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Angry News

Florida man goes crazy after woman steals his seat at bingo

Lake Wales - An 82-year-old man apparently didn't take too kindly to a woman stealing his favorite bingo seat, as he decided to use an ice pick to slash her tires.

'World's angriest AI' being built to train call centre staff

An AI company in New Zealand has tasked itself with building the angriest robot ever made. It has invested over £200,000 into the product which is intended to help companies deliver better customer service by telling them how to understand angry callers.

Michael Jackson Demands Apology From BBC, Two British Comedians

Pop star Michael Jackson did not take kindly to BBC radio jokesters, Steve Punt and Hugh Dennis, who compared him to the IRA.

Pit Bull Attacks 2008: Are These Dogs Safe in the Neighborhood?

Pit bull owners are often defensive about their pets. They need to be. That's because there are plenty of outraged people about these animals in the neighborhoods, especially where there are children.

Journalists Have A Site To Let It All Out

They are ticked off and letting the world know it. They are journalists who work in shrinking newsrooms for demanding editors. Now they have to shout their criticism from the highest virtual mountain.

Op Ed: Pain at The Pump, Why Are We In This Predicament?

Every time I stop at the gas station, I become angry...Not at “Big Oil” but more at our government and special interest groups for allowing us to get into this situation. The next time you pull up to the pump, look at the price and ask yourself why!

Why Are Some Kids So Angry? It is the Parents not Video Games

Canadian researchers say it is not the TV cartoons that are making kids angry rather their lack of social skills. They say youth have been violent even before television came to the scene.

New Name For Dump In New Zealand: John Cleese

John Cleese and his statements tend to tick people off. If you say you hate a place in New Zealand you may end up with a landmark being named after you. A new sign has appeared at the Awapuni Landfill in Palmerston North.

The Angry Kid Gets Philosophical

Embittered British kid discusses the future with his father, hilarity ensues.

Computer Detects Anger Before Fights Break Out

You can tell when you hear someone is really angry—and get out of the way. Now Sigard, a new software package developed by Sound Intelligence, can also detect verbal aggression with a high level of accuracy.

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Angry Image

A photo of an angry woman. —  Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0.
A photo of an angry woman. — Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0.
Josh Janssen
Loved the anger you captured. These birds are often nasty. I straighten the horizon to keep it from ...
Loved the anger you captured. These birds are often nasty. I straighten the horizon to keep it from being a distraction.
Andrew Moran

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