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Apple News

Apple 1 sells for $365,000

New York - A fully operational Apple 1 computer has been sold at auction for $365,000. The computer was sold at auction house Christie's in New York.

Op-Ed: Smartphones and tablets: Gift options for the holidays

Consumer technology is growing at a rapid pace and with numerous smartphones and tablets available with different features the question is which device is the best fit for the techie on my gift list?

Apple is fighting the release of a video of Steve Jobs

Apple's lawyers are doing everything they can to prevent the release of a video that shows Steve Jobs giving testimony, The Verge reports.

Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder busts Apple's garage origin myth

Co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve Wozniak, said in a recent interview to Bloomberg that the story of Apple initially working out of a garage was a myth.

Apple rumored to be reintroducing 4-inch iPhone

Of all the Apple rumors coming out of the Far East recently, the one with the most legitimacy seems to be Apple producing an iPhone with a 4-inch display next year.

Apple hits $700 billion market capitalization

Apple has reached a new monumental financial milestone. Tim Cook has passed the ultimate leadership test by steering this tech company to double its value.

Steve Jobs to play major role in Apple's next antitrust case

Apple is scheduled to begin yet another antitrust lawsuit tomorrow in Oakland, Calif. And while it's been three years since Steve Jobs has died, the late Apple founder will still play a large role in the case, reports The New York Times.

Op-Ed: Is Blackberry’s iPhone trade-in plan desperate or ingenious?

Blackberry is offering up to $600 to iPhone users to trade in their device to purchase the recently launched Blackberry Passport flagship in what appears to be a clever marketing but desperate strategy.

Why Android won't take over the world

IBM is tracking online holiday shopping this year through a partnership with over 8,000 brands. For data nerds, it has some interesting insights.

Apple asked to set standard for Silicon Valley contract workers

Apple is being asked to "set a standard" for the security guards who look after the high-flying workers of Silicon Valley, the San Jose Mercury News reports.

Developer describes major flaw of Apple Watch

Apple on Tuesday released WatchKit, the company's software building tool for Apple Watch, and developers have already discovered a flaw in the operating system's design.

Apple gives a big win to Samsung

Samsung will make the majority of chips for future iPhones and iPads starting in 2016, according to Korea Times. This is a big win for Samsung.

Taiwan chip designer produces low-priced smartphone

Smartphone chips manufactured by Taiwan’s MediaTek Inc. were mostly looked over by the big phone brands throughout the past decade.

iPhone 6 sales are exceeding expectations

In the first 30 days after its release the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have sold better than expected, with sales surpassing all other iPhone models.

Man buys 99 iPhones to propose to girlfriend, gets rejected

A Chinese man went all out this week on his girlfriend, buying 99 iPhone 6 units and arranging them publicly in a heart shape before proposing to her. Unfortunately, the gesture didn't achieve its intended affect and she rejected him.

Global excitement around Apple’s newest iPhone stretches to China

When Apple announced its plans to release two new iPhones, the news set off a tremor that went all the way around the world. In China, the world’s largest mobile market, people are lining up to purchase the newest version of smartphone technology.

Apple pay could be signal of much bigger trend

When Apple recently announced its intention to release two new iPhones and the revolutionary Apple Watch, something got lost in the mix.

Apple iPhones, Mac computers targets of harmful malware threat

Apple products including iPhones and popular Mac personal computers are being targeted perhaps by the most serious malware threat to those devices yet.

Apple accused of 'intercepting' iPhone texts

Three American consumers have filed a federal lawsuit against Apple, alleging that faults in iMessage, the iPhone's texting service, amount to wiretapping because iMessage "intercepts" and retains messages that should be delivered to Android users.

Apple chief Tim Cook puts focus on gay rights

Washington - Apple's Tim Cook has become the most prominent chief executive to acknowledge his homosexuality, putting fresh focus on gay representation in the boardroom.

Op-Ed: Apple Chief Cook proudly gay

San Francisco - It comes as no surprise that the CEO of Apple is gay, but few have put it such a way that will offend homophobes. For many Christian fundamentalists, and members of other religions, being a homosexual is a one-way ticket to hell.

Your jeans may be changing the color of your iPhone 6

Many people are complaining that their new iPhone 6 is slowly changing color as the dye from their jeans is rubbing off on the plastic strips found on the reverse side of the phone.

What's new? Apple releases new iOS 8.1

Apple released the new iOS 8 this past September along with its widely publicized release of the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Op-Ed: 10 potential concerns with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is rumored to be the next big thing in tech but there are many concerns. Along with several other companies in the space, there are many potential security flaws.

Apple quietly announced new technology that could change the wireless industry

Apple didn't just unveil its new iPads on Thursday — it announced a separate, less advertised product that could mean trouble for wireless carriers.

This is Apple's new iPad — the iPad Air 2

Apple has officially unveiled two new addition to the iPad line — the iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. Both tablets are available for preorder on Friday and will be launching next week.

Analyst says a new iPad and a retina display iMac coming tomorrow

Apple is expected to begin shipping a new iPad and a 27-inch iMac model with a Retina display before the end of the year, says KGI Securities analyst Ming Chi-Kuo (via 9to5Mac). Both devices are likely to be unveiled at Apple's media event on Thursday.

Apple and Facebook are paying employees to freeze their eggs

Apple and Facebook will pay female employees up to $20,000 to help cover the cost of freezing their eggs. The idea is to enable women who want to continue focusing on their careers without sacrificing their chance to have children later on.

Detailed photos of Apple's next iPad might have just leaked

Apple is expected to officially unveil its successor to the iPad Air on Oct. 16, but we may already know exactly what it looks like.

Apple and Reddit shut down the iWorm virus that took control of Macs

Apple has added the dangerous iWorm bug to its malware detector after 17,000 Mac users were found to have been infected with the virus.
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Apple Image

This screenshot from a Gizmodo video shows editor Jason Chen with a supposed prototype of the upcomi...
This screenshot from a Gizmodo video shows editor Jason Chen with a supposed prototype of the upcoming Apple iPhone.
Screen grab from Gizmodo video
New iPad Features Retina Display  A5X Chip  5 Megapixel iSight Camera & Ultrafast 4G LTE
New iPad Features Retina Display, A5X Chip, 5 Megapixel iSight Camera & Ultrafast 4G LTE
Apple Inc.
New iPad (3)
New iPad (3)
A Chinese man who bought 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend with
A Chinese man who bought 99 iPhones to propose to his girlfriend with
A buyer showing off his new iPad
A buyer showing off his new iPad
Photos of the upcoming iPhone 5  according to Apple blog 9to5Mac
Photos of the upcoming iPhone 5, according to Apple blog 9to5Mac
9to5Mac blog
Manu Cornet
San Francisco s Moscone Center was the host for the annual MacWorld or for today s Apple Computer fa...
San Francisco's Moscone Center was the host for the annual MacWorld or for today's Apple Computer fans, i-Mac fans.
The original Mac
The original Mac
The next-gen MacBook Pro with retina display technology
The next-gen MacBook Pro with retina display technology
Courtesy Apple
An iTunes playlist
An iTunes playlist
The Macbook Air from Apple
The Macbook Air from Apple
Courtesy Apple
Big lineup forms outside Apple store in Toronto Eaton Centre as people wait to get an iPhone 4. ~ Vi...
Big lineup forms outside Apple store in Toronto Eaton Centre as people wait to get an iPhone 4. ~ Via iPhone 3
Apple s iPhone
Apple's iPhone
Photo courtesy Apple
Apple I On display at the Smithsonian
Apple I On display at the Smithsonian
Ed Uthman