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Apartment News

Brazilian apartment at center of Lula's downfall sold

S - The seaside apartment at the center of the corruption case that saw popular ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva sent to prison last month was auctioned Tuesday for more than $600,000.

State could bar builders of Berkeley balcony that collapsed

Sacramento - California regulators could revoke the licenses of five contractors that worked on a Berkeley apartment complex where a balcony collapsed last year, killing six college-age students and injuring seven others.

No charges filed in balcony collapse that killed 6 in Berkeley

Berkeley - California prosecutors will not bring criminal charges over last year's fatal balcony collapse that killed six young people.

Baby toys, Koran: California shooters' home thrown open to media

Redlands - Baby toys, shredded files, a Koran, computer paraphernalia: the home of the California shooters was bizarrely -- and controversially -- thrown open to the media, offering a glimpse of the life of the couple behind the carnage.

Man who lent flat to Paris attacks ringleader hit with terror charges

Paris - The man who lent his Paris suburb apartment to the suspected ringleader of the attacks on the city was charged with terror offences on Tuesday, prosecutors said.

Man held in Paris raid lent apartment to two 'from Belgium'

Saint-denis - A man arrested on Wednesday during a police assault on the northern Paris suburb of Saint-Denis told AFP he had loaned his apartment to two people from Belgium as a favour to a friend.

Paris outskirts a 'war zone' as police stage massive raid

Saint-denis - "It's like war," said a resident of Saint-Denis, a suburb north of Paris, as gunfire and explosions echoed through narrow cobble-stoned streets, helicopters buzzed in the night-sky, and snipers took up position on rooftops.

California balcony in fatal collapse was dangerously overcrowded

Berkeley - An apartment balcony that collapsed near the University of California campus here, killing six young people at a birthday party, was overcrowded well beyond its structural limits Tuesday when it gave way, Berkeley officials have acknowledged.

Lawsuit: Slain California transit officer sought better training

San Francisco - A California transit cop killed by friendly fire during a search last year had urged his wife to sue his department for failing to provide better training for his fellow officers, a lawsuit filed Friday has alleged.

Photo Essay: My apartment in China Special

Jilin - For 3.5 years I've been teaching English overseas. First I was in Russia, then Turkey, and now China where my school gave me a fully furnished, comfortable apartment and a sense of home.

Grenade thrown into Swedish apartment explodes, family survives

A hand grenade was thrown through a window of an apartment in Malmö, Sweden on Saturday night where children were sleeping. Luckily their father managed to close their bedroom door before the explosion, saving the children.

Jimi Hendrix's London flat to be turned into a permanent museum

London - Jimi Hendrix's former London flat is to be turned into a permanent museum following a £1.2m ($2m) grant to recreate the former flat on London's Brook Street.

Dad tosses three-year-old son off 52-story building then jumps

New York - After losing a bitter custody battle to his ex-wife, Dmitriy Kanarikov, 35, tragically threw his 3-year-old son off a 52-story building in New York City's Upper West Side then plummeted himself immediately after.

Stockholm apartment explosion kills 3

Stockholm - An explosion in an apartment in north-west Stockholm has killed three people and has caused a fire, forcing residents to be evacuated from the building. The motive for the blast may be murder.

Moscow fire and explosion kills 3, injures 7 (video)

Moscow - A fire and explosion in an apartment building in Moscow has killed 3 people, including a child and has injured up to 7 others. The cause is thought to be two natural gas cylinders on the balcony of the apartment.

Former model posed in Hitler's bathtub for Vogue

Munich - Former fashion model and Vogue correspondent, Elizabeth (Lee) Miller was in Munich during the American liberation of that city in 1945. She found Adolf Hitler's apartment and posed in the bath for an iconic photograph.

Death toll in Egyptian apartment building collapse climbs to 23

Alexandria - At least 23 people have been confirmed dead after an eight-storey apartment building in Alexandria, Egypt collapsed Wednesday morning.

Mushrooms grow in woman's apartment carpet

Sacramento - One woman in Sacramento, California need not go to the grocery store for mushrooms. Her crop may not be edible, but she has her own homegrown variety.

Video captures front facade of Manhattan building collapsing

New York - As a Manhattan resident filmed the wind and rain fiercely whipping down the street of his 14th Street and 8th Avenue apartment, he unexpectedly caught the wind ripping the front facade off of an apartment across the street.

Squirrel flambé attempt leaves dozens homeless

A resident's attempt to make squirrel flambé left dozens of people displaced when the blowtorch the aspiring chef was using set his apartment building on fire.

Review: Constantia Vista — Ultimate hideaway in Cape Town, South Africa Special

Cape Town - If you are thinking of a trip to Cape Town, South Africa, this is the ideal place to stay. A luxury retreat at an affordable price in the beautiful countryside, but close to all the major attractions.

Colorado shooter: Police find 30 explosive devices in apartment

Aurora - Officials said today that the booby-trapped apartment of mass shooting suspect, James Eagan Holmes, was "designed to kill." (Update: video showing disposal of explosives).

Did John Saparo's dog set fire to his apartment?

Dogs get the blame for a lot of things that people do wrong, but this dog has been blamed for setting fire to his owner's apartment.

America's apartment shortage: Why there isn't enough to go around

If you've been apartment hunting in the last few months in the U.S., you've probably noticed that many apartments seem overpriced. And with good reason: America is currently experiencing something of an apartment shortage.

Kris Humphries gets his own bachelor pad

According to reports going around, Kris Humphries went ahead and has made the ultimate bachelor pad. The pad is complete with a few bars too.

Toronto fire result of pot left on stove Special

Toronto - Fire truck sirens cut into the Friday night's dinner hour in a Toronto neighbourhood. At least five trucks were sent to 25 Bishop Tutu Boulevard when an unattended pot left on a stove caught fire.

One Bronx building's solution to its bad smelling situation

New York - A Bronx, New York building that sits right next to a sewage plant and suffers from truck exhaust odors is getting a smell-over. The hope is that perfume can mask the garbage odors.

Man killed in building collapse in Shanghai

A 13-floor apartment building which is in the final stage of construction in Shanghai toppled over intact yesterday morning, killing a 28-year old worker.

Newborn baby girl found alive inside abandoned clothes dryer

A man in Houston, Texas made a sad discovery yesterday while taking out the garbage. A newborn baby girl with her umbilical cord still attached was found alive inside a trash bag in a closed up abandoned dryer behind the dumpers.

Op-Ed: The vicious spiral of greed

Does the fairytale of property investment in Dubai still exist? How has it progressed? Can you still make any money out of it?
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New York City: Waiting for the doorman.
New York City: Waiting for the doorman.
Two gas cylinders exploded on the balcony of an apartment in Moscow causing a fire.
Two gas cylinders exploded on the balcony of an apartment in Moscow causing a fire.
A Holland Township Michigan apartment complex is set ablaze by man using blow torch to burn fur off ...
A Holland Township Michigan apartment complex is set ablaze by man using blow torch to burn fur off a squirrel prior to eating it.
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