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Animal News

South Asia floods claim more than 750 lives

New Delhi - More than 750 people have died in floods across South Asia, officials said Monday, with monsoon rains also causing the deaths of hundreds of animals, including rhinos and a tiger.

Love beckons for recovering chimp in Brazil refuge

Sorocaba - Marcelino is calling to her, but Cecilia cannot be with him. Not yet. He may be handsome, but she has suffered a lot and isn't ready for a relationship.This is not a soap opera.

Ancient species of giant sloth discovered in Mexico

Mexico - Mexican scientists said Wednesday they have discovered the fossilized remains of a previously unknown species of giant sloth that lived 10,000 years ago and died at the bottom of a sinkhole.

Rare white elk draws crowds in Sweden — and a warning

Stockholm - Experts on Tuesday urged sightseers flocking to catch a glimpse of a rare white elk in Sweden to take care, warning that the animal could be dangerous.

Game of Thrones actor warns about husky craze

London - Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage on Tuesday urged fans of the series to stop buying huskies because of their similarity to fearsome "direwolves", as many were being quickly abandoned.

Football: Mexico zoo names tiger cub for French star Gignac

Mexico - French striker Andre-Pierre Gignac has received a rare tribute from hundreds of Mexican schoolchildren, who voted to name a newborn Bengal tiger at their local zoo after the Mexico-based star.

Love office cats? Then try a wild puma

S - There's having an office cat nestled by the computer -- and then there's finding a wild puma under your desk.

Bangladesh hopes to rekindle passion to save rare crocodiles

Dhaka - Bangladeshi conservationists introduced two rare river-dwelling crocodiles to potential mates Sunday in a last-ditch attempt to save the critically-endangered species from extinction.

Scientists gene-edit piglets, bringing transplants to humans closer

Washington - Scientists have successfully edited the genetic code of piglets to remove dormant viral infections, a breakthrough that could eventually pave the way for animal-to-human organ transplants.

Icy treat for panda stars' birthday in Dutch zoo

Den Haag - Two multi-layered "cakes" made from ice, vegetable juice and fruit greeted a pair of giant pandas at a Dutch zoo Tuesday for their first birthday party since arriving from China.

Passenger knocked out as whale slams into Australia boat

Sydney - A man was knocked unconscious and three others suffered facial fractures and broken ribs after a whale slammed into a charter fishing boat off Australia's north coast, the skipper said Monday.

Surviving baby panda in 'perfect health' says French zoo

Saint-aignan-sur-cher - The first baby panda born in France is in good health and feeding from its mother, staff at Beauval Zoo said Saturday, as they came to terms with losing its twin.

Panda gives birth to twins at French zoo, one cub dies

Saint-aignan-sur-cher - There was joy and pain for French zookeepers Friday as their female panda gave birth to twins, but one died soon afterwards.

Bear kills young zookeeper in Sweden

Stockholm - A zookeeper died after he was savaged by a bear on Friday at Europe's biggest predator park, Swedish police said.

Giant panda gives birth to twins at record 23 years old

Bejing - Zookeepers never expected the 23-year-old giant panda to give birth again when she was moved to a nature reserve in southwest China to live out the rest of her days.

Activists sound alarm over Russia's whale trade

Moscow - A young beluga whale looks down as it is winched in a net onto the deck of a rusty Russian ship moored at a far-eastern port. "Don't forget us, bitch!

Animals evacuated to Turkey from 'neglected' Syria zoo

Istanbul - An international animal welfare charity was on Friday completing the evacuation of a dozen animals stranded in a neglected zoo in the conflict-torn Aleppo province of northern Syria.

Mongolians' best friend: saving herder dogs on the steppes

Ulan Bator - The large stray with a lion-like mane and fur curled into dreadlocks looked no different from the mangy mutts roaming Mongolia's capital when his future owner found him years ago.

