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Animal News

Conservationists slam Trump Jr for slaying endangered Mongolian sheep

Washington - Animal rights activists have slammed Donald Trump Jr after it emerged he killed an endangered sheep in Mongolia and was retroactively issued a hunting permit by the country's authorities, raising questions about whether he received special treatment.

Oxen and horses put back to work in Cuba

Villa - A lack of fuel, in large part due to the US blockade, is forcing Cubans to return to horse and ox power for farming, transport and everyday travel.

Tiger skin, foetuses found in Indonesia poacher case

Jakarta - The skin of a critically endangered Sumatran tiger and four foetuses have been confiscated after the arrest of several suspected poachers, Indonesian police said.

Rescued tigers leave Poland for Spain

Warsaw - Five of nine tigers that narrowly survived a gruelling journey across Europe set off on Saturday for their new home at a Spanish animal refuge after weeks of recovery at a Polish zoo."The tigers have left.

Rescued tigers get Spanish safe haven

Warsaw - Five of nine tigers that narrowly survived a gruelling journey across Europe will be moved to a new home at an animal refuge in Spain after spending weeks recovering at zoos in Poland.

Dead deer found in Thailand with 7kg of plastic in stomach

Bangkok - A wild deer was found dead after swallowing 7 kilograms (15 pounds) of plastic bags and other trash in Thailand, an official said Tuesday, raising the alarm on waste littering the country's waters and forests.

Polish bears face grizzly wake-up during noisy New Year party

Warsaw - Let sleeping bears lie? Not in Poland this New Year's Eve, where a row is brewing over the decision to relocate an annual televised event with fireworks and partying to the slopes of the country's main ski resort -- a hibernation area for the areas.

Botswana to start issuing trophy hunting licences in December

Gaborone - Botswana's president announced on Monday the government will by December start issuing trophy hunting licences after it controversially scrapped a five-year ban on the practice, and angered international conservationists.

Rogue elephant dies in captivity after killing villagers

Guwahati - A rogue elephant named after the late Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden has died in captivity after he was captured following a massive hunt in northeastern India, officials said Sunday.

Australian man survives croc attack by gouging its eye

Cairns - An Australian wildlife ranger has recounted his terrifying escape from the clutches of a "particularly cunning" crocodile, after wrestling with the reptile and sticking a finger in its eye.

World's oldest captive white rhino dies in French zoo

Rennes - The world's oldest captive white rhino, South African-born Sana, has died at the age of 55, the French zoo that she called home for the last 26 years said Thursday.

Cat-shaming: Russian loses airline miles over fat pet swap

Moscow - Russia's Aeroflot on Tuesday stripped a passenger of his air miles after he boasted online of sneaking his overweight cat on board by switching him for a slimmer cat during check-in.

Drought-hit Zimbabwe to transfer thousands of animals

Harare - Zimbabwe’s wildlife agency said Monday it would move hundreds of elephants and other animals in a dramatic bid to save them from a lethal drought.

Russia releases last belugas from 'whale jail'

Moscow - The last whales held in a notorious facility dubbed the "whale jail" in Russia's Far East were released on Sunday, the institute overseeing the operation said.

Dozens of endangered turtles disappear from Japan zoo

Apo - More than 60 endangered turtles have disappeared from a zoo in Japan's southernmost province in a suspected theft, officials said Thursday.

In bear country Romania, cohabitation grows strenuous

When Maria Lacatus' son opened the barn door, it was already too late. "The bear had one of the pigs in its claws," the sobbing 86-year-old says.

Lost pup turns out to be a rare purebred dingo

Sydney - He's furry, playful, and has puppy eyes. It's little wonder Wandi was mistaken for a dog when he was found in an Australian backyard -- but DNA testing has confirmed he's a rare 100 percent dingo.

Malaysia hands jail term to laundrette cat killer

Kuala Lumpur - A Malaysian man who killed a pregnant cat by putting it into a laundrette dryer has been sentenced to 34 months in jail, official media reported, in a case that sparked outrage.K.

