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Op-Ed: Foreign intervention unites Islamic groups in the north of Mali

Bamako - Usually the mainstream press simply describes the rebels in Mali as Al Qaeda or Al Qaeda linked. Yet at least four distinct groups are active in the northern rebellion.

France acknowledges Mali Islamists well-armed and prepared

French troops deployed in Mali against the Islamists that have taken charge of great swathes of the country face a well armed and well prepared enemy, France has acknowledged.

Mali Islamists warn French citizens at risk in the Muslim world

Bamako - French military intervention in northern Mali has provoked threats from Islamic extremists that French citizens are at risk "wherever they find themselves in the Muslim world."

Britain to provide assistance to France in Mali intervention

Britain has offered logistical help to assist the French operation against Islamic extremists in northern Mali. Two military transport planes are to be deployed though British personnel will not be used in a combat role.

Op-Ed: French air-strikes begin Mali slaughter, pilot killed

Bamako - Malian troops with backing from French gunships claim to have killed around 100 Islamist fighters in attempts to capture Kona, a key town, recently occupied by the Ansar Dine fighters from the north.

Islamic fanatics vow to destroy remaining mausoleums in Timbuktu

Islamic fanatics controlling northern Mali have once again taken pickaxes to ancient monuments, as they vow to destroy all the remaining mausoleums in the fabled city of Timbuktu.

UN Security Council approves military intervention in Mali

Bamako - The United Nations Security Council has approved employment of African-based forces to Mali for a year. The resolution also demanded that the military stop interfering in government affairs and that order be re-established through elections.

Op-Ed: Negotiations ongoing in Burkina Faso to resolve Mali crisis

Bamako - In a promising development, two separatist groups who took control of northern Mali back in April have agreed to negotiate to end the crisis and avoid an impending military action to retake the area.

Op-Ed: Mali Islamists seek negotiations and agree to cut Al Qaeda ties

Bamako - Ansar Dine, the main Islamist group in control of northern Mali, has sent negotiators to both Burkina Faso and Algeria, in an attempt to forestall an invasion by a U.N. backed force to defeat the rebels.

Op-Ed: France to send surveillance drones to Mali

Bamako - France will move surveillance drones to be used in northern Mali, an area controlled by Ansar Dine and other militant groups. French officials are also in talks with U.S. officials in Paris this week.

Mali Islamists execute Algerian diplomat

Islamic militants in northern Mali have executed an Algerian diplomat, one of seven diplomats abducted from the Algerian consulate in April.

African Union group presses for government reform in Mali

Bamako - The Peace and Security Council of the African Union has called on members of the coup led by U.S. trained Captain Sanogo to cease interfering in the affairs of the civilian transitional government to which they ceded power.

Destruction of Timbuktu shrines a war crime says ICC prosecutor

Islamic extremists have now wrecked seven historic shrines in the ancient trading town of Timbuktu. The International Criminal Court (ICC) prosecutor has now warned the Salafists to stop their destruction, calling it a war crime.

Mali Islamists destroy shrines in Timbuktu

Islamic extremists from the Ansar Dine group which has taken over northern Mali and imposed sharia law, are destroying ancient monuments in Timbuktu.

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