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Crash your friend's iPhone by sending this specific text

A new bug in Apple's iOS means anybody can crash an iPhone by sending a very specific message over text or iMessage. On doing so, the app will crash and — if the phone is on the lockscreen — causing the entire device to restart in a major annoyance.

Apple plans major international launch for new streaming service

Apple is planning an early launch in Russia for its upcoming music streaming service, according to a report in Billboard — indicating that it is likely to see a large-scale global launch.

Obama urged to support encryption by Apple, Google & Microsoft

The largest and most influential technology companies including giants Apple, Google and Microsoft have formed a coalition to deliver a letter to President Obama, urging him to reject any proposal to deliberately weaken the security of smartphones.

Apple buys mapping firm to improve iOS9 navigation

Apple has confirmed the purchase of a company specialising in GPS and navigation, strongly suggesting the company is working on improving its Apple Maps app before the launch of iOS9 later this year. Apple Maps has drawn heavy criticism in the past.

2015 MacBook set to hit stores May 25

Apple announced their latest version of the MacBook in late February, released it for sale online in late April, and it’s now set to hit stores later this month, May 25 to be exact.

Apple Watch release met with excitement and challenges

The Apple Watch has now been on the market for a few weeks and those lucky enough to get their hands on the first batch are taking one for the team, so to speak.

Yes, Google admits police can wiretap your Hangouts for the gov't

Recently, on a Reddit "Ask Me Anything (AMA) session on Friday, Google 'fessed up and said that although it encrypts its popular Hangouts conversations, it doesn't use end-to-end encryption. What exactly does that mean?

Samsung letting Apple Watch hype end before launching its own

Samsung has reportedly postponed the launch of its anticipated next-generation smartwatch until much later this year as it faces strong opposition from the popular Apple Watch. Samsung's new offer is expected to have a round display for the first time.

Op-Ed: Apps for Apple Watch are ridiculous but will still take off

The Apple Watch has been in the hands of owners for over a week now and its dedicated App Store is beginning to get stocked with apps designed for its tiny screen. Most of these apps offer no more productivity than their iPhone counterparts though.

Apple wants to end free music streaming — here's why

Spotify's free music streaming tier was meant to be the first step in saving the music industry. Since 2009, the streaming service has offered a free tier that uses an ad-supported model to bring in revenue.

12.9-inch iPad Pro has a stylus, Force Touch, A9 chip and NFC

There have been rumours of an under-development iPad "Pro" for some time now. Over the weekend, new leaks have emerged that not only confirm the existence of the device but also reveal it to have an official stylus — just like Microsoft's Surface.

Parents use Apple Watch to send new baby's heartbeat to relatives

A family has found a touching new way to use the Apple Watch's heartbeat sensor that isn't gimmicky or useless. They opted to let friends and family know that their newborn baby was alive and well in a unique way - by sending her heartbeat with the watch.

Why enterprises could be clamouring to the Apple Watch

According to a recent poll, 94 percent of those who plan to buy the Apple Watch want to use it for work functions, according to MobileIron, a mobile software company.

Android is finally beating Apple in this one key metric

The iPhone is widely considered the "rich man's phone," but Android is finally beating Apple in one key metric — revenue.

The Apple Watch is "not a threat" to mechanical watches

Lead Apple designer Jony Ive has said that the Apple Watch should not be viewed as a threat by luxury watch manufacturers in a filmed interview designed to uncover Apple's aims with its new wearable device.

Google Maps shows an Android peeing on an Apple logo in Pakistan

An image of an Android urinating on an Apple logo has been spotted on Google Maps. Clearly visible on the company's renowned mapping service, it is joined by a message nearby that pokes fun at Google's content review policies.

Google updates Android Wear to defend against the Apple Watch

Google has released an update for Android Wear ahead of the imminent release of the Apple Watch. It adds a few new useful features to the smartwatch operating system and is designed to make your watch "more helpful."

