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Animal News

Woman refuses flood rescue unless her 25 dogs go too

Kochi - A woman refused to leave her flooded house in India's Kerala state without her 25 dogs, a rescuer said Saturday, as the death toll continued to rise.

Drones fly to rescue of Amazon wildlife

Matupa - A hoarse sound abruptly wakes visitors staying at a floating house that serves as a base for environmentalists on the Jaraua river in the Amazon rainforest.

'Devastating' dolphin loss in Florida red tide disaster

Sarasota - A state of emergency has been declared in Florida as the worst red tide in a decade blackens the ocean water, killing dolphins, sea turtles and fish at a relentless pace.

Hero dog 'saves Indian family' in flood-hit Kerala

New Delhi - A family in the flood-ravaged Indian state of Kerala narrowly escaped death after their pet dog woke them up moments before a landslide destroyed their home, local media reported Monday.Mohanan P.

Fresh fears over fate of Macau's abandoned greyhounds

Macau - Fears for more than 500 greyhounds cooped up at a shuttered racetrack in Macau have been reignited after a plan to rehome them hit red tape.

Icelandic wildlife group calls for hybrid whale killing probe

Reykjav - Icelandic conservationists have asked prosecutors to probe whether the killing of a rare hybrid whale was illegal, a lawyer said on Thursday.

Slovenians strive to live in peace with bears

Knezja Njiva - When he used to go hunting, Miha Mlakar would dream of killing a bear. But today the 33-year-old from Slovenia makes his living watching the animals, peacefully, in their natural forest environment.

Record Arctic heat drives reindeer into cool tunnels

Oslo - Norwegian authorities have urged motorists to watch out for reindeer that are seeking refuge in tunnels to cool themselves amid extreme heat in the nation's far north.

Polar bear shot dead after wounding cruise ship worker

Oslo - A polar bear was shot dead after attacking a German cruise ship worker on Norway's Svalbard archipelago in the Arctic Ocean, the authorities said Sunday.The unnamed man in his 40's suffered head injuries shortly after landing on Spitzbergen island.

Hundreds of Macau greyhounds await their forever homes

Macau - On a sweltering afternoon in Macau, panting greyhounds lie in tiny concrete kennels at the gambling enclave's notorious dog-racing track, waiting to learn their fate after the venue closed.

Austria rejects registering Jews for kosher meat

Vienna - Austria rejected Friday registering Jews who want to purchase kosher meat after a far-right politician proposed introducing stricter controls on ritual slaughtering to reduce the practice citing animal rights.

Long way home as Przewalski's horses fly to Mongolia

Their violent kicks rattle the small army plane flying over Siberia as it transports the four rare horses from Prague to the vast Mongolian steppe where the once near-extinct species is slowly recovering.

Rare skull of elephant ancestor unveiled in France

Toulouse - A French farmer kept quiet for years after stumbling across the skull of an extinct ancestor of the elephant near the Pyrenees mountains, the Natural History Museum of Toulouse has told AFP.

Chernobyl's stray dogs offered new life in US

Chernobyl - The restricted zone around Chernobyl is eerily quiet but one building near the scene of the world's worst nuclear disaster is full of barking and whining.

Sri Lanka police seek villagers who beat leopard to death

Colombo - Sri Lankan authorities were seeking Friday nearly a dozen men who beat a leopard to death after it strayed into a village and attacked people, a minister said.

Killing dogs for meat illegal, rules S. Korean court

Seoul - A South Korean court has outlawed the killing of dogs for meat, in a landmark ruling that animal rights activists said Thursday could pave the way to making eating canines illegal.

World's oldest Sumatran orangutan dies aged 62

Perth - The world's oldest Sumatran orangutan, which had 11 children and 54 descendants spread across the globe, has died aged 62, Australian zoo officials said Tuesday.

Python selfie puts Indian forest ranger in tight spot

Kolkata - An India forestry ranger found himself in a bind after a python briefly strangled him while he posed for pictures with the giant snake.

Scientist launches hunt for Loch Ness 'monster DNA'

Tales of a giant creature lurking beneath the murky waves of Loch Ness have been around for more than 1,500 years -- and one academic hopes the marvels of modern science can finally unravel the mystery.

Indonesian woman swallowed by giant python

Makassar - An Indonesian woman has been found in the belly of a giant python after the swollen snake was captured near where she vanished while tending her vegetable garden, police said Saturday.

Mexico jaguar population grows 20% in eight years

Mexico - Mexico's population of wild jaguars has grown 20 percent in the past eight years, according to a study released Thursday, a bit of good news for an iconic species whose numbers have been declining.

Shark head found impaled on Australia fence

Sydney - A severed shark head, stuffed with cigarette butts and ocean debris, was found impaled on a fence at an Australian marine rescue organisation's office, with the gruesome discovery drawing criticism on social media.

Penka the cow spared death over crossing EU border

Sofia - Bulgarian authorities announced Monday that Penka, the cow who risked death by straying over the EU border, will not be put down after all.

Polish police seek Baltic coast seal killer

Warsaw - Polish police on Thursday said they are investigating the deaths of four seals recently found dead on the Baltic coast around the port city of Gdynia.

Japan whale hunt killed 122 pregnant minkes

Apo - Japan killed 122 pregnant minke whales during a highly controversial annual whaling expedition that Tokyo defends as scientific research but conservationists call "gruesome and unnecessary".

Muslim beaten to death in India for allegedly killing cow

New Delhi - A Muslim man accused of killing a cow was beaten to death by a mob in central India, police said Sunday, the latest vigilante murder over the animal considered sacred by Hindus.

Suspected gang leader detained in Mexico along with tiger

Puebla - Mexican military and police forces detained a suspected leader of a fuel-stealing gang -- along with a tiger "guarding" his house, weapons and drugs, authorities said.

Pregnancy of southern white rhino at US zoo could save subspecies

Los Angeles - A southern white rhino at a California zoo has been impregnated through artificial insemination, researchers announced on Thursday, in what could prove a major step in saving a nearly extinct close relative.

Sri Lanka elephants face plastic danger foraging dumps for food

Colombo - At a garbage dump in central Sri Lanka a herd of wild elephants forage among a mountain of rubbish, swallowing dangerous scraps of plastic mixed with rotting food in what experts warn is an increasing problem for the revered animals.

New Zealand's 'first bloke' fends off angry shark

Wellington - New Zealand's "first bloke" Clarke Gayford revealed Thursday how he fought off an angry shark with a pole while diving off Auckland.
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Bureau of Land Management
Being prepared for the show ring.
Being prepared for the show ring.
Just outside of the Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch.
Just outside of the Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch.
Make milk  not war
Make milk, not war
The mustang roundup planned  would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
The mustang roundup planned would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
In Defense of Animals
A cat called Gizmo.
A cat called Gizmo.
Just a few shots of my best friends  more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends, more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends  more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends, more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends  more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends, more to come
A baby baboon safely rests on his mothers back as she forages for food for both of them.
A baby baboon safely rests on his mothers back as she forages for food for both of them.
Just a few shots of my best friends  more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends, more to come
An artistic hand painting by Guido Daniele  depicting a dog
An artistic hand painting by Guido Daniele, depicting a dog
From Guido Daniele
Horseback riding in the Alberta Rocky Mountains  along the Red Deer River.
Horseback riding in the Alberta Rocky Mountains, along the Red Deer River.
Cat in a basket.
Cat in a basket.
Labrador on the beach
Labrador on the beach
A sloth
A sloth
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