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Antiwhaling News

Japan v Australia whaling case in The Hague — Watch live

The Hague - Beginning tomorrow, Australia and Japan will square off over whaling in the Netherlands. The case will be broadcast live through the International Court of Justice (ICJ) website and available via Video on Demand (VOD).

Unable to sell whale meat Japanese agency resorts to brawn

Tokyo - With around 5,000 tonnes of whale meat sitting unwanted in freezers around Japan, the country's leading cetacean research organization is about to launch a campaign pushing its health benefits.

Worst season for Japanese whaling industry

Sydney - Operation Zero Tolerance becomes the most successful whale protection campaign to date, reports the international anti-whaling organization Sea Shepherd.

Japan's whaling fleet sets sail for Antarctica

A total of four Japanese whaling vessels left Japanese ports on Friday bound for the Southern Ocean on their annual hunt of minke whales and other large cetaceans in the seas around Antarctica.

Op-Ed: Sea Shepherd reveals new ship once part of Japanese whaling fleet

Hobart - Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) unveiled their new ship the SSS Sam Simon in Hobart, Tasmania yesterday. The story behind how it was acquired appeared to throw down the gauntlet to Japanese whalers. confirms ban on sale of whale meat

Washington - The Environmental Investigation Agency is confirming has now officially banned the sale of all whale and dolphin products from its wholly owned Japanese website.

Op-Ed: Activists slam, Hong Kong Air and secure wins in court Special

From successful court cases in Japan and the US, to threatened boycotts of Hong Kong Airlines and, cetacean activists are on a roll.

Op-Ed: Norway sets 2012 whaling quota at 1,286 minke whales

Oslo - When it comes to whaling, Japan grabs the news more than any other nation, but Norway has its own love affair with whaling.

Op-Ed: Jailed dolphin activist ordered released but prosecutors disagree

Wakayama - The judge in the trial of Sea Shepherd activist Erwin Vermeulen arrested in Taiji, Japan, last December for an alleged pushing incident, has ordered him released. But prosecutors continue to push their case, demanding a hearing in a higher court.

Hollywood star Rutger Hauer backs activist jailed in Japan

Wakayama - Dutch stage, television and film actor Rutger Hauer, famous for movies such as Blade Runner and The Hitcher, has stepped up in support of Sea Shepherd activist Erwin Vermeulen, recently jailed in Japan for an alleged pushing incident.

Op-Ed: Arrested Sea Shepherd member stands trial, 'visibly thinner'

Wakayama - The trial of Sea Shepherd cove guardian, Edwin Vermeulen, arrested last December in Taiji, Japan, for allegedly pushing a dolphin trainer, began on Jan. 26, with the Dutch national making his first appearance in court.

Op-Ed: Japanese media agrees whaling no longer 'central to daily life'

Tokyo - A refreshing editorial from one Japanese media entity says the argument for whale meat consumption, based upon tradition in Japan, is "hardly compelling."

Op-Ed: Ric O'Barry reports live from the cove in Taiji, Japan Special

Taiji - Dolphin advocate Ric O'Barry launches a new tool in his fight to stop the dolphin hunts in Taiji, Japan. With the help of modern technology, events in the cove are being beamed live around the world.

Op-Ed: Year end review — 425 dolphins taken in Taiji, Japan, so far

Taiji - Although the start of the dolphin drive season in Taiji, Japan was delayed by Typhoon Talas, midway through the season 425 dolphins have been driven into the cove.

Op-Ed: Australian government allows import of whale meat, ouch

How embarrassing. In 2010, the Australian government announced that it wanted an end to whaling in the Southern Ocean Whaling Sanctuary, yet a news report has revealed four Australian companies have been importing whale meat since 2005.

Sea Shepherd expects to be rammed by whalers looking for revenge

Having already intercepted the Japanese whaling fleet on Christmas day, the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SCSS) believes Japan is out for revenge.

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Antiwhaling Image

The cove in Taiji  Japan after a dolphin slaughter.
The cove in Taiji, Japan after a dolphin slaughter.
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Norway sets an established quota of 1286 minke whales for the 2012 season.
Norway sets an established quota of 1286 minke whales for the 2012 season.
André-Philippe D. Picard
Anonymous warns the Japanese Government   it would be smart to expect us.
Anonymous warns the Japanese Government, "it would be smart to expect us."
Anonymous/YouTube still shot

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