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Antidepressants News

Op-Ed: Purdue Pharma opioid settlement big precedent for Big Pharma

Boston - A massive multi-billion dollar settlement by Purdue Pharma could be the beginning of the end for the ultra-obnoxious, irresponsible Big Pharma sector. In a range of ways, this settlement is a defining moment.

Magic mushrooms could treat depression

Bethesda - The so-called ‘magic mushroom’ (the liberty cap mushroom), known for its psychoactive properties, could be the basis for a new antidepressant drug product. This is based on an analysis conducted by the U.S. FDA.

Alzheimer’s can be treated with antidepressants

Medics have been undertaking tests to determine whether antidepressants can be used to treat Alzheimer’s disease, a condition for which there is no cure. The results to date are encouraging.

Essential Science: Antidepressants found in fish brains

Research into the U.S. Great Lakes has uncovered levels of antidepressants not only in the water but also in the brains of fish. This signals the polluting effect of wastewater and sewage treatment facilities.

No autism link to prenatal exposure to antidepressants

One concern is that mothers who take antidepressants while pregnant go on to have children who develop autism. A new scientific study disproves this.

New approach to antidepressant via drug discovery

Helsinki - A new molecule has proved promising in laboratory test in relation to antidepressant therapy. This relates to a better understanding as to how the brain regulates depression and anxiety.

Taking an antidepressant while pregnant increases autism chances

Canadian researchers released results of a study on taking antidepressants during pregnancy and it raises concerns. They found woman have a far higher chance of having a child who will be diagnosed as autistic if they take antidepressants while pregnant.

Failures of antidepressants for bipolar disorder

A new study demonstrates how antidepressants administered to people suffering with rapid-cycling bipolar disorder led to continuing depression and mood cycling.

Effect of antidepressants on fertility revealed

One consequence of the wider use of antidepressants in society is the effect on being able to conceive a child. The fertility effect has been revealed in new research.

Op-Ed: Psychiatric drugs kill patients, do more damage than good?

Sydney - Peter Gøtzsche, professor and director of the Nordic Cochrane Centre in Denmark, says that most psychiatric drugs are harmful or of little benefit. His views are opposed by many other experts.

70% of people taking antidepressants aren't suffering depression

A new study shows that 69% of people taking antidepressants don't fit the criteria for clinical depression or major depressive disorder (MDD). Research suggests that, instead, they're suffering normal sadness and hardships, which are just part of life.

Op-Ed: The silent majority becomes the loud-mouthed

Denver - What Richard Nixon wouldn’t have given for an outcome like this? Record numbers of voters stayed home, and the silent becomes the loud-mouthed majority.

Tiny molecule may help battle depression

Researchers have found a tiny molecule (miR-1202) that may provide a marker for major depression. The molecule may also help scientist find better treatments to fight depression.

Pfizer recalls antidepressants after pharmacist finds heart drug

A pharmacist found that a bottle of antidepressant Effexor XR contained one capsule of Tikosyn 0.25 milligram (dofetilide), which is used to treat heart rhythm disorders.

The many faces of bipolar disorder Special

Christine Adewunmi, a 37-year-old stay-at-home mom and a former physical education teacher from Missouri, was struggling with bipolar disorder, depression, including researching suicide methods online.

Antidepressant being considered for meningitis cure

A long-established antidepressant, called sertraline, is being trialled in Uganda as a fungal brain disease treatment drug.

Antidepressant drug has potential to treat sickle cell disease

A widely used antidepressant drug called TCP has, according to new research, the potential to treat sickle cell disease.

New generation of antidepressants may work faster

Scientists have been looking at a new wave of antidepressant medicines that, by focusing on the appropriate target in the brain, may work faster than medications currently available.

Link between antidepressants and heart risk

Some types of antidepressants have been linked with an elevated risk of certain heart conditions developing, according to a new study.

A natural antidepressant discovered

A scientific team based at Yale University have identified a natural anti-depressant. The substance, called neuritin, is found in the brain and it has a role in nerve transmission.

Op-Ed: Are we overdosed and overmedicated?

The popular belief that we’re “overdosed and overmedicated” is not rooted in reality but rather in a blatant prejudice against the mentally ill.

Report: Antidepressant medication may do 'more harm than good'

In a new report, Canadian researchers suggest antidepressants may be doing more harm than good. In the study, researchers examined previous patient studies and the impact of medications on the body.

Women on antidepressants may be more likely to have a stroke

Dallas - A new study shows that women who have a history of depression and are taking antidepressant SSRIs like Prozac, Zoloft or Celexa face a 39% greater risk of having a stroke.

Depression: Neuroplasticity and 'giving' therapy is science based

With depression rates growing continuously every year, two reports recently published in IONS may offer more insight and help.

Psychotropic drugs can cause birth defects

Copenhagen - Research in Denmark has produced alarming findings regarding major psychotropic drugs, whose side effects may include birth defects and withdrawals.

Update: Tamoxifen Benefits Compromised by More than Just Paxil Special

In a recent study, the antidepressant, paroxitine (Paxil), was found to nullify the benefits of the breast cancer drug, Tamoxifen. Other antidepressants found to have no effect on Tamoxifen in the study may be suspect anyway, lead researcher says.

Study: Antidepressants miss targets of clinical depression Special

Researchers have concluded that a key brain protein increases during depression but is completely unaffected by antidepressants.

Antidepressants may cause personality changes with symptom relief

Treatment with antidepressant medication might cause real personality changes, alleviating depressive symptoms by decreasing neuroticism and increasing extroversion, according to researchers at Northwestern University.

Study: Antidepressants don't work because they treat effects

A Northwestern University study suggests that antidepressant medications are often ineffective because they target depression's effects instead of its root causes.

Antidepressant Usage has Doubled in Recent Years

Depression is a common occurrence, especially in an economic climate such as the current one. However, antidepressant usage has gone up significantly in more than a decade.
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