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Ancient skull hints at African roots for ape-human ancestor: study

Paris - The skull of an infant ape buried by a volcano 13 million years ago has preserved intriguing clues about the ancestor humans shared with apes -- including a likely African origin, scientists said Wednesday.

Sumatra sees growth in orangutan numbers

Some good news has been reported in relation to conversation. The orangutan population in Sumatra has more than doubled, following a new census.

Current HIV traced back to gorillas

Two of the main types of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), the viruses responsible for AIDS, have been traced back to western lowland gorillas.

Great apes have larger bacterial diversity than humans

Austin - According to a new study, chimpanzees, bonobos and gorillas harbor more microbial diversity in their guts than humans do.

Video: chimps caught on camera teaching and learning

Scientists have captured stunning footage of wild chimpanzees teaching each other to use tools. The researchers argue that the primates are engaging in social learning.

Tracking Ebola using ape poop

Researchers have developed a novel method to study the Ebola virus in wildlife. The new technique is based on apes, like humans, who survive viral infections developing antibodies against the infection.

Gorillas use scent to communicate with others

Gorillas use the emission of an odor to communicate, a new study finds. Odor changes based on the relationship of the animal putting out that scent and the one smelling it can signal different emotions.

'Apes' outplays 'The Purge' and takes down 'Planes'

It was a repeat performance for "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" as it wins the box office race. It held off three new wide releases as the turnstiles continue on a slow pace.

'Planes: Fire & Rescue' cleared for landing

Kids will return to the theaters over the weekend to board "Planes: Fire and Rescue." Adults may purge and watch a sex tape, however. All this means is that there is a choice among the new wide releases.

'Apes' conquer and beat expectations; 'Boyhood' impresses

"Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" arrived and then conquered the box office with brute force and the competition showed no signs of seizing any staying power.

'Apes' will rule the planet; Oscar buzz will sound for 'Boyhood'

UPDATE: "Dawn of the Planet of the Apes" opened to a solid $27.7 million on Friday and is indeed beating expectations. Now, it may take in around $70 million for the weekend.

UNEP report links poaching of chimpanzees to organized crimes

Some 3,000 apes from the forests of Africa and South East Asia that are either killed or poached each year become increasingly linked to organized crimes and trans-boundary networks that have become more refined.

Not only humans have a mid-life crisis, claims study

Chimpanzees and orangutans may experience a mid-life crisis similar to human beings, a study suggests. An international team of researchers found happiness and well-being in the great apes decreased in mid-life.

Apes go bananas for Apple's iPad

Toronto - Mother and son orangutans at the Toronto Zoo are loving their new iPads; playing games, watching videos and even using Skype with other orangutans.

Review: The Chimps of Fauna Sanctuary shows resilience of research chimps Special

In Quebec a hobby farm is the site of a sanctuary for retired research chimps. Operated by Gloria Grow and her partner Richard, Fauna Sanctuary tries to give these animals a sense of peace after their long years as lab subjects have ended.

Orangutan kickboxing sparks Thailand tourism, angers critics Special

Bangkok - Kickboxing may be Thailand's number one sport but orangutan boxing is fast becoming popular. Hundreds of spectators pay to see the apes beat each other with boxing gloves, while other apes in bikinis perform as round card girls and bell ringers.

Magpies as smart as apes

German Scientists report that Magpies are as smart as apes, even though their brain structure is very different from mammals, inviting many questions about how the brain actually works.

Laughter Links Humans and Apes

Apes and humans share the ability to laugh and may have inherited this trait from a common primal ancestor, according to a recent study. Orangutans have a sense of empathy and mimicry; essential parts of laughter.

Apes Blamed For Crime Spree

It's a simian crime wave. A gang of baboons is being blamed for a series of break-ins. The chacma baboons, which live wild in the Cape peninsula, have been raiding people's homes for food and causing thousands of pounds in damage.

Study finds toddlers socially smarter than apes

Children are better learners compared to their primate relatives, a German study revealed. In various tests, human toddlers outmatched apes in social cognitive tests, proving that kids aren't as savage as we once thought.

Ape Gestures May Hold Clues to Origins of Human Language

The human language is no monkey business... or is it?

"We Do Call Jews Apes", Admits Head of Islamic School

School teaches in Islamic School that Jews are Apes, Christians are Pigs and the Head refuses to remove the alleged book.

Primarily Primates needs your help!

Primate center under new management, looking for donations of common household items as well as cash.

The eyese have it

Results showed that the great apes were more likely to follow the experimenter's gaze when he moved only his head. In contrast, the 40 human infants looked up more often when the experimenter moved only his eyes.

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Major celebrates his 49th birthday at Parc Zoologique de la Boissiere du Dore  Western France
Major celebrates his 49th birthday at Parc Zoologique de la Boissiere du Dore, Western France
Press Office, Parc Zoologique de la Boissiere du Dore, Loire-atlantique, France
This time it s about animal testing.
This time it's about animal testing.
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