp., a provider of distributed energy power systems, is now offering a suite of energy storage solutions that incorporate various battery types and capabilities, depending on the application and end-user need.

Watching paint dry is far more exciting than previously thought

Some British scientists have been spending their time watching paint dry, and believe it or not, they say it's really exciting. They have discovered a new mechanism that could help the performance of a wide variety of everyday goods.

A bewildering physics problem solved using 128 tennis balls

Here's an interesting physics problem for you. Imagine that you have 128 tennis balls, and can arrange them any way you want. How many arrangements are possible? You might ask why this is important, and does anyone care?

App lets you ask doctors personal health questions for free

First Opinion is a combination app and network of medical professionals that can give you advice over time for free or very quickly with a paid service. Due to a funding spike they are now making huge headlines.

Blackberry teams up with Amazon to bring three times more apps

Good news for consumer and enterprise Blackberry users as over 240,000 new apps will arrive to Blackberry's AppWorld. Blackberry has partnered up with Amazon as a cost-cutting technique to bring more apps to users.

With data breaches hitting SnapChat, a new rival emerges in Wickr

As security issues continue to plague the SnapChat mobile photo sharing application, a rival service appears ready to exploit the weakness.

Scentee: New smartphone app sprays scent alerts for FB 'Likes'

If sight and sound aren't enough, a new app that sprays different scents has been developed for those bored with using smartphone apps for just looking at images or listening to sounds.

Review: Five fantastic apps to help you manage your business Commissioned

When you're a road warrior managing your own business or overseeing how your finances are savvily organized, you should consider getting useful apps to help organize your money management.

Apple celebrates fifth anniversary of the AppStore with free apps

The Apple App Store is now five years old and what could be a better way to celebrate than to make popular applications free for a limited time?

Op-Ed: Americans spend 58 minutes on a smartphone — this is a good thing

A recent study from Experion Marketing Services reported that Americans spend on average 58 minutes a day on their smartphones, but television viewing habits remain the larger concern.

Mobile apps creating big business opportunities

Mobile application makers are creating new business opportunity for people in search of a job or just some extra cash. Small business and consumers are embracing this exciting new path.

Costly 'Bill Shocker' malware targets Android users

Security experts from NQ Mobile’s Security Research Center have discovered a virus targeting Android phones, and it may prove to be one of the most costly viruses ever discovered.

New iPad? There's an App for everyone

With every new Apple product (which seemingly come out every week) there are heaps of new applications that are released or just need to be downloaded, and the new iPad and iPad mini are no exceptions.

U.S. Government urges FDA to speed up new drug applications

The U.S. FDA has been asked by The President’s science advisers to accelerate the approval of new drugs for patients who have high-risk diseases. Concern has been expressed about the length of time taken for the approval process.

Digital Journal launches iPad and PlayBook apps powered by Polar Mobile

Digital Journal, a global digital media network with contributors in more than 200 countries, has launched two free news apps for the Apple iPad and BlackBerry PlayBook.

Study: Facebook-oriented 'app economy' created over 230,000 jobs

A new study commissioned by the University of Maryland and released on Monday detailed the impact of the 'app economy' on creating jobs in the United States.

Op-Ed: Kobo Changes the Concept of E-readers

E-readers are convenient when it comes to reading books and other texts. However there are many disadvantages in them. They don't seem nearly as nice when you actually look at it. Here is something that could change the whole idea of using e-readers.

Op-Ed: …And there cameth to passeth an XP mode on Windows 7, sorta kinda

Breaketh openeth the bubbly and starteth cavorting witheth nymphseth, someone’s decided to do “virtual XP” in Windows 7. It’s only take a few years of howling from the global PC market, but it hath cometh to passeth.

Apple: 300 million iPhone apps downloaded in five months

On Friday, Apple announced it reached 300 million iPhone app downloaded from its iTunes App Store. The App Store was launched only five months ago in July.

ACORN Voter Registration Fraud Issue Festers

ACORN is being investigated by the FBI and the U.S. Attorney's office. A growing list of problematic voter registrations in several key states is forcing the Obama campaign to accuse the McCain campaign of politically motivated accusations against ACORN.

Apple iPhone to sport MySpace

In what is projected to be a huge boost for sales of both the Apple iPhone and the biggest online social networking site, MySpace, the two have paired together, to provide the service on the iPhone and iPhone 3G alike.

Digital Journal's Holiday Gift Guide: Software

Whether you're on a Mac or a PC, there is a plethora of software available. Here are's picks for new software, essential software and, in many cases, free software.

What an app on Google's Android might look like is reporting that a first wireless application for the Google’s new Android mobile platform was already created by, which show people nearby stores that are open for business.

IAmFreeTonight Hits 1.2 Million Users

A application on Facebook has hit the 1.2 million for users. The app is a New York based dating network that is like a free escort service. The popular Facebook just may be the perfect venue for the new application.

Google launches 2 applications for iPhone

Google launched two terrific applications for iPhone, Google Calendar and Google Reader, specifically designed for iPhone. These two applications will help iPhone users to schedule and check all their favorite news articles conveniently at one place.

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