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Antigay News

Toronto dads fight back after birth photo used in anti-gay ads

Toronto - A photo showing the touching moment when two Toronto dads met their newborn son for the first time quickly went viral when the little boy was born two years ago. But not all of the attention it attracted has been positive.

First Church of Cannabis approved, tests IN religious freedom law

Indianapolis - The First Church of Cannabis Inc., has been approved by the Indiana secretary of state after the passage of the religious freedom act last week. This begs the question: Will the church's motto be "Praise the Lord and pass the pot?"

Anti-gay speaker allowed into Canada

Regina - Peter LaBarbera, who heads the controversial Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, has been granted entry into Canada despite protests in Saskatchewan.

Nova Scotia panel urged to not recognize Trinity law graduates

Halifax - On Dec.18, 2013, the B.C. government approved creation of a faith-based Law School at Trinity Western University. Provincial law societies reviews will be the next hurdle Trinity graduates will have to overcome, if they want to practice law in Canada.

Nigerian president signs legislation prohibiting homosexuality

Abuja - Inciting harsh criticism from the western world, Nigerian president Goodluck Jonathan signed a piece of legislation Monday outlawing same-sex relationships.

B.C. approves Trinity Law School despite anti-gay policy

Despite opposition from the LGBT community, the B.C. government has gone ahead and approved the creation of a faith-based law school at Trinity Western University.

Ian McKellen told 'not to go to Russia' due to anti-gay law

Respected British actor and gay icon Ian McKellen is making headlines this month because of his role in the latest "Hobbit" film. But this talented actor is in the news for another reason. The UK's Foreign Office has told McKellen not to visit Russia.

Russia's anti-gay adoption laws affect Canadian couple

Halifax - The only thing Pam and Adam Webber want more than the child they were excitedly awaiting, is a change in Russia’s international adoption laws.

Op-Ed: LGBTQ+ — Because Homophobia, Homomisia and Anti-Gay are not Okay 

Journalists and other commentators are still scrambling ferverishly to come up with more precise, accurate and neutral descriptors to best characterize the diverse sentiments expressed about the LGBTQ community or towards LGBTQ behaviors and practices.

Watch 'The Ultimate Anti-Gay Marriage Ad' parody

Watch this satirical video that spoofs people obsessed with notions that legalizing gay marriage will somehow bring about the end of the world.

Paris Hilton's rep on damage control over anti-gay comments

New York - A rep for Paris Hilton is trying to clarify remarks the hotel heiress made suggesting gay men are "disgusting" and that most of them "probably have AIDS."

Chick-fil-a says no to funding anti-gay organizations

Chicago - Two months after Chick-fil-a owner Dan Cathy made comments reaffirming his opposition to same-sex marriage, his company has agreed to stop funding anti-same-sex marriage organizations.

Anti-gay moralizing reverend convicted of masturbating in park

New Orleans - A prominent Louisiana Christian pastor, well known for his anti-gay stand, has been convicted of obscenity after being caught masturbating at a public park, near a children's playground last year.

Video: Watch anti-gay protest at General Mills go wrong

In a video that has gone viral online, a man attempts to protest General Mills' support of gay marriage by setting a bowl of Cheerios cereal on fire. But the man is forced to flee after the fire spreads and the lawn catches fire.

Gay couple's engagement pic altered and used in anti-gay campaign

A New Jersey gay couple, Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere, who married in 2010, were shocked to discover that a photo taken at their engagement party showing them kissing was appropriated by an anti-gay group, altered and used in an anti-gay campaign.

Brad Pitt's mom writes anti-gay, anti-Obama letter to newspaper

Springfield - Actor Brad Pitt's mother, Jane Pitt, wrote a letter to her local newspaper, Missouri's Springfield News-Leader on Tuesday, expressing her support for Romney and criticizing President Obama over his support for same-sex marriage and abortion rights.

Video: Police investigate Atlanta street gang anti-gay hate crime

Atlanta - Police are investigating a video showing members of an Atlanta street gang beating up a man they say is gay. The men filmed themselves punching and kicking brutally at their victim because they do not want gay men in their neighborhood.

Op-Ed: Moms want Ellen Degeneres fired for being gay

Talk show icon Ellen Degeneres -having just announced her partnership with clothing giant JC Penney- has come under fire from '', who want her fired just for being gay.

Tea Party favourite walks out on Piers Morgan over gay marriage

An avowedly anti-gay Tea Party favourite has walked out of the chat show hosted by British presenter Piers Morgan after he asked her a question about same-sex marriage.

Apple under pressure to dump anti-gay app

The computer giant Apple has found itself amid controversy over a popular app for its iPhone that aims to steer people away from homosexuality.

Draconian anti-gay law could soon be enacted in Uganda

The controversial Ugandan anti-gay bill that threatens even the death penalty for homosexuality in some circumstances could become law soon, media reports claim.

Gay film festival attacked by Muslim fanatics

Masked Muslim protestors have attacked a gay film festival in Indonesia, calling the organizers blasphemers and threatening to burn down one of the venues.

Supreme Court says law school may not recognize Christian group

A US law school cannot be forced to recognize a religious group that discriminates against gay students, the US Supreme Court has decided.

UK Tory leader ‘politically correct’, says suspended candidate

The man who could become Britain’s new Prime Minister next week has been accused of political correctness after he suspended a party candidate for saying homosexuality was “not normal”.

Please Do Not Be Deceived - The Supposed Christian Group Planning To Protest At The Virginia Tech Funeral Service Is Anything But Christian!

I've seen stories about this sick group in the past. Operating under the veil of a "religious" organization, The Westboro Baptist Church is anything but Christian. They're planning to protest at the Virginia Tech memorial service on Monday.........

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Alabama Public Service Commission opens meeting with anti-gay marriage prayer
Alabama Public Service Commission opens meeting with anti-gay marriage prayer
Trinity Western University s Northwest Building - School of Business
Trinity Western University's Northwest Building - School of Business
Bryan Fischer s tweets
Bryan Fischer's tweets
Antigay book:  The Confusion of Gender in the Child
Antigay book: "The Confusion of Gender in the Child"
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Screenshot of Bryan Fischer
Bryan Fischer s tweets
Bryan Fischer's tweets

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