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Apple says to 'carefully' examine Crimea map controversy

Moscow - Apple said on Saturday it was going to "carefully" examine its controversial decision to show the annexed Crimea peninsula as part of Russia on maps and weather apps which has caused an outcry in Ukraine.

Apple to remove vaping apps from store after latest CDC report

Amid growing health concerns over e-cigarettes, Apple will remove all 181 e-cigarette and vaping apps from its mobile iOS App Store this morning, Axios has learned.

Apple TV+ seeks stardom on streaming service stage

San Francisco - Apple moves into new territory Friday with a streaming television service that features a budding library of original shows starring big-name celebrities, aimed at winning over its gadget lovers at home and on the go.

Apple chief defends pulling app used by Hong Kong protestors

San Francisco - Apple chief Tim Cook on Thursday defended the decision to pull an app used by protesters in Hong Kong to track police, according to a leaked email to employees obtained by a tech news site.Apple removed the HKmap.

Op-Ed: Apple removes Hong Kong map app from its store after criticism

Apple has removed its HKmap live from its App Store. The app is a crowdsourced mapping app used often by Hong Kong residents. The app is used to mark the locations of police as well as street closures during recent protest in Hong Kong.

Apple pulls Hong Kong app used by protesters after China warning

Fpo - Apple on Thursday removed an app criticised by China for allowing protesters in Hong Kong to track police, as Beijing steps up pressure on foreign companies deemed to be providing support to the pro-democracy movement.The tech giant's pulling of HKmap....

Apple pulls Hong Kong app used by protesters after China warning

Fpo - Apple on Thursday removed a Hong Kong map application used by pro-democracy protesters, saying it endangered police, after China warned the US tech giant to drop the app.According to a statement published by the makers of HKmap.

China warns Apple against 'reckless' support of HK protesters

Bejing - China's state media accused Apple Wednesday of supporting pro-democracy protesters, warning the US tech giant would suffer consequences for its "unwise and reckless" decision, in an echo of campaigns against other Western firms.

Unpatchable bootroom exploit could affect millions of iOS devices Special

A rare, unpatchable bootroom exploit has been discovered affecting millions of iOS devices. Sam Bakken, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Mobile App Security at OneSpan explains more.

Apple to use recycled rare Earth materials in new iPhones

As part of its growing focus on environmental issues, Apple is the first technology company to make use recycled rare earth materials. These are in a key component in newly-launched iPhones.

Apple slams EU as epic court battle over tax bill begins

Luxembourg - Apple went on the offensive against Brussels in an EU court on Tuesday, fighting the European Commission's landmark order that the iPhone-maker reimburse Ireland 13 billion euros ($14 billion) in back taxes.

Apple embarks on EU court battle over 13-bn-euro tax bill

Luxembourg - Apple embarks on an epic court battle with the EU on Tuesday, fighting the commission's landmark order that the iPhone-maker reimburse Ireland 13 billion euros ($14 billion) in back taxes.

Is Apple serious about integrating cryptocurrency? Special

Cryptocurrency interest is on the radar of many tech companies, with Samsung and Facebook investigating the potential of crypto. iPhone maker-Apple has said it is "watching" bitcoin and cryptocurrency, however there's a question of 'when'?

Google reveals years-long 'indiscriminate' iPhone hack

Washington - Google security experts uncovered an "indiscriminate" hacking operation that targeted iPhones over a period of at least two years and used websites to implant malicious software to access photos, user locations and other data.

Apple expected to unveil new iPhone at Sept. 10 event

San Francisco - Apple sent out invitations on Thursday to a September 10 event at its Silicon Valley campus where it is expected to unveil a new-generation iPhone.

Op-Ed: Taxes, giant multinationals, and problems which can be fixed

Sydney - Governments are revenue junkies. The way they use revenue is often absurd, but how they collect it, or don’t collect it, is a huge problem. Major companies like Amazon, Google, etc. have a workaround for taxes which is creating big tax problems.

Call for big businesses to put ethics and environment over profit

A group of business leaders have called upon their major corporate counterparts, like Apple and Amazon, to start putting ethics ahead of profits, with a particular focus on the environment.

Apple slips to 4th in list of world's top smartphone makers

Apple slipped to fourth place in IHS Markit's list of the world's top smartphone makers for the second quarter of 2019. It now sits behind Samsung, Huawei, and Oppo, a Chinese smartphone brand that's lesser-known in the West.

Google aims to use recycled materials for all hardware by 2022

Google has joined the list of technology companies pledging to increase their use of recycled and sustainable materials. The technology company has committed to using recycled materials in all of its 'Made by Google' products by 2022.

Apple begins the global rollout of its first credit card

Just five months after Tim Cook announced Apple's next phase in the money markets (after Apple Pay), the company's first credit card is now available.

Apple will face tariffs on components imported from China: Trump

Washington - President Donald Trump warned Friday that he would snub Apple's requests for tariff exemptions on device components imported from China, as he put pressure on the tech company to shift production to the United States.

Renewables: Apple leads the way with corporate solar power usage

Several major corporations are making good progress in converting their energy sources to renewable energy, according to a new assessment. Leading the pack is Apple, which has made major strides when it comes solar power.

Apple recalls Macbook Pros over battery fire risk

San Francisco - Apple has recalled a number of its older generation MacBook Pro because their batteries may overheat and "pose a fire safety risk.

Apple launches Mac recall due to overheating batteries

Due to overheating batteries that “may pose a fire safety risk,” Apple has triggered a recall program for Mac computers. This applies to the 15-inch 2015 MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

Apple criticizes Trump's tariffs as costly to production

In a letter to US trade representative Robert Lighthizer Apple claims that the Trump administration tariffs could both lower the company's economic output and put it at a disadvantage especially in relation to its Chinese competitors.

Review: Three alternative charging products for Apple devices Special

Most technology suppliers create the impression that you need to buy 'official' chargers to work with particular products, to secure sales of hardware. However, there are many good quality alternative products available. Three are reviewed here.

Apple pulls plug on iTunes, what happens to the music library?

Apple Music has pulled the plug on iTunes after 18 years in service. The pondering question is as follows: "what happens to all of one's music?"

Q&A: Is Apple's cloud service now threatened by Google? Special

Google's new cloud service Anthos is aimed directly at Apple's, signalling a new round of 'cloud war's, according to Todd Matters of RackWare. Google has also premiered its new cloud-reliant video game platform, Stadia.

Apple tops forecasts as pivot to services shows progress

San Francisco - Apple delivered stronger-than-expected results Tuesday for the past quarter as gains in services helped offset slumping iPhone sales, sparking a rally in shares of the technology giant.

Apple recalls adapter plugs over safety risks

Apple has issued a recall notice for several of its plugs over an electric shock safety risk. The notification applies to plugs sold in the U.K., Hong Kong and Singapore, although some adapters in other regions may also be affected.
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Dubbed the GAFA tax  an acronym for Google  Apple  Facebook and Amazon  the law will levy a 3% tax o...
Dubbed the GAFA tax, an acronym for Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, the law will levy a 3% tax on total annual revenues of the largest tech firms providing services to French consumers.
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