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Anorexia News

Essential Science: Is anorexia partly caused by gut bacteria?

Anorexia is primarily a psychological condition and there are many underlying factors. One new factor to come to light, which may well play an influence, is with the microbiome of the human gut, according to British researchers.

Ex-top model holds fashion world to account on anorexia  

Paris - It was the stuff of dreams: walking down a Paris street one day to walking the runway as a top 20 model in the world's fashion capital.That's exactly what happened to Victoire Macon Dauxerre at 18 as she prepared to graduate from high school in 2011.

France puts the smackdown on anorexia, bans ultra-skinny models

Paris - In an effort to crackdown on anorexia, France is banning exceptionally thin fashion models. Modeling agents and the fashion houses who hire them will be subject to possible fines and even prison, as a result of a new law passed on Friday.

Diet or an eating disorder? Signs every parent needs to know Special

Tucson - Teenagers often follow fad diets. However, what is the difference between teenage finickiness and the development of an eating disorder? A leading therapist has provided Digital Journal with some advice.

Review: In So Many Words focuses on anorexia awareness 

According to the NEDA, anorexia awareness week begins today. The film In So Many Words focuses on one woman's struggle to overcome this potentially life threatening disorder.

Anorexia patient told by ER nurse to 'go get some supper'

Carla Lamb, 31, who suffers from a serious eating disorder, has called out Eastern Health to put more emergency mental-health services in the region where she lives.

World's skinniest woman warns against anorexia

Valeria Levitin is a skeleton with a thin film of skin tightly over her bones. Hundreds of girls worldwide want to look like her, but she would rather be the poster model of how anorexia can disintegrate your body.

Deep Brain Stimulation could be used as treatment for anorexia

Experimental new research from researchers in Canada shows that Deep Brain Stimulation could be used as a treatment for Anorexia in patients with treatment resistant Anorexia Nervosa.

Ballet dancer sacked from La Scala, Milan

The ballet world has been rocked by the sudden sacking of Mariafrancesca Garritano, 33, on Feb 7 after she claimed that one in five ballet dancers suffered from anorexia. She was a leading dancer at La Scala in Milan, Italy.

Sharp criticism over the 'size zero' slogan used by Kate Moss

British supermodel Kate Moss was heavily criticised after her statement that one of her motto is: "Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels".

Bad Economy May Lead to Bad Eating Disorders, Experts Say

Two eating disorder treatment clinics in Minnesota are reporting an apparent link between the economic downturn and the rise in eating disorders.

Op-Ed: Growing cases of anorexia in Men

Anorexia, the eating disorder that is largely associated with teenage girls, has been found to be increasingly spreading at an alarming rate among men hoping to have an ideal body.

France targets anorexia in media

In a groundbreaking move France has passed a bill that will criminalise the promotion in the media of anorexia and extreme thinness.

France Takes Aim At Anorexia With A Law To Punish Those Who Promote The Disease

We have all seen those extraordinarily skinny women walking down the runway in the world of haute couture or high fashion, the ones where their rib cages stick out and they look sickly. France has had enough and is proposing a law aimed at battling this.

'Drunkorexia' dieters skip meals for alcohol

A new phenomenon called “drunkorexia,” where young women substitute meals for drinks to get their daily calories, has become a big area of concern in the US and Britain. In order to stay slim, young women drink white wine and skip lunch, for instance.

Thinspiration: Sites Endorsing Anorexia and Bulimia Sprout on Myspace, Facebook

It’s true. Anorexia and bulimia are now “causes”. Based on some very familiar peer support concepts, members of these online groups can now share their secrets. Anorexia is classified as a serious mental disorder.

Models Under 16 Banned in London Fashion Week

The form of mass murder known as pubescent modeling may be under threat. London is following the advice of the Model Health Inquiry, an independent board set up to investigate the much complained about health problems in the industry.

OP-ED: Recovering From Eating Disorders

It is the most masochistic of mental diseases: an eating disorder. Masochistic because you do it to yourself. You feel like you're gaining control, but in reality you're losing all control.

The Pressure to Be Thin

The problem with society today is everything is about looks and not brains.

Anorexia and Bulimia, a Powerful Advertisement

An ad for Anorexia and Bulimia sufferers and help information for them.

Would you Marry this Local Celebrity?

Would you Marry this Local Celebrity? That's the question on people's minds as they stare perplexed at what he is trying to do online. A contest online to find a WIFE?! Are you serious?!

Don't Blame the Fashion Industry for Anorexia

Supermodel Gisele says blame families.

Madrid to Renew Ban on Thin Models

Fashion models deemed too skinny have once again been banned from catwalks in Madrid, Spain.

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