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Antibiotics News

Antibiotic capsules recalled in the U.S.

Caraco Pharmaceutical Laboratories has initiated a recall of multiple lots of the antibiotic cephalexin capsules from the U.S. market. The tablets were imported from India.

Antibiotic use linked to obesity

Low doses of antibiotics early in life lead to adult obesity in mice, according to some new research. Some scientists wonder if the same effects occur with people.

Proposal to restrict antibiotic use on farms

A measure being taken through the California legislature requires farmers to obtain a prescription to administer antibiotics to livestock.

Use of antibiotics for colds leaps by one-third in 12 years

London - There are fears that national guidelines in the U.K. to reduce inappropriate prescribing of antibiotics in primary care have failed dramatically in relation to treatment of the common cold, according to a new study.

Op-Ed: New U.S. body to evaluate antimicrobial products

London Colney - Antibacterial resistance is a growing global problem. According to the most recent statistics from the CDC, at least 2 million people acquire serious infections with bacteria that are resistant to one or more of antibacterial drugs.

Thousands of patients misprescribed antibiotics

During the 2013 flu season a new report highlights that antibiotics were inappropriately given to a large proportion of patients with influenza (a viral disease that is not helped by taking antibiotics).

U.K. pledges to lead antimicrobial resistance fight

London - Newly anointed British Science Minister Greg Clark has announced a new 'war cabinet' of the UK's seven research councils to lead the fight against antimicrobial resistance.

Antibiotic resistance of foodborne germs rises

Atlanta - According to the U.S. CDC, antibiotic resistance in foodborne germs remains an ongoing public health threat. The Agency has published information about the latest trends.

New generation of antibiotics considered

A new approach in tackling and destroying antibiotic resistant bacteria is being considered. New research reveals an Achilles' heel in the defensive barrier that surrounds drug-resistant bacterial cells.

Protecting good bacteria from antibiotics

Antibiotics kill pathogenic bacteria. However, they can also kill beneficial bacteria and upset the human body, especially in the gut. Scientists have developed a way to help protect ‘good’ bacteria from antibiotics.

Antibiotics win public’s vote for Longitude Prize

London - The British public has voted for antibiotics as the subject of the Longitude Prize 2014 as a "post-antibiotic" era looms.

Two new antibiotics developed

Reversing the long period where no new antibiotics have been developed, two new drugs could be available within a matter of months.

Digging in the dirt: Citizen Scientists hunt for new medicines

Microbes are a rich source of medicines and it is thought that many life-saving compounds are still awaiting discovery. To help trace possible candidates, citizen scientists have been called on to help.

Is government needed for antibiotic development?

Major pharmaceutical companies are hindering the development of new antibiotics, according to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (U.K.).

Lonely bacteria trigger antibiotic resistance

Bacteria that are found in lower numbers are more likely to mutate, resulting in higher rates of antibiotic resistance, new research has concluded.

Do industrial solvents help antibiotic resistance?

Tianjin - Chinese researchers have reported that some industrial solvents may help bacteria share an antibiotic resistance gene. This means that some solvents might be leading to a rise in certain bacterial diseases.

Senator pushes further on antibiotic resistance threat Special

Washington - U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has expanded on his plan to combat antimicrobial resistance and call for greater federal attention to the increase in antibiotic-resistant infections.

Antibiotics may harm newborn children

Bacteria from the mother are said to help "kickstart" a baby’s immune system. However, antibiotics used by the mother to fight bacterial infection may have the reverse effect and could interrupt immune system development for the infant.

Senator takes on antibiotic resistant organisms Special

Washington - With so-called “super bugs” on the rise, U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) has introduced a bill aimed at slowing down the rate of antibiotic resistant microorganisms.

Reducing E. coli in cows is key to food safety

Miami - A new treatment, using microparticles made from chitosan, may help dairy cattle resist uterine diseases and could help improve food safety for people. New research suggests chitosan microparticles kill bacteria.

Drug companies to phase out animal antibiotics

The U.S. FDA has asked 26 companies to voluntarily stop labeling drugs important for treating human infection as acceptable for animal growth promotion.

New antibiotic combo targets pathogens

Microbiologists have developed an antibiotic "smart bomb" that can identify specific strains of bacteria and sever their DNA, eliminating the infection.

Use of drugs in animal feed remains high

A new analysis of U.S. government studies on animal feed uncovers a concerning and widespread use of antibiotics. Some of the antibiotics pose risks to human health.

A world without antibiotics? The risk is real: experts

Paris - Humans face the very real risk of a future without antibiotics, a world of plummeting life expectancy where people die from diseases easily treatable today, scientists say.

'Golden age' of antibiotics 'set to end'

What most people assumed were permanent advances in medicine may become anything but, as pathogens gradually build immunity to antibiotics.

Op-Ed: Most chicken in American stores is full of pathogens

Very few American's don't like chicken, either southern fried, baked or as chicken tenders along side their favorite dipping sauce. But most people don't realize just how many different kinds of dangerous pathogens raw chicken can harbor.

U.S. aims to limit antibiotics for farm animals

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has laid out a plan so that farmers will no longer use antibiotics to fatten up animals.

New chemicals show promising bacterial kill

Portland - A new bacterial-killing chemical has been announced. The new antibacterial agent is called a PPMO and it appears to function as well or better than many existing antibacterial chemicals.

Europe saying 'no' to antibiotic over-use?

European Antibiotic Awareness Day is marked annually on November 18. For this year the campaign is centering on antibiotic over-use.

Plasma, an antibiotic alternative?

Plasmas, by effectively destroying many bacteria, constitute an alternative to chemical disinfectants and potentially to antibiotics. A new report charts how this might happen.
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Antibiotics Image

Streptococcus pneumoniae (electron micrograph image)
Streptococcus pneumoniae (electron micrograph image)
Strep Research Center
Antibiotics like these may soon become lose their potency as pathogens adapt.
Antibiotics like these may soon become lose their potency as pathogens adapt.
Tom Varco
Holstein-Friesian milk cow
Holstein-Friesian milk cow
Keith Weller

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