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Apples News

Strawberries now top the list as most contaminated produce

Strawberries finally knocked apples out of first place on the "Dirty Dozen" list of the most pesticide contaminated produce, according to a new report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG).

Is eating an apple as effective as taking statins?

London - The arguments for and against statins are convoluted and have been running for years. Two health experts have stated the benefits of statins are outweighed by the side-effects.

FDA decides GM apples and potatoes are safe

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has deemed genetically modified, non-browning apples and bruise-resistant potatoes to be "safe" for consumption.

Apples in Canada recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes

The old adage of an apple a day is good advice but for some apples in Canada the threat of Listeria monocytogenes has apples from the United States being recalled. The apples affected were sold under the brand names Big B and Granny's Best.

Twenty B.C. grocers refuse to sell genetically modified apples

If approved, genetically modified apples could hit Canadian shelves by end of year but twenty British Columbia grocers, including Olives Community Market in Function Junction, refuse to sell them.

Review: Great material and a unique soul

New York - South Korean singer-songwriter Simon Adams’ new self-titled EP is a one-man show. Adams takes influence from the likes of Coldplay and Keane, while also forging his own signature sound.

Researchers recommend an apple a day for those over 50

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," the old cliché says, but a report in the British Medical Journal says that if those over 50 were to eat one a day, it could prevent 8,500 deaths a year.

Study: Eating blueberries, grapes and apples cuts diabetes risk

Eating certain types of fruits, such as grapes, blueberries and apples can greatly reduce the chance of getting diabetes, according to a study. Researchers from Harvard, however, found out that drinking fruit juice can increase the risk.

Several types of apple juice contains high levels of toxin

Scientists have detected presence of a substance called patulin, which is a type of toxin produced by fungi, in several commercial apple juices.

McDonald's to add to Happy Meal apple slices, yogurt

Toronto - The iconic McDonald's Happy Meal is getting a makeover in Canada. The traditional burger, fries, drink and a toy will now come with yogurt and the choice of either mini-sized fries or apple slices. Will this improve the fast food giant's image?

Food importer jailed for six years for labeling garlic as apples

Dublin - An Irish food importer has been jailed for six years for a garlic scam which involved labeling Chinese garlic as apples, in order to evade the very high import duty on garlic. The scam enabled the importer to evade tax due on the garlic.

Swedish elk on a bender gets stuck in tree

An elk who’d already had a bellyful of fermented apples apparently went to reach for just one more when he got tangled up in the branches and couldn’t get down.

Canada: Homegrown Strawberry, Apple Crops Decline

Statistic Canada is reporting that domestic strawberry and apple crops are in decline, international competitors gain an edge in market.

An Apple A Day May Keep Heart Disease Away

The old adage; an apple a day keeps the doctor away may just ring true; a study shows that eating apples can reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes.

Fuji Apples Reveal Unusual Cell Growth

A scientist has discovered clumps of previously-unreported callus hairs growing in the flesh of mature apples of Fuji and closely-related varieties, which may have storage implications for commercial growers.

The Apple: From Whence Did It Spring?

Have you ever thought about where apples came from? No, well don’t you think it’s time you did? Archaeologists have found evidence that humans have been consuming apples since at least as far back as 6500 BCE! Read on for some information, even if you

Fish Who Eat Apples Have The Healthiest Kids Around - Or So It Would Seem

Apples and fish are good for us, they keep the doctor away for starters, but did you know that for pregnant mothers, their babies can benefit even more than first thought

Apple's Window Application Not Compatible With Vista

Who knows how long it will take for the compatibility issue to be solved?

Jaguar Runs on Fuel From Rotting Apples

Henry Hobson is an eco-friendly UK farmer who just happens to power his Jaguar XJ6 Saloon with the fumes from rotting apples.

High Quality Orange iPod Shuffle Pictures

High Quality pictures of Orange 1GB iPod Shuffle.

10 Responses in the iPhone and Apple's Defense

iPhone: The good and the bad

Apple's iPhone unveiled

The one, the only, the iPhone

Arms Deal at Nepal Peace Conference

An arms deal has taken place at the Nepal peace coference..

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Apples Image

A loaded crab apple tree near Inglis Manitoba
A loaded crab apple tree near Inglis Manitoba
A photograph of an apple used on the Okanagan Specialty Fruits website.
A photograph of an apple used on the Okanagan Specialty Fruits website.
Okanagan Specialty Fruits
Sandi dołącza do akcji #jedzjablka ;)
Sandi dołącza do akcji #jedzjablka ;)
Jacek Pilch @PilchJacek
Apple slices  ready to eat.
Apple slices, ready to eat.
Emilian Robert Vicol
Damage from fire blight on apple trees can result in death or severe damage to trees in the nursery ...
Damage from fire blight on apple trees can result in death or severe damage to trees in the nursery, and young trees such as these seen pictured above.
Ohio State University
Apples  picked fresh
Apples, picked fresh
Bramley apples work well in pies  cooked fruit compotes and salads  crumbles  and other dessert dish...
Bramley apples work well in pies, cooked fruit compotes and salads, crumbles, and other dessert dishes. They are also used in a variety of chutney recipes, as well as in cider making. Whole Bramley apples, cored and filled with dried fruit, baked, and then served with custard is an inexpensive and traditional British pudding.
Granny Smith Apples and Gala Apples from Bidart Bros. recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes
Granny Smith Apples and Gala Apples from Bidart Bros. recalled due to Listeria monocytogenes
Canadian Food Inspection Agency

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