Poland charges two with animal abuse over 'nightmare' tiger trip

Warsaw - Polish prosecutors said Monday they have charged two Italian truck drivers with animal abuse after the men took 10 tigers on a gruelling journey through Europe that left one tiger dead and the others "emaciated" and "without the will to live".

Rats trained to drive tiny cars find it relaxing, scientists report

Washington - Sometimes life really can be a rat race.US scientists have reported successfully training a group of the rodents to drive tiny cars in exchange for bits of Froot Loops cereal, and found that learning the task lowered their stress levels.

Chris the sheep, famed for record-breaking fleece, dies

Sydney - An Australian sheep that entered the Guinness World Records after being found with an enormously overgrown fleece has died, its carers announced.

Rescued circus elephant Ramba arrives at Brazil sanctuary

Chapada Dos Guimar - An Asian elephant that spent decades performing in South American circuses has started a new life in an open-air sanctuary in Brazil, after travelling thousands of kilometers by plane and truck from a Chilean zoo.

High-stakes conflict threatens DR Congo gorillas

Aged almost 17 years, Bonane is an eastern lowland gorilla, a survivor in a critically endangered species reduced to about 250 members in DR Congo's Kahuzi-Biega National Park.

China says Thailand's panda died from heart attack

Bejing - A giant panda whose sudden death in Thailand sparked outrage in China last month died from a heart attack, according to a Chinese government agency.

From Med's biggest nesting ground, turtles swim to uncertain future

Kipariss - Freed from its eggshell by a volunteer, the tiny turtle hatchling clambers across a pebble-strewn sandy Greek beach in a race to the sea, the start of a hazardous journey that only one in 1,000 will survive.

Indonesia's Aceh says wildlife poachers to get 100 lashes

Jakarta - Poachers who threaten endangered orangutans, tigers and other wildlife could receive up to 100 lashes under new rules in Indonesia's Aceh province, which usually reserves whipping for morality crimes under Islamic law.

In northwest Spain, conservation efforts pay off as bears thrive

Somiedo - Daylight is only just breaking over Spain's Cantabrian Mountains and already a dozen enthusiasts are up and about in the hope of spotting a brown bear.

East Timor says swine fever outbreak kills hundreds of hogs

Dili - East Timor on Thursday confirmed that hundreds of hogs have died in an outbreak of African swine fever, after the disease has killed pigs from China to Slovakia, pushing up pork prices worldwide.

Pig farmers pessimistic as China tries to talk down swine fever

Bejing - Sun Dawu sighs sadly when asked about the death of thousands of his pigs, killed by the African swine fever outbreak that has been decimating hog herds across China.

Tougher penalties to protect Sri Lanka elephants after mass deaths

Colombo - Sri Lanka announced harsher penalties in a bid to protect wild elephants on Tuesday, as investigators probed whether seven jumbos found poisoned over the weekend were killed by villagers.
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A Hydrothermal Worm captured by a powerful magnifying photograph
A Hydrothermal Worm captured by a powerful magnifying photograph
Courtesy FEI
Cat in a basket.
Cat in a basket.
A California Grunion in a fish tank
A California Grunion in a fish tank
San Diego Shooter
A dog
A dog
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A cat called Stripe.
A cat called Stripe.
Horseback riding in the Alberta Rocky Mountains  along the Red Deer River.
Horseback riding in the Alberta Rocky Mountains, along the Red Deer River.
Justin Baeder
Pifas reaches the shore of Lake Michigan with the help of Dave Kehnast
Pifas reaches the shore of Lake Michigan with the help of Dave Kehnast
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A baby baboon safely rests on his mothers back as she forages for food for both of them.
A baby baboon safely rests on his mothers back as she forages for food for both of them.
The mustang roundup planned  would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
The mustang roundup planned would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
In Defense of Animals
A cat called Stripe.
A cat called Stripe.
Just outside of the Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch.
Just outside of the Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch.
An artistic hand painting by Guido Daniele  depicting a dog
An artistic hand painting by Guido Daniele, depicting a dog
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A leopard
A leopard
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A cat called Gizmo.
A cat called Gizmo.
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Being prepared for the show ring.

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