Mexico subway is dog's world, but lost pups find a home

Mexico - They found Jamai wandering on the tracks of the Mexico City subway, his ear nearly torn off and a terrified look in his eyes.The shaggy brown mutt could have been run over or electrocuted.

Researchers mourn killing of Cecil the lion's cub

Johanesburg - A trophy hunter in Zimbabwe has shot dead a cub of Cecil the lion whose death in 2015 caused worldwide outrage, researchers tracking the pride confirmed Friday.

Wolves to the slaughter: France approves cull to save sheep

Paris - The French government on Thursday gave the green light for the cull of dozens of wolves in mountainous areas where sheep are under sustained attack.

Study throws dog domestication theories to the wolves

Paris - From the tiny chihuahua to the massive Saint Bernard, domestic dogs today trace their roots to a single group of wolves that crossed the path of humans as long as 40,000 years ago, researchers said Tuesday.

Selling $600 frogs -- to save them from poachers

Quito - Poachers in Ecuador have long known the hefty prices their country's rare frogs can fetch. But now environmentally conscious firms are starting to sell the amphibians too -- to try to save them from the black market and threatened extinction.

3 lions shot after escaping from South Africa's Kruger Park

Johanesburg - Three male lions that escaped over the weekend from South Africa's Kruger National Park have been shot dead after a farmer found them eating his cattle, officials said Thursday.The farmer shot one dead and wounded another on Wednesday.

Chinese man arrested in Botswana over donkey skin trade

Gaborone - A Chinese man alleged to be involved in Botswana's illegal donkey skin trade has been arrested after being found with 500 animals suffering in dire conditions, police said Thursday.

George the wombat turns one, warms hearts again

Sydney - An orphan baby wombat who warmed the hearts of the world in a viral Facebook video viewed 40 million times has turned one, with his latest exploits also proving a huge hit.

Thailand leads the pack for Asia's abused tourist elephants

Bangkok - Twice as many elephants work in Thailand's tourism industry as the rest of Asia combined, with the vast majority kept in "severely inadequate conditions", a new report revealed Thursday.

Merkel pledges star treatment for China's panda 'envoys'

Berlin - Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed Wednesday to make China's new "special envoys" feel welcome in Berlin, as she unveiled two eagerly awaited giant pandas at the German capital's zoo alongside Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Auto-barn! Thousands of chickens block Austrian motorway

Vienna - Emergency workers in Austria had an egg-stremely unusual operation on Tuesday removing an estimated 7,000 chickens which were blocking a busy motorway.

Mexico to use dolphins to save endangered vaquita porpoise

Mexico - Mexico announced plans Friday to use trained dolphins to corral the last remaining vaquita marina porpoises into a protected breeding ground, a last-ditch bid to save the critically endangered species.
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A flying squirrel in flight
A flying squirrel in flight
Pifas reaches the shore of Lake Michigan with the help of Dave Kehnast
Pifas reaches the shore of Lake Michigan with the help of Dave Kehnast
Screen Capture
A California Grunion in a fish tank
A California Grunion in a fish tank
San Diego Shooter
Just a few shots of my best friends  more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends, more to come
Being prepared for the show ring.
Being prepared for the show ring.
A dog
A dog
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Donkey feeding in paddock
Donkey feeding in paddock
Just a few shots of my best friends  more to come
Just a few shots of my best friends, more to come
The mustang roundup planned  would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
The mustang roundup planned would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
In Defense of Animals
A sloth
A sloth
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Horseback riding in the Alberta Rocky Mountains  along the Red Deer River.
Horseback riding in the Alberta Rocky Mountains, along the Red Deer River.
A cow grazing in wild countryside
A cow grazing in wild countryside
A leopard
A leopard
A baby baboon safely rests on his mothers back as she forages for food for both of them.
A baby baboon safely rests on his mothers back as she forages for food for both of them.
A cat called Stripe.
A cat called Stripe.
Just outside of the Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch.
Just outside of the Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch.
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