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Op-Ed: Greek officials still playing dirty

While unwinding on the Greek sun-kissed island of Crete, embracing the clear sea and golden sand, one would never think that this is the same country that was plagued by protests, severe tax hikes and record unemployment for the past six years.

Greece's Golden Dawn excluded from Council of Europe delegation

Greece's ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) is to be excluded from the Council of Europe delegation, following an agreement reached between Prime Minister Antonis Samaras and the president of the European Grassroots Anti-racist Movement.

Samaras promises EU pro-European party in return for Greek deal

Athens - The IMF and EU had reached a stalemate on the issue of Greek debt sustainability until a deal was reached this week. A reliable source now reveals that Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras was promised a cash bailout in return for forming a pro-EU party.

Op-Ed: Eurogroup and IMF reach agreement on Greek debt

Ministers from the eurozone in conjunction with the IMF have reached an agreement on Greek debt. The arrangement means Greece will receive €34.4 billion by the end of this year, staving off bankruptcy and a Grexit.

Samaras says loan delays to Greece cannot continue

Athens - Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has urged the Eurozone and IMF to live up to their commitments and release the next tranche of already overdue bail-out loans.

Anti-Merkel protests flare in Athens

Athens - Around 40,000 protesters have gathered in Athens to demonstrate against Angela Merkel's visit to the Greek capital and crippling austerity measures.

First arrests as Merkel arrives in Athens

Athens - The plane carrying German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived at Athens International airport 10 minutes ahead of schedule. As she met Greek ministers on the red carpet, police were already carrying out their first arrests in Athens city center.

Op-Ed: Solidarity with Samaras — The reason for Merkel's Athens visit

Athens - Greece's fragile coalition government is in danger of imploding. Reluctant coalition partners make political waves over new austerity measures, corruption lurks beneath the surface, bankruptcy beckons. So why did Angela Merkel choose this moment to visit?

Tight security for Merkel's Athens visit, protests banned

Athens - With German Chancellor Angela Merkel due to arrive in Athens at 1:30 Tuesday, the Greek capital is on a high security alert. In addition to the deployment of 7,000 riot police, helicopters and snipers, gatherings and protests have been banned.

Sarcastic tweets for Merkel's arrival in Athens

Angela Merkel's arrival in Greece to meet Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has inspired a lot of sarcasm among Greek Twitter users.

Antonis Samaras likens Greece to the Weimar Republic

Athens - Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has warned that the deteriorating economic and social situation in Greece has left Greek democracy facing its biggest challenge. He likened Greece today with the end of Germany's Weimar Republic.

Merkel to visit Athens amidst planned protests

Athens - German Chancellor Angela Merkel is due to make her first visit to Athens on Tuesday for talks with Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Merkel, an unpopular figure in Greece, will be met by protests.

Greece: Latest austerity measures cut top rate of tax

Athens - The three coalition party leaders have reached a basic agreement on the latest round of austerity measures to present to the Troika, due back in Greece on Sunday. The measures include a reduction in the top rate of tax from 45 to 35 percent.

Greek coalition partners meet to discuss austerity measures

Athens - The three leaders of the Greek coalition government are due to meet Thursday morning in a last attempt to agree austerity measures. The coalition could be on shaky ground if an agreement is not reached to present to the Troika next week.

Greek ministers debate outlawing Golden Dawn

Greek ultra-nationalist party Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) is under the political microscope as several government ministers have debated outlawing the party. Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has discussed a possible ban but so far appears negative.

New Yorker: 'The EU is to blame for Greece's immigration problem'

“The country has been saddled not only with unmanageable debts, austerity budgets, and German condescension but also with the frontline burdens of a broken European Union asylum and migration regime that combines high ideals with deep denial”.

Muslims riot in Athens over anti-Islam film

Rioting Muslims took to the streets of Athens on Sunday afternoon, in protest against the film that mocked Mohammed. Around 1,000 Muslims hurled bottles and other objects at police that were trying to prevent the rioters descending on the U.S. Embassy.

Stiffer penalties for illegal immigrants who commit crimes

Athens - Greece is to introduce new legislation to impose stricter penalties on illegal immigrants who commit serious crimes. The measure is to be brought in to tackle the escalating wave of crime committed by foreigners.

Jean Claude Juncker warns 'last chance' for Greece

Athens - Eurogroup Chairman Jean Claude Juncker, in Athens for talks with Antonis Samaras, declared "I oppose a Greek exit from the eurozone." However, he warned "Greece is facing its "last chance" to stay in the eurozone.

Samaras: Greece needs 'breathing space' to implement more cuts

Athens - As Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras prepares for a meeting with Euro Group President Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday, he told German newspaper Bild Greece needs "breathing space" to implement further spending cuts and reforms.

Turkish authorities plan to unleash Syrian refugees on Europe

The dispatch of 1,800 guards to the Greek - Turkish Evros border was to thwart a plan by Turkish authorities to flood Europe with Syrian refugees, thus forcing Europe to deal with the Syrian issue.

'Greece cannot be saved, that is simple mathematics': German MP

Athens - As Greece's coalition government's three party leaders prepare to finalize €11.5 billion in cuts to satisfy creditors, negative comments continue to emanate from Germany, where there is growing pressure for a Greek euro exit.

Samaras to Bill Clinton: Greece’s economy is in Great Depression

Athens - Former U.S. President Bill Clinton met with Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Sunday, as he represented a delegation of prominent Greek-Americans who are hoping to promote investments in Greece through the Hellenic Initiative Program.

Op-Ed: Troika interferes with freedom of Greek press

When one of the first decrees of newly appointed Greek Prime Minister Anthonis Samaras was to instruct cabinet ministers to refrain from unnecessary interviews, he may have been under orders from Greece's creditors represented by the Troika.

New Greek finance minister needed as Rapanos bows out

The Greek government is seeking a new finance minister following the decision of newly appointed Vassilis Rapanos to resign the position before even being sworn into it.

Antonis Samaras gives new Greek cabinet surprising pay cut

Athens - Anthonis Samaras, leader of New Democracy and newly sworn in Prime Minister of Greece, had a surprise in store for his newly appointed cabinet when he announced they would take a 30 percent pay cut.

New coalition government confirmed in Greece

Athens - On the third day of negotiations since Sunday's election, a new coalition government has been announced in Greece. The coalition will comprise New Democracy, PASOK and Democratic Left.

Athens: Policing makes its way onto the political agenda

Athens - Greek police made 600 arrests in central Athens last week, amid escalating concerns over rising crime and illegal immigrants. Politicians are trying to outscore each other on the issue of policing crime in the run up to Sunday's elections.

Greek politicians condemn Golden Dawn live TV attack

Athens - Greek politicians of all parties have strongly condemned the attack on live television by far-right Golden Dawn MP on two female politicians. The government said the "attack is an attack against every democratic citizen."

Greek elections: New Democracy leads over SYRIZA in latest polls

Athens - Latest polls published on Sunday morning in the Greek press show that New Democracy has taken the lead over SYRIZA. A further poll shows that nine out of every ten Greeks wish to remain in the eurozone.
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Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on March 25, 2012
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