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Antichrist News

Chilean cult members burn baby alive for being 'antichrist'

Santiago - Police in Chile have arrested four cult members accused of ritual burning of a baby they believed was the antichrist. They burned the baby alive after the leader of the sect, Ramon Gustavo Castillo Gaete, 36, told them the end of the world was near.

13% Americans say Obama is Antichrist, 4% say lizard aliens rule

Thirteen percent of Americans think Obama is the Antichrist, four percent believe lizard people rule the world, seven percent believe the moon landing was faked, while six percent believe Osama bin Laden is still alive.

Christian leaders blamed for shooter linking Obama and Antichrist

After court documents revealed that the suspect in the recent White House shooting Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, believed that Obama is "antichrist," Christian leaders have come under criticism for fueling hatred of Obama among their followers.

White House shooter thinks he is modern day Jesus

Washington - The White House shooter who was arrested on charges of attempting to assassinate Barack Obama made a videotape in which he says he is Jesus and the President is the Anti-Christ.

Op-Ed: Is Barack Obama the Anti-Christ?

On the web a rumor is flying, is Barack Obama the appointed Anti-Christ? Will he bring about the end of the word in a guise of false hope or is this just another Political Smear.

Op-Ed: It's Time For the Crazy Shocker - John McCain is the Antichrist

An analysis by the True Bible Society claims that Senator John McCain is the Antichrist. The analysis will be published in next month's The End times Journal.

Antichrist Marches Held To Protest Catholic Church

Followers of the "Antichrist" march all over the world today to demonstrate against the 'evil' teachings of the Catholic Church.

Pope Delivered Warning of Green Antichrist

The Pope's selection of a retired, somewhat eccentric Bologna archbishop to deliver the annual Lenten retreat to Vatican hierarchy caused quite a stir for Cardinal Biffi is most known for his preaching on the Antichrist.

Man Who Claimed to be Jesus Now Says He's the Antichrist

People thought it was shocking when a local preacher who claimed to be Jesus Christ was introduced, I hope they don't fall off their chair when reading this.

Man Claims To Be God

I just read this Newsweek story about a man claiming to be God and I find it very scary.

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