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South Korea tightens curbs in capital to control virus surge

Seoul - South Korea tightened coronavirus measures on Saturday in Seoul and its surrounding areas as the country reported the highest number of new daily infections in more than five months.

Antivirus software could help malware infect your PC

An antivirus software exploit could allow malware to escape quarantine and infect your system. A vulnerability found in several antivirus solutions gives an attacker a way to bypass usual mechanisms and gain full control of sensitive filesystem areas.

Over half of Windows 7 PCs have no antivirus installed

Microsoft's latest security report contains several interesting statistics on Windows antivirus usage. Over half of all PCs running Windows 7 have no antivirus software installed or have it turned off. The situation's not much better on newer versions.

Ex-Mozilla employee: 'Don't buy antivirus software'

A former Mozilla employee has spoken out about the dangers of using third-party antivirus software on Windows computers. He claims the programs do not necessarily protect your PC and can house serious vulnerabilities themselves.

Microsoft unveils new Windows Security Center to protect your PC

Microsoft has announced a new Windows utility that gives you an at-a-glance overview of your computer's health and security. The Windows Defender Security Center can manage third-party antivirus software as well as Windows' built-in protection.

U.S. security agency warns against 'useless' antivirus programs

Washington - U.S. government computer experts are warning consumers that some popular antivirus software programs have become "useless" and could compromise the safety of home computers.

Law enforcement closes down massive botnet of 770,000 computers

A worldwide botnet operating in 190 countries and on 770,000 computers has been forced offline by law enforcement groups and private security companies. It stole banking credentials and installed more malware on users' computers.

Panda antivirus update causes software to flag itself

An update to Panda's antivirus software programs has led to the software recognising some of its own core files as malicious malware. It then quarantined them, leaving itself unable to run and preventing computers from starting up.

400,000 users affected in hack of Avast forums

CEO Vince Steckler of security company Avast Software has announced in a blog post that details of 400,000 Avast forum users have been compromised in a malicious attack against the company over the past weekend.

Top 10 Windows antivirus software packages worth checking out

The selection of antivirus software can be overwhelming, but this guide explains the specs of the top 10 Windows-friendly software packages, according to data compiled by Find the Best.

John McAfee sells his life story

In a lucrative, albeit provocative turn of events, anti-virus software king John McAfee has penned a book deal while behind bars in Guatemala.

Founder of McAfee Antivirus wanted in Belize for murder

San Pedro - John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus, is a suspect in the murder of an American expatriate in Belize. The man who was murdered was a neighbor of McAfee's. The two men had reportedly been involved in recent disputes with one another.

MIT scientists develop novel drug to fight viral infections

Scientists operating at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed an antiviral drug that promises to end infections from virtually all known viruses, from the common cold to exotic hemorrhagic fevers.

Fake Microsoft update is malware in disguise

Have you recently received an email from Microsoft claiming that you need a security update? Beware, this is not from Microsoft but rather it is a spam attempt at getting you to download malware.

Microsoft confirms release of free anti-virus software

Microsoft confirmed today that the full version of its free anti-virus application, Security Essentials, will be released on Tuesday for download.

Microsoft says 400,000 PCs infected with fake antivirus software

Microsoft announced it has removed a fake “Antivirus 2009” application from more than 394,000 PCs with their free update tool.

Researchers Develop Next-generation Antivirus System

Antivirus software on your personal computer could become a thing of the past thanks to a new "cloud computing" approach to malicious software detection developed at the University of Michigan.

Outgoing co-president of Microsoft says Vista wont need antivirus

Jim Allchin told a reporter that the system's new lockdown features are so capable and thorough that he was comfortable with his own seven-year-old son using Vista without antivirus software installed

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AVGater lets malware escape antivirus quarantines
AVGater lets malware escape antivirus quarantines
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