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Anxiety News

Two emotions which massively increase risk of heart attack

A study by Australian scientists has shown that anger and anxiety increase the likelihood of having a heart attack by a startling amount.

Op-Ed: What is normal?

Edinburgh - What is normal? I’m not sure but if there is such a thing then I have to imagine that anyone who doesn’t fall into that category is unique and that is much better than being normal.

Anxiety may cause man's constant chronic deja vu

Scientists believe that the extraordinary case of a man who experiences a constant case of deja vu, where you believe you have seen an experience before, may be caused by anxiety.

The bacteria in your gut may help you destress, says new research

A recent study has found a link between the kind of bacteria you have in your gut and your mental anxiety levels. This throws up some interesting questions in the study of anxiety relief.

Mothers can pass on stress to infants

Washington - A mother's stress could lead to changes in her offspring’s brains. This can eventually affect the physiology and behavior of the young.

Study: Meditation as effective as psychotherapy for depression

Stockholm - Group meditation classes improve depression and anxiety just as well as expensive private therapy sessions, according to a brand new study.

New research shows yoga could help with anxiety disorders

According to new research from Queen’s University, Canada, published in PLOS ONE, yoga and physical exercise can have a relaxing effect on the body and can benefit people with social anxiety disorders.

New findings into an alcohol dependence gene

Scientists have linked a gene, already identified with alcohol dependence, with a neurotransmitter involved in anxiety and relaxation.

Using 'magic mushrooms' to treat anxiety and depression

Psilocybin, the psychedelic component of certain mushroom species, is being investigated for its use in treating anxiety and depression. Scientists have found out that the compound triggers brain activity characteristic of dream states.

How anxiety and stress can make things smell bad

Scientists have some new insight into how stress can literally make the world smell bad. Researchers have had little to no insight into why certain odors evoke emotions from humans such as pleasure or disgust - until now.

A parent's worst nightmare: The dark side of the Internet Special

Fourteen year-old Hanah Smith had been threatened with a sadistic rape attack, her abuser threatened to attack Hanah with a hammer, anonymous messengers taunted Hanah about her weight, the death of an uncle and urged her to engage in self-harm.

Myth of the resilient child: Bullied children hurt as adults

Durham - The childhood saying "sticks and stones may break your bones, but words will never hurt me," may have been wrong after all according to a new study that finds adults bullied as children carry the scars of their experience within them for decades.

Unhappy childhood linked to heart risk in later life

A study has found that being stressed and emotional as a child may be linked with heart disease in the middle age, mostly women. Children with trouble focusing were at a higher risk of developing heart disease in later life.

Anxiety treatment to be made easy, as memory reveals more

A new study, published in Science, paves the way for understanding future best treatment for anxiety, post-traumatic stress and panic attacks as it reveals it is possible to erase newly-formed emotional memories from the brain.

Nasal spray could treat anxiety

A nasal spray has been developed which could treat anxiety and panic attacks. The spray allows a chemical to rapidly reach the brain and it functions by altering brain neurons, instilling a calmer behavior.

Letting babies 'cry it out' may be dangerous for their health

A psychologist has said that new developments in neuroscience show that letting babies "cry it out" is dangerous for their longterm health. Caregivers who respond promptly to a baby's need are more likely to have children who are independent.

Study links meds for sleep and anxiety to increased risk of death

Laval - Taking sleeping pills or anxiety medication could increase a person’s risk of dying, according to a University of Laval study.

Exercise is one key to reduce chronic illness anxiety

Anxiety can be a problem when a person deals with chronic illness. That anxiety can take a toil on the patient's quality of life. Researchers have found that exercise can help alleviate the problem.

Study Finds Female Teachers Influence Girls in Fearing Math

“I hate math.” “I’ve never been good at math.” Often these are statements used by girls to describe their math anxiety. Psychologists have found female teachers’ influence may help to cause girls to fear math.

Study: Brain scan reveals insight into anxiety disorder

Researchers at Stanford University examined 16 people who suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) and discovered that "scrambled connections" in the brain may be the cause of the problem.

Depression as deadly as smoking, study says

Researchers from Norway and the United Kingdom found that mortality rates for people suffering from depression are similar to those who smoke.

Anxiety? You may actually be a ‘born worrier’, hardwired at birth

Anxiety doesn’t mean you’re a hypochondriac. But many feel it’s “abnormal”, as well as extremely unpleasant. The good news is that studies have shown evidence that this unwanted ability to worry about everything has a physiological basis.

Mass Layoffs Leading to 'Job Survivor Guilt'

As the layoffs pile up, it becomes increasingly important to know how those still working should talk to those who've gotten the boot. Layoff etiquette is a way of speaking to ex-co-workers so that you can help, rather than hurt them.

Op-Ed: Myths Of Debt To Be Corrected For 2009

The year 2008 brought a rude awakening to a population enthralled by a bottomless availability of cash. Mesmerized into debt accumulation we now wonder how we could possibly have overdone it.

Op-Ed: Recession? Depression? Deflation? Inflation?

The world of internet search has become a reasonable gauge of a population’s concerns. Obama has almost disappeared from the top of the list and has been replaced by the economy. The shift suggests more than an elemental change in unfolding interests.

Experts See More Risks in Nanotechnology Than Public

More scientists than Average Joes worry about nanotechnology’s health and environmental impact, according to a new report. While the public is concerned about privacy concerns, experts in the field are more anxious about pollution and human health risks

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Life on Constant Edge

The question of time dwells in my mind every millisecond. It consumes my whole self. It speeds up; then slows down. But when it increases in speed it's like a train going 100 miles per hour. It makes me dizzy and imbalanced. My life is passing by rapidly.

Knee Surgery and Anxiety don't mix

I hope my surgeon plays lots of video games.....

Party Hardy Can Improve Your Math Scores

Well, now I don't feel so stupid. Now I know that I had all those Math problems in school because I had math anxiety.

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Study shows how stress and anxiety can make things smell foul.
Study shows how stress and anxiety can make things smell foul.

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