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Animal rescue News

TN now legalizes people to break into hot cars to save pets

As of July 1, 2015 Tennessee has become the first state in the nation to specifically allow good Samaritans to legally break a window in a hot car in order to save a pet.

Teen amputee saves, bonds with three-legged stray dog

Gainesville - A Florida teenager who lost his leg due to an ATV accident has found a new best friend, a Dachshund who also happens to be an amputee due to a vehicle accident.

Heroes rescue baby dolphin on a Florida beach

Beach-goers applauded after members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission rescued a baby dolphin who had been stranded on a beach in Florida.

Animal rescue: Bear with cookie jar on head rescued from tree

Ringwood - Firefighters and police rescued a 28-pound bear that got itself stuck up in a tree with its head stuck in an animal cracker cookie jar. Winnie-the-Pooh couldn't have done it better if he tried.

Koala with head stuck in fence rescued by fast-thinking homeowner

Adelaide - Fast-thinking homeowners, with the help of a neighbor, rescued a koala bear that managed to get its head stuck in a small hole at the bottom of the fence.

Rogue Chihuahuas show teeth, terrorize Arizona town

Phoenix - The immigration question is once again at the forefront in Arizona, but this time the illegal aliens, originally from Mexico, are not people.

Dog rescued from trash dump befriends pup saved from drainpipe

Los Angeles - A one-year-old female Husky dog found at a trash dump was presumed abandoned. It could have been the end for the young dog but she was rescued by a dedicated animal lover named Eldad Hagar. Then there was Frankie.

Ippo the baby 'Zonkey' big attraction in Florence, Italy

Florence - Three-month-old Ippo is the rare progeny of a zebra and donkey, living in an exotic animal shelter in the center of Florence, Italy. Cute as a button, he is drawing the crowds and even Disney wants to make a cartoon character of him.

A look at Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) Special

Toronto - Eight years ago Jan Potter Paquete opened Southern Ontario Animal Rescue (SOAR) , a registered charity, after years of volunteering in animal rescue. Her love of dogs shines through with the work she and her group does with animals that no one else wants.

Woman who reunited dog with owner threatened with lawsuit

San Bernardino - Going out of your way to help someone, especially someone you have never even met, is a trait most of us admire, however as one Good Samaritan has found out "no good deed goes unpunished."

Puppy players take to the gridiron in Puppy Bowl IX

New York - Sunday's game between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers is not the only "super" bowl game people will be watching, as millions are expected to tune in to this year's "Puppy Bowl".

Op-Ed: New York cat hoarder could face criminal charges

Albany - Authorities visited 50-year-old Irene Vandyke's home following a neighbour complaint. The neighbour complained there was an excessive smell of cat urine and faeces seeping into their home. What they discovered was shocking.

Review: Photo essay: Our dog that bites

Hull - Adopting a rescue dog that is a known 'biter' was a first for us. Was it a good move or would it be an unmitigated disaster?

Photo Essay — The joys of a rescue dog Special

Nashville - The problem of puppy mills, over-population and not enough homes for dogs and cats is a worldwide issue, despite the best efforts of animal rescue organizations.

Photo Essay: It's a dogs life at Barktoberfest

Nashville - For the past four years late October has gone to the dogs, as costumed canines from the Middle Tennessee area bring their owners to the Barktoberfest celebration.

Lions, tigers and bears — Oh my, they're 'brothers'

Locust Grove - A new email about an old story is making its rounds through cyberspace, chronicling the story of Leo the lion, Shere Khan the tiger and Baloo the bear.

Pilot whales stranded on Scottish beach

A team of animal rescue experts have been called to a mass stranding of whales on the coast of Fife, Scotland. Some of whales have died, others may be saved.

Fearless ARNO volunteers face Isaac head on

New Orleans - As many gulf coast residents headed north out of the path of Hurricane Isaac, the dedicated staff at Animal Rescue New Orleans were concentrating on the animals in there care, securing the building and staying with the animals in the shelter.

Op-Ed: I am not 'illegitimate' — An open letter to Facebook Special

My first three years on this earth were filled with fear and violence, and I had scars to prove it. I cowered, I yelped, I had nightmares and I never thought it would get any better.

One neighborhood, one dog — The rescue story Special

Nashville - Rory, a black chow, has had a rough life. Having roamed the streets of a Nashville, TN neighborhood for nearly two years, hairless in many spots, sores in others and so emaciated that neighbors in the area did not even recognize him as being a dog.

Fire Department rescues stuck kitten with leaf blower (video)

West Hamlin - The talk of the town in at least one community in West Virginia this weekend is a viral video that was made at a volunteer fire department showing the efforts of the firemen to rescue a kitten stuck in a section of pipe using a leaf blower.

Toe-eating dog quarantined and awaiting adoption

Roseburg - An Oregon dog responsible for eating three infected and diseased toes off the foot of his diabetic owner has been turned over to a pet adoption center where he is now quarantined for a mandatory ten days. After, he will available adoption.

Chicago-area police find 15 dogs dead in freezer during sting

Lowell - Authorities of north-west Indiana's Lake County made a shocking discovery over the weekend as they responded to a complaints from the neighbors of a local dog breeder. The 62-year-old woman resides on West 254th Ave., near Schneider, Indiana.

Northern Ohio dog adoption profile: Gertie

Cleveland - Gertie is an eleven year-old Chihuahua that is friendly and beautiful currently in foster care through the Wolfspirit's Rescue in Canton, Ohio.

Cleveland area cat adoption profile: Happy

Cleveland - Happy is a one-of-a-kind cat that is up for adoption, with strong character, good looks and a playful personality Happy is a keeper.

Northern Ohio dog adoption profile: Poncho

Poncho is the perfect dog - he is smart, happy, healthy and best of all available for adoption at Wolfspirit's Rescue In Canton, Ohio.

A unique cat sponsorship program at Stay-A-While Cat Shelter

The Stay-A-While Cat Shelter in Ohio is taking a fresh approach to connecting rescue animals to humans, with a unique sponsorship program.

Texas dog Woodrow has joined race for Governor

Austin - Woodrow is a loyal, loving, fair, honest candidate for Governor. Isn’t that what Texas needs? He never a met a dog he didn’t like. Once homeless and down on his luck in a shelter, he wants to show Texans that great things can happen to anyone.

Animal rescue saves 200+ animals from an Ohio animal sanctuary

It was described as good intentions having gotten out of control. On Friday and Saturday, officials removed 162 dogs, 2 horses, 18 cats and an uncounted number of ducks, geese and chickens from an animal sanctuary in Ohio.

Baghdad Zoo Recovering From War Destruction

The Baghdad Zoo, devastated in the early days of the Iraq war, is making an amazing comeback and is now being enjoyed by millions of Iraqi visitors.
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East C.A.N.
Stranded pilot whale
Stranded pilot whale
Natural History Musuem
Butch (right) enjoys a vacation on the St. Lawrence River in August.  Adopted by Heather Morrissey  ...
Butch (right) enjoys a vacation on the St. Lawrence River in August. Adopted by Heather Morrissey, Butch was successfully treated for heartworm and whipworms. With him are Levi (the black Lab) and Fisher, both adopted last year through Lab Rescue of the LRCP by Morrissey’s parents.
Heather Morrissey
Miley living at the dump
Miley living at the dump
Nisa Yeh
A young girl in the neighborhood where Rory was roaming donated $5 and all her change to help pay fo...
A young girl in the neighborhood where Rory was roaming donated $5 and all her change to help pay for Rory’s vet expenses.
East C.A.N.
East C.A.N.
Jessie catches some sun
Jessie catches some sun

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