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Android News

Instagram now has an offline mode

Instagram recently launched a substantial update to its app that adds in a fully-fledged offline mode. You can now like, comment and unfollow people whilst offline, giving you an uncompromising experience even without a connection.

Google teams up with PayPal to make Android Pay more useful

Google has announced a new partnership with PayPal that will see the popular online payments service integrated into Android Pay. Mobile payment users will be able to complete in-store transactions using their PayPal account, adding a new way to pay.

Android apps found to be mining information from smartphones

The use of apps is commonplace and we’re increasingly reliant upon using apps to organize our schedules and to obtain information. One concern with the ubiquity of apps, highlighted by Virginia Tech, is with apps colluding to mine our information.

Google's Pixel 2 to feature a curved display sourced from LG

Google is said to be planning to equip its upcoming Pixel 2 smartphone with a curved display. The move will follow Samsung's Galaxy S8 and the LG G6. Google will source its screens from LG in a significant deal worth nearly one billion dollars.

Verizon slammed for installing 'spyware' on phones

Verizon has been accused of installing "spyware" on new phones. The company has developed an app that's supposed to help people find content from services they don’t have installed. The privacy policy reveals it does more than make recommendations.

Android surpasses Windows to become the world's most used OS

Android has become the most used operating system in the world, overtaking the decades-old Windows. It reflects the growth and mass acceptance of mobile devices as smartphones are now the computer of choice for many consumers worldwide.

Op-Ed: Samsung DeX and Microsoft Continuum: Mobile productivity compared

Samsung has officially announced its new Galaxy S8 smartphone with DeX, a pioneering mobile product that lets the phone display a desktop interface when docked to a screen, keyboard and mouse. It's an Android interpretation of Microsoft's Continuum.

Samsung unveils its flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S8, its 2017 flagship smartphone to rival Apple's iPhone and this year's premium Android handsets. The phone has an all-new design, a bezel-less display, Bixby intelligent assistant and improved camera hardware.

Nintendo wanted the Switch to run Android

Nintendo originally wanted its new Switch games console to run Android, Cyanogen's chairman has claimed. The company abandoned its plans when Cyanogen refused to help it build a special Android distribution focused around gaming.

Android O to simplify setting your own ringtones and sounds

Google's upcoming Android O update will finally provide an easy way to set your own ringtones and notification sounds, letting you add a new alert from settings without manually copying files. The basic feature has been missing since Android's launch.

Google to remove Hangouts' SMS features to help promote new apps

Google is planning to remove Hangouts' SMS messaging capabilities within the next couple of months. The company is believed to be making the move as part of its efforts to make Hangouts a better rival to upstart messaging app Slack.

Android Security Report – Malware installs drop by 50 percent

Google has published its third Android Security Report, detailing the progress it has made in securing its ecosystem and keeping users safe on their devices. Play Store malware distribution has fallen, although the number of affected devices has risen.

Google unveils the next version of Android

Google has officially announced Android O, the next major version of its mobile operating system set to be released later this year. The company has launched the first preview of the under-development OS, introducing several major new features.

Intel developing 'genderless' AI

Intel is developing a new artificially intelligent assistant that will be genderless, moving the tech industry away from the perceived "feminine" nature of most current AIs. The system will debut on a new smartwatch Intel is building with TAG Heuer.

Gboard update lets you translate text from your keyboard

Google recently updated its Gboard smartphone keyboard with several new features, letting you do more from your keyboard. Gboard is meant to let you perform common tasks without leaving your current app, avoiding pauses in conversations.

Samsung smartphones to come with monthly security updates

Samsung is preparing to start issuing monthly security updates for its unlocked Android smartphones in the U.S. The company has previously been widely criticised for its apparent lack of support for unlocked handsets, leaving users waiting for patches.

Malware found preinstalled on almost 40 Android phones

Security researchers have discovered an alarming number of Android phones come with serious malware preinstalled. Devices seemingly fresh from the factory had malicious apps integrated with their storage and equipped with system privileges.

Google admits the microphones are breaking on some Pixel phones

Google has confirmed that some of its flagship Pixel smartphones are malfunctioning with "severe" microphone issues caused by small soldering cracks. Formally acknowledging the problem, the company said it'll be offering warranty replacements.

BlackBerry unveils its latest Android smartphone

BlackBerry has unveiled a new Android smartphone aimed at mid-range customers. It has a 5-inch display, a large battery and BlackBerry's extensive suite of productivity and security apps preinstalled. It will only be available in Indonesia.

Android O to feature new finger gestures, improved messaging

Google is hard at work on this year's major Android update, under development as Android 'O.' A new leak has revealed three of the features that could arrive this summer, including significant improvements to messaging that bring Android in-line with iOS.

Psychologists determine how to spot a human from an android

Sci-fi show Westworld shows the difficulty (and danger) in telling humans and androids apart. It needn’t be that difficult, according to a research group, at least with the types of androids that can be designed today.

Google to bring its AI Assistant to every new Android phone

Google has announced it is to launch Google Assistant on every modern Android smartphone running new versions of the operating system. Assistant lets you talk to Google using natural language, turning the search engine into your go-to personal aid.

LG's G6 brings smartphones 'back-to-basics'

LG has officially launched the LG G6, its 2017 Android flagship smartphone, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device's headline feature is its "FullVision" display and virtually bezel-less finish. LG says the phone is focused on simplicity.

BlackBerry's next smartphone is coming this month

BlackBerry has confirmed it will launch a new Android-powered smartphone later this month. The DTEK70, alternately known as the BlackBerry Mercury, will feature a touchscreen and physical QWERTY keyboard, in homage to classic BlackBerry devices.

Google's new Android Wear smartwatches are now official

Google has officially announced the first Android Wear smartwatches in which it played a role in the development. The LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport are meant to reignite momentum around Android Wear, offering thin designs and robust functionality.

Google Maps update lets you check your commute in real-time

Google is rolling out a new update to its Maps app for Android that adds real-time commute information letting you check when the next bus is. There's also new curated lists of useful everyday destinations around you, such as ATMs and gas stations.

Android lock patterns can be cracked in five attempts

The much-used Pattern Lock system, designed to secure millions of Android mobile phones can be cracked within just five attempts, according to new security analysis. Worryingly, the complicated patterns are the easiest to crack.

Google Pixel 2 could feature an Intel processor

Google could be planning to use an Intel processor in its upcoming Pixel 2 smartphone, according to a new report. The handset will also feature an improved camera and waterproofing, improving on a key weakness of the original.

Samsung Galaxy S8 to feature Continuum-style desktop experience

Samsung's Galaxy S8 will feature a docked desktop experience akin to Microsoft's Continuum, according to a report today. When connected to a monitor, the phone will be able to run Android apps full-screen, similar to Windows 10 Mobile's headline feature.

Google building its own Android Wear smartwatches with LG

Google is planning to launch its own smartwatches to coincide with the release of Android Wear 2.0. The company has partnered with LG to manufacture the devices, according to a report this week. They'll be launched in early February.
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