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Echoes of history as Kurds feel let down by West

Paris - As Turkey presses its offensive against Kurdish fighters in Syria, many Kurds feel let down, not for the first time, by Western powers.

Presidential vote highlights France divide

Paris - Far-right leader Marine Le Pen, who scored her best results in Sunday's presidential vote far from France's biggest cities, was carried to the run-off election by a part of the nation left behind in an era of globalisation.

How horses can tell when you are angry

Brighton - A new study suggests horses can differentiate between happy and angry human facial expressions. This is is based on facial recognition studies.

George Zimmerman retweets photo of Trayvon Martin

George Zimmerman retweeted an image of Trayvon Martin's dead body. Martin was fatally shot by Zimmerman in 2012, but Zimmerman was acquitted of murder charges.

'World's angriest AI' being built to train call centre staff

An AI company in New Zealand has tasked itself with building the angriest robot ever made. It has invested over £200,000 into the product which is intended to help companies deliver better customer service by telling them how to understand angry callers.

Two emotions which massively increase risk of heart attack

A study by Australian scientists has shown that anger and anxiety increase the likelihood of having a heart attack by a startling amount.

Study: Shape of person's face indication of aggression, dominance

Researchers in the United Kingdom have found that the shape of a person's face can determine how domineering and aggressive they are.

Anger outbursts linked to swift heart attacks, strokes

Paris - People who have outbursts of anger are at greater risk of having a heart attack or stroke in the two hours immediately after the episode, European researchers said Tuesday.The study -- a big review of published papers -- is the first to give powerful s...

Op-Ed: Does Santorum's Campaign Need Anger Management?

Michele Bachmann. Rick Perry. Herman Cain. Ron Paul. Even Jon Huntsman. And now, Newt Gingrich. They are all conservative. They have each had their moment in the spotlight.

Op-Ed: American anger should be directed at Obama

A new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll finds that Americans are angry. And their anger is directed at just about everything. But Obama's policies have triggered the anger.

Rape suspect in coma after victim’s husband retaliates

Issaquah - In what appears to be an example of vigilante justice a man who allegedly raped a woman is now in coma after her husband and his friend took matters into their own hands. When they found him - he was beaten until he was bloody and unable to move.

Doctor accused of stealing art and furniture from Florida hotel

A retired surgeon who owns a million-dollar home on Lake Michigan and a home in East Naples, Florida, is accused of stealing furniture and artwork valued at $8,500 from a hotel in Naples.

Town in shock after 9 year old sets Dollar General on fire.

The city of Chattanooga Tennessee is still in shock after a nine-year-old boy burns a local Dollar General Store to the ground Tuesday evening.

Study: Anger really can kill you

Researchers from Yale University found find anger and other stress-inducing emotions can trigger heart attacks and lead to death in some cases.

Op-Ed: Why Are We So Enraged At The Octo-Mom?

Most people have a big reaction to the Octo-Mom. And it isn't one of kindness or astonishment. Generally, it's one of rage. How could she go ahead and have eight babies when she already had six at home that she wasn't even able to support?

J.K Rowlings becomes fiery at trial

A three-day trial involving an unauthorized Harry Potter encyclopedia ended on Wednesday with a anger coming from J.K. Rowling.

Op-Ed: The Museum of Hate and Anger

I'd like to invite you to visit the Museum of Hate and may have even been to one and didn't realize it. These museums are easy to set up, and thankfully, easy to take down.

OP-ED: Ever Want To Scream On A Soapbox?

This world is going to Hell in a hand basket. The headlines only state sorrow. Babies dying. Countries at war. Children killing each other. Do you ever just want to go in the middle of the street and scream enough!?

Are People Making You Mad? They Might Be Enjoying It

If it seems like someone's pushing your buttons... they're probably liking it.

What on earth were they arguing about that a wife got this mad?

When you get so mad at your spouse that you drive over his foot, not once but twice

Lines, anger, police ... A Wii story Shopping Nightmare

A Wii buying experience turns to a tug of war and a shopping nightmare.

Anger a Deadly Sin for Heart Patients

Rage Can Trigger Potentially Fatal Misfires in Heart Rhythm Among Certain Cardiac Patients

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A photo of an angry woman. —  Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0.
A photo of an angry woman. — Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0.
Josh Janssen
While Brussels has now passed a law against offensive  language  it is not clear how police will jud...
While Brussels has now passed a law against offensive language, it is not clear how police will judge what is offensive and what is free speech.

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