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Back in the pink: Hong Kong dolphins enjoy rare quiet as pandemic halts ferries

Fpo - Rare pink dolphins are returning to the waters between Hong Kong and Macau after the coronavirus pandemic halted ferries, but scientists remain deeply concerned about their long-term survival in one of the world's busiest sea lanes.

Cuban animal lovers hope new law changes attitudes

Havana - Havana's streets teem with abandoned animals and are littered with carcasses of chickens sacrificed in religious rituals, while, behind closed doors, dogs are thrown into illegal deadly fights.

No bull: India claims cow dung chip protects against radiation

New Delhi - An Indian government unit established to develop soaps and medicinal products from cow dung has branched out with a "chip" it claims can protect people from cellphone radiation.

Hunt on for Indian tiger after eighth human kill

Mumbai - Indian authorities are hunting for a tiger which has killed eight people in the last two years after another fatal attack, officials said Wednesday.

'Like wolves to Yellowstone': Tasmanian devils released on Australian mainland

Sydney - Tasmanian devils have been released into the wild on Australia's mainland 3,000 years after the feisty marsupials went extinct there, in what conservationists described Monday as a "historic" step.

Europe's captive tiger trade 'risks spurring illegal demand'

Paris - Trade in tigers bred in captivity in Europe risks encouraging illegal demand for the endangered big cats, according to a new report published Wednesday by wildlife groups that warns lax oversight is enabling the grisly market for their body parts.

Baby boom at Taipei Zoo lightens pandemic blues

Taipei - Taiwan's largest zoo has celebrated a flurry of births in recent months -- including pandas and pangolins -- in a welcome boost during a visitor slump due to the coronavirus.

Final whale saved from grim Australia mass stranding

Sydney - A lone whale was rescued from among hundreds of carcasses Sunday, taking to 110 the number of creatures that survived a mass stranding in southern Australia.

A life-saving 'game': Bosnia trains world's mine-detecting dogs

Bosnia And Herzegovina - With her nose in the grass of a Bosnian field, Orna sniffs furiously until she finds her target. She then sits and wags her tail in excitement for the red rubber toy that is her reward.

Whale rescuers face grim task in Australia mass stranding

After days wading through chilly waters, surrounded by the pained cries of hundreds of stranded whales on Australia's south coast, rescuers faced the grim task Friday of disposing of the carcasses.

Whale strandings: some notable events

Sydney - At least 380 pilot whales have died in a mass stranding in southern Australia, officials said Wednesday, in what is likely to be the biggest beaching of the cetaceans in the country's history.

Hopes fade for more survivors in Australia mass whale stranding

Only a few dozen of the 470 whales stranded on Australia's coast can still be saved, rescuers warned Thursday, as they weighed euthanising those animals in most distress.

Hundreds of whales dead in Australia stranding

Sydney - Hundreds of pilot whales have died in a mass stranding in southern Australia despite efforts to save them, with rescuers racing Wednesday to free a few dozen survivors.

Rescuers race to save scores of stranded whales in Australia

Sydney - Rescuers raced to save nearly 200 whales stuck in a remote Australian harbour on Tuesday, hoping to minimise the death toll of a mass stranding which had already killed 90.Officials said at least 25 of the mammals had been freed so far.

Polish parliament passes animal rights law

Warsaw - Poland's parliament on Friday passed an animal rights law that had angered fur farmers and kosher meat producers and divided the country's right-wing governing alliance.

Paw-ly in the pandemic: pets can catch virus from owners

London - Cat and dog owners suffering from Covid-19 can pass their illness onto their feline and canine companions, according to a small study released Friday.

Aussie diplomat sorry for Cambodian turtle soup meal

Sydney - Australia's ambassador to Cambodia has apologised for eating a dish containing softshell turtle, which are highly protected in parts of the world.

Scientists find world's oldest sperm in Myanmar amber

Berlin - A team of palaeontologists have discovered what they believe is the world's oldest animal sperm, frozen 100 million years ago inside a tiny crustacean in tree resin in Myanmar.

Koala row threatens leader of Australia's biggest state

Sydney - A dispute over protection measures for Australia's endangered koalas threatened Thursday to topple the government of the country's biggest state.

Taiwan's polarising pig festival draws smaller sacrifices

Hsinchu - A festival in Taiwan where enormous pigs are slaughtered and displayed is drawing smaller crowds as animal rights activists alter perceptions of the controversial tradition.

Brazil wetland fires threaten jaguar reserve

Rio De Janeiro - Fires raging in the Pantanal, the biggest tropical wetlands on Earth, are threatening a nature reserve known as the home to the world's largest jaguar population, Brazilian authorities said Tuesday.

Dogged by lockdown loneliness, Indians adopt man's best friend

Chennai - When Lakshmi Sundar brought a malnourished stray puppy into her home in the Indian city of Chennai, she thought the brown-and-white bundle of energy would be a guest for just a few weeks.

Scientists discover 30 new species in Galapagos depths

Quito - An international team of marine scientists have discovered 30 new species of invertebrates in deep water surrounding the Galapagos, the Ecuadoran archipelago's national park authorities announced Monday.

World's oldest captive alligator marks 83 years in Belgrade zoo

Belgrade - Muja has lived through multiple bombing campaigns and several countries -- all while never leaving a tiny pool in Belgrade's zoo for 83 years, making him the world's oldest captive alligator.

Virus gives Sri Lanka's threatened elephants a reprieve

Colombo - Sri Lanka's coronavirus lockdown has helped reduce the death toll from clashes between elephants and humans, conservationists have said.A record 405 elephants were killed by humans in the country last year, up from about 360 in 2018.

Singapore crushes massive ivory haul on eve of World Elephant Day

Fpo - Singapore began destroying nine tonnes of seized ivory Tuesday, the largest such action globally in recent years, including contraband tusks that came from more than 300 African elephants.

World tiger population grows but SE Asia threats 'critical': WWF

New Delhi - Tiger populations in five countries are making a comeback but the endangered species still faces major threats such as poaching, conservation group WWF and the Indian government said.

'Brazil's most famous cobra' sparks trafficking probe, draws fans

Rio De Janeiro - A cobra that bit a veterinary student in Brazil, putting him in a coma, has turned into a celebrity by sparking an investigation into an alleged exotic animal trafficking ring.

Reef tales: candid cams reveal shark populations in decline

Apo - An unprecedented global survey has revealed a shocking decline in the number of reef sharks, with the predators "functionally extinct" on nearly 20 percent of sites studied.

Paradise regained then lost: Med mammals mourn lockdown end

La Ciotat - When Europeans retreated into their homes to observe strict stay-at-home rules to contain the coronavirus, dolphins and whales on the Mediterranean coast basked and thrived in a hitherto unknown calm.
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Make milk  not war
Make milk, not war
A cat called Stripe.
A cat called Stripe.
A cat called Gizmo.
A cat called Gizmo.
Pifas reaches the shore of Lake Michigan with the help of Dave Kehnast
Pifas reaches the shore of Lake Michigan with the help of Dave Kehnast
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Just outside of the Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch.
Just outside of the Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch.
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Donkey feeding in paddock
The mustang roundup planned  would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
The mustang roundup planned would be one of the largest in Nevada in recent years.
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A dog
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A cat called Stripe.
A cat called Stripe.
A cat called Gizmo.
A cat called Gizmo.
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Cat in a basket.
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