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Animal-related News

Octopus Floods Tank at Aquarium: All Await Her Next Act

An inquisitive octopus some now call Flo managed to disassemble a valve at the top of her tank at the Santa Monica Aquarium, flooding the place with some 200 gallons of seawater. Read on for more about her wet and very weird tale.

Four-Legged Columbos: China's New Airline Detective Dogs

Dogs that serve as detectives are a consistent trend at Beijing airports, but never before did they actually board the planes and sniff passengers as they disembark. Read on for more details about this furry group of drug-detecting "Columbos."

New Study Reveals That Monkeys Can Do Simple Math

According to a new study, while monkeys may never be able to pass college math tests, they can perform mental addition remarkably well. Read on and watch those figures!

Elephant Art: Beauty to Behold

A few weeks ago, I featured a story about a horse that painted pictures. Today, I bring you a tale of elephants with definite artistic talent that is sure to amaze and amuse. Read on and…close your mouth.

Hero Dog saves Owner's Life As Roof Collapses

Meet Angelina the Labrador and shake her paw, for she is a heroine. She saved her owner’s life by knocking her out of the way as the roof of her house caved in.

Dog Shoplifter Caught On Surveillance Camera

What happens when the management at a Utah grocery store catches a brazen shoplifter on Christmas Eve that turns out to be out to be a dog? Read on and learn more about this brazen but furry thief.

Horse Sells His Abstract Paintings and Has His Own Art Exhibit

Cholla, the painting horse, is no one-trick pony. He is after all, a horse, but his paintings sell for quite a bit of money and he is slated to have his own exhibition in the spring. Read on, and Jackson Pollack, move over!

Wolf In Poster’s Clothing: A New Thrifty Twist on an Old Fable

Du Hebing, a clever Chinese shepherd, has become quite an online hit with his thrifty way to control his flock of sheep. He uses the picture of a “wolf” instead of a sheepdog to herd them, and it works. Read on for more about these stupid sheep.

Contact Lenses For Ernest The Cat

Ernest the cat from the Isle of Wight is a medical phenomenon, as he appears to be the first cat in history to have his eyesight restored by contact lenses. Read all about his amazing story.

Cats Are Now Equal Opportunity Shoppers

In the Midwest, the fastest-growing supermarket chain is Cats ‘n’ Carts where many shoppers can rely on their cats to shop for needed groceries. Read on, even if catnip and treats are not your cup of tea.

Walrus Plays The Saxophone: Magic In The Air

At the new Dolphinarium in Istanbul, Turkey, Sara the walrus has become a star attraction. There, she plays the saxophone with the help of her trainer, Sergiy. Read on and…name that tune.

One Cool Black Cat Joins Local Swimming Club

Of the two hundred members in the Changjiang River Winter Swimming Club in Chonquing, China, only one has four legs. The black cat has no name, but he is still quite a celebrity. This cool feline swims at least 50 meters (164 feet) a day.

Woman Finds 14 Snakes in Her Bedroom: Their Origin a Mystery

In a tale befitting the worst nightmare, an Australian woman woke to find 14 carpet pythons keeping her company in her bedroom! Where they came from remains a mystery, but read on and shiver anyway.

Cat Survives One Week Under Hood of Mercedes Benz

Luna is one fortunate little feline. The poor little cat spent almost one week on the engine block of a Mercedes before her mewing raised alarm and saved her life. Read on and learn more about the 8 lives remaining to this very special little cat.

Lost Parrot Telephones Owner: Come and Get Me!

Smokey is a two-year old cockatiel who lost his way. He was reunited with its owner after chirping its own name down the phone from the home of its rescuer. Read this tale so like that old commercial that told us all to “reach out to touch someone.”

Two Dogs Become Honorary Members of Swimming Club

For those who talk about the woes of a dog’s life, they would lose their argument in China, where at least at one swim club, two dogs have become honorary members. Read on for details, shaggy and shorthaired.

Playing In the Garden Can Be Dangerous

A nine-year-old boy from Cambridgeshire, England, had a very close encounter with a cheetah that suddenly appeared on the lawn of his family home. Read all about his harrowing ordeal.

Two Unlikely Best Pals: What’s New at The Zoo?

A recent article depicted a relationship in a Chinese zoo between a guard dog and a monkey, but that was a bit different. In this sweet tale, the dog is not a bodyguard to the darling little monkey; they are bosom buddies. Read on and…pass the Kleenex.

Runaway Hamster Alive and Well In England

Against all odds, a runaway hamster has been found alive after evading a team of eight firemen armed with a chocolate-coated camera. Read all about Fudgie’s nine-day misadventure that ended well for both the hamster and those who love him.

Berlin Soup Kitchen Opens For Dogs

Animal lovers everywhere, unite and smile across the globe! Read all about one kind woman in Berlin, Germany who has established a soup kitchen exclusively for pets of the homeless and unemployed.

Hero Dog Saves the Day and Rescues Four Kittens from Fire

In Melbourne, Australia there lives a very brave terrier mix named Leo who risked his life to save a litter of kittens from a house fire. All hail Leo and give him a round of applause.

Inebriated Horse Falls into Pool: One Too Many For The Road?

In keeping with stories about ‘one for the road’, here’s one about a horse, too many fermented apples and a swimming pool. Recovery required two hours in the middle of the night and a lot of hay. Read on for some sobering details.

English Pub Regretfully Bans Horse: A Good Customer

A pub in Tyneside, England has been forced to ban one of its most faithful customers, a 12-year-old mare named Peggy. A regular customer who never caused any trouble, she is very hurt over the entire matter. Read on for her side of the story.

Old Dogs, New Tricks: Poodle Takes Driving Lessons

Can dogs drive cars? In one Chinese province some people (and some dogs as well) certainly think so. Read on and maybe…bark?

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