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Animal shelter News

Boy opens up a no-kill animal shelter in his garage

Ken, a nine-year-old from the southern Philippines, wanted to open an animal shelter to help cats and dogs who were on the streets. Ken eventually did just that.

Tornado strikes Fayette County

According to the National Weather Service an EF-1 Tornado touched down in Fayette County Saturday night. One minor injury was reported.

Woman who reunited dog with owner threatened with lawsuit

San Bernardino - Going out of your way to help someone, especially someone you have never even met, is a trait most of us admire, however as one Good Samaritan has found out "no good deed goes unpunished."

Animal shelters overrun with animals

Across America, animal shelters struggle to find homes for pets. During the summer months, animal shelters are overrun with pets that need re-homing.

Dog found 3,000 miles from home 8 years later, family elated

A dog that went missing eight years ago in Spotsylvania, Va., has finally been found. It appears the pup has been on a long journey and, amazingly, was discovered nearly 3,000 miles away in an animal shelter near Sacramento, Calif.

Tennessee man finds lost dog in Michigan weeks after wife's death

Erin - Petey, a four-year-old Jack Russell terrier, is to be reunited with his owner today after disappearing from his home in Tennessee only to be found wandering in a suburban backyard in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Lincoln County Jail adopts cats to relieve inmate stress

North Platte - Inmates in the Lincoln County Jail have some four-legged companions as cell-mates after the Sheriff recently approved the adoption of two cats from a local animal shelter to help relieve inmate stress and assist in their rehabilitation.

Kitten overlooked for adoption due to resemblance to Adolf Hitler

Godmanchester - It has been reported that an abandoned kitten currently being held by animal rescue is being overlooked for adoption due to her similarities to Adolf Hitler.

Daring doggie 'jail break' nets Oklahoma senior jail time

Hydro - His name is Edwin Fry. The 73-year-old man insists on doing things his own way. He is known for using his riding lawnmower as his main source of transportation. But don't ever get between Fry and any of his dogs.

Ontario animal shelter announces it will stop euthanization

Toronto - The Newmarket SPCA in Ontario, Canada, under fire for plans to euthanize 350 animals held at its shelter, announced it has stopped killing the animals in its care.

SPCA backs down a bit on its stance, will save some animals

Newmarket - The quest to save the hundreds of animals slated to be put down after a shelter north of Toronto, Canada, said it had no choice due to a severe ringworm outbreak has resulted in the shelter saying it would save 20 animals.

Ringworm outbreak forces Ontario shelter to kill 350 animals

Newmarket - Volunteers at the Newmarket OSPCA shelter said Tuesday that some animals who have not been infected with the strain of ringworm will also be put down.

Portland Saves 10,000 Animals' Lives

Portland, Oregon has a reputation in some quarters for responsibility. That's been born about by the fact Its pet authorities took responsibility for helping pets find homes and in essence saved 10,000 lives.

Wild Dogs Kill Elderly Georgia Couple

An elderly Georgia couple that were ardent animal lovers were killed by a pack of wild dogs near their home last Friday evening.

Benton County Animal Shelter Closed by Local Law Enforcement

Camden and Benton County law enforcement officers forced entry into the Benton County Animal Shelter this past Friday after receiving a report that animals in the shelter were not being fed or watered, and make a grizzly discovery.

Animal Shelter Inspectors Refused Entry

After receiving complaints about the conditions at Pets Plus, an Animal Shelter and retail store, Inspectors attempted to conduct an unannounced inspection last week and were refused entry.

It's hardly a way to treat man's best friend.

Cramped, outdated animal shelter stirs replacement push in theThe city of Lubbock Texas.

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This kitten was in a cage in an animal sanctuary  waiting to be adopted.
This kitten was in a cage in an animal sanctuary, waiting to be adopted.
An animal shelter in Kansas City is caring for a puppy that authorities say managed to survive in a ...
An animal shelter in Kansas City is caring for a puppy that authorities say managed to survive in a locked car for almost a month
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