Apple execs concerned over Apple Watch launch problems

Apple is the company that, more than any other, prides itself on getting things right. Apple products "just work." Its devices are "magical." Its designs are "thoughtful" and "careful."

Kanye West says he rejected multimillion-dollar Apple partnership

Kanye West claims that he turned down a chance to work with Apple, according to a profile in The New York Times' T Magazine.

1 million Apple Watches were sold in the U.S. on Friday

An online retail analysis firm has concluded that almost a million Apple Watches were sold in the US alone on Friday when pre-orders opened. Shipping estimates on the watch are now stretching back to July for new orders.

The Apple Watch's mysterious diagnostic port is drawing attention

Rumours are flying on the Internet about the purpose of a mysterious diagnostic port on the Apple Watch that is present even on retail units. Some have speculated that it may be intended for use in the future beyond simple diagnostics by Apple staff.

Apple Watch back-ordered by well over a month after just 6 hours

The Apple Watch has barely been on sale for six hours but the company is already acquiring massive amounts of orders. The Apple Store is now showing delivery times as over a month away for new orders.

U.S. companies have $2.1 trillion worth of profit stored overseas

The U.S. Congress must find a way to tax offshore profits stored by some of the world's largest corporations. Currently letting their earnings safely mount up abroad, lawmakers are considering a special "deluxe" tax rate to get money from the companies.

'Pancake' is the new addictive time-waster to replace Flappy Bird

A new game rising in the App Store could steal Flappy Bird's crown with its simple but incredibly addictive premise of flipping pancakes with the phone to earn points and better pancake toppings.

Apple Watch will not be available for walk-in purchase

The much-awaited Apple Watch, due to go on sale on April 24, will not be available for walk-in purchase. If you want to buy one, you will have to pre-register online first.

Early issues with Apple Pay are putting off users, says study

A study has revealed that early issues with Apple Pay are causing many earlier patriots to neglect regular use of the service. 47% of users have experienced issues in stores advertised as Apple Pay friendly.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge bends just like the iPhone 6 Plus

A test conducted by a U.S. insurance company has revealed that Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge is just as bendable as the iPhone 6 Plus was famously revealed to be after its launch last year. The HTC One M9 can also be bent under pressure.

The first Apple Watch prototype was an iPhone with velcro

It has been revealed that the first prototype of the Apple Watch was nothing more than an iPhone stuck with velcro to the wearer's wrist. It ran an emulator of the watch's screen and was connected to a dongle representing the crown of the watch.

Apple to let users secure iPhones with a selfie

Apple may be building facial recognition into the lock screen of its next iPhones, allowing users to unlock the phone by taking a selfie with the front-facing camera and eliminating the need for a cumbersome passcode.

Anti-gay law prompts Angie's List to halt $40 million expansion

Indianapolis - Citing a controversial law recently signed into legislation, Angie's List announced on Saturday that it has suspended the planned expansion of its Indianapolis headquarters.
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A pair of Beats headphones beside an iPhone
A pair of Beats headphones beside an iPhone
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Bake your Apple
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Steve Jobs during the 2010 iPad announcement
Steve Jobs during the 2010 iPad announcement
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Apple  Geniuses  have long been the company s flagship support. Many of them have now banded togethe...
Apple "Geniuses" have long been the company's flagship support. Many of them have now banded together to launch a class action against the company.
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Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaks at the Worldwide Developers Conference in 2007
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An employee at an Apple Store Genius Bar helps a customer.
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Underwater Audio's waterproof Apple iPod Shuffle.
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Volvo Cars and Apple are joining forces to make Apple’s operating system available to buyers of a ...
Volvo Cars and Apple are joining forces to make Apple’s operating system available to buyers of a new generation of Volvos.
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Big lineup forms outside Apple store in Toronto Eaton Centre as people wait to get an iPhone 4. ~ Via iPhone 3
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The ultra-thin MacBook Air
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Best-selling author of the new Steve Jobs biography, Walter Isaacson.
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What a profile page on iTunes 10's Ping looks like
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