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Android News

Multi-account support comes to Instagram

Instagram has added the functionality to log into their application using multiple accounts on Apple and Android devices.

Report: Google to release its own virtual reality headset in 2016

Google has a team building its own virtual reality headset to rival devices like the Samsung Gear VR, according to a report today. The company is aiming to launch the headset later this year, stepping up the race to virtual reality.

Android Wear 1.4 adds voice calling support and new gestures

Google has unveiled a new update to Android Wear that will become available on existing devices over the next few weeks. The latest version of the smartwatch operating system expands on the set of available gestures and enables speakers.

Apple CEO Tim Cook teases new products and more Android apps

Tim Cook hinted at the existence of new Apple products and a plan to make the company's services available on other platforms during an employee "Town Hall" meeting at Apple's Cupertino headquarters this week.

BlackBerry signals it could abandon BB10 for Android after all

When BlackBerry launched the Priv in late 2015, its first Android-powered smartphone, the company promised it wouldn't let its own BlackBerry 10 (BB10) operating system suffer as a result. This week the company indicated it may be rethinking that.

The Paramount launches Android mobile app for fans, concertgoers

Huntington - The Paramount in Huntington on Long Island has launched a new Android mobile app, which features Appelago's Dynamic Push Technology.

Samsung's Galaxy S7 may be physically identical to the Galaxy S6

Samsung's 2015 flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S6, brought in a sweeping redesign not seen in the Galaxy range for some years. Fans hoping further changes would come this year may be disappointed though, as reports say the S7 may be identical.

Google's bug bounty program paid out $2 million last year

Google paid out $2 million to security researchers last year as part of its bug bounty program. At least 10 percent of the total payout was for Android vulnerabilities.

Spotify reportedly launching streaming video service this week

Spotify will launch its upcoming streaming video service later this week according to reports. Android users may be able to start watching video within the next few days and iOS users will only be waiting a little longer.

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date leaked as images appear online

The release date of Samsung's upcoming flagship Android smartphone for 2016 has reportedly leaked online alongside images that allegedly show the handset's display and front camera model. The Galaxy S7 will be an important device for Samsung.

Google paid Apple $1b in 2014 to remain default iOS search engine

Google reportedly paid Apple $1 billion in 2014 to remain as the default search engine in the company's iOS software used on the iPhone and iPad. The information was revealed as part of Google's ongoing legal case with Oracle.

Google could be trusting HTC to build this year's Nexus phones

Google has reportedly called on HTC to make this year's Nexus phones, the flagship Android handsets designed to showcase the platform at its best. HTC has built Nexus hardware in the past but not for a couple of years.

66% of Android devices at risk as zero-day flaw found in Linux

A zero-day flaw found in the Linux kernel has put as many as 66 percent of Android devices at risk of exploit by hackers and malware creators. The bug also affects millions of desktop computers and Linux servers around the world.

U.S. judge bans sale of Samsung phones in meaningless patent case

Apple has won a victory in its patent dispute with Samsung as a U.S. court has ruled Samsung should be banned from selling its smartphones in the country. The case is meaningless though because the phones are all years old and the patents almost invalid.

Sony confirms it is bringing its smartphones back to the U.S.

Sony has confirmed it will be launching its Xperia Z5 flagship, with its Z5 Compact sibling, in the U.S. in February. Sony has been absent from the market for over a year as it opted to stop selling phones to the U.S. after the Xperia Z3.

Troubled HTC sees virtual reality as its saviour, not phones

HTC has been slipping behind in the smartphone market over the past couple of years. Despite launching truly high-end premium devices, sales have been slipping and profits falling. The company is now turning to virtual reality to save itself.

BlackBerry abandoning BB10, launching only Android this year

BlackBerry has confirmed it intends to launch only Android smartphones this year, abandoning its own BlackBerry 10 operating system until at least 2017. The company had previously pledged to remain committed to the platform while building Android devices.

Android with multi-window support coming to the PC for free

Jide, makers of the "world's first true Android PC," has announced its customised multi-tasking friendly version of Android will be offered as a free download for any current computer from later this month. The company wants more PCs to run Android.

Google could let the public choose the name of 2016's Android 'N'

Google is known for always naming new releases of its Android mobile operating system after a sweet treat or dessert. Traditionally, the public has had no say in what each version is called though, something CEO Sundar Pichai says he may change.

Huawei now third biggest smartphone brand, sold 100m in 2015

Huawei has been enjoying a noticeable increase in demand for its smartphones this year. The extent of its growth is now clear as the company has moved up to third largest manufacturer in the world after selling 100 million handsets in the past 12 months.

Google and Samsung want to give Android 'more fluency' than iOS

Google and Samsung are reportedly working to make Android feel more fluid to use than Apple's iOS. iOS is generally considered the most consistently responsive mobile OS, something that Android fans and manufacturers are understandably unhappy about.

Google announces plans to expand Android Pay into apps

An update to Android Pay today adds support for using the system to buy things from within apps. Google says it is the "next step" in developing Android Pay, now accepted in over 1 million locations across the U.S.

Chinese Android phone claims two-week battery life

A new Android phone currently preparing for launch boasts a mammoth battery which lets it run for up to 15 days on one charge, according to manufacturer Oukitel. The K10000's 10,000mAh battery is over three times larger than a conventional unit.

Google's best Android apps this year cover work and play

Google has published its list of the best Android apps of 2015, including titles ranging from popular games to productivity staples. All the apps command very positive store ratings and most are free.

Samsung planning '3D Touch' display, retina scanner for Galaxy S7

Samsung is reportedly hard at work preparing the next generation of its flagship Android smartphone, to be launched in March as the Galaxy S7. The South Korean manufacturer is rumoured to be developing a pressure-sensing display to rival Apple's 3D Touch.

Google's criticised Pixel C tablet wasn't meant to run Android

Days after the creators of the Google Pixel C tablet were overwhelmed with negative feedback in a Reddit AMA, it's emerged the criticised device may never have been built to run Android. Its software is largely viewed as its major weakness.

Google did a Reddit AMA for its new tablet and got destroyed

The team behind Google's Pixel C Android tablet participated in a Reddit ask me anything (AMA) session earlier this week. The conversation was quickly flooded with overwhelmingly negative comments though, fuelled by media criticism of the device.

Microsoft's Cortana now officially launched on iPhone and Android

Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant has received its first public release to smartphones running iOS, Android and Cyanogen OS. Cortana was built for Windows but is now platform-agnostic so most features work as intended.

Sony's Xperia Z6 may be five different phones, ready from January

Sony is famed in the smartphone world for its regular release cadences, sometimes launching a new flagship barely six months after the previous version. A new report out of China suggests it is now gearing up for 2016, creating a device in five sizes.

Samsung might finally be ready to bring the Note 5 to Europe

When Samsung announced its much-loved flagship phablet for 2015 wouldn't be coming to Europe, it was quickly met with outcry from people forced to buy a Galaxy S6 instead. It now looks like the Note 5 may arrive in Europe early next year though.
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