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S.Africa deputy president calls affair reports 'smear'

Johanesburg - South Africa's Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa who is vying to replace President Jacob Zuma has admitted to an extramarital affair but lambasted as "political smear" its revelation in newspapers, media reported Sunday.

S.Africa's storied ANC risks losing grip on power

Johanesburg - South Africa's ANC party, the celebrated political force that ended white-minority rule and ushered in democracy, had hoped its dominance of national politics might last for generations.

ANC: From anti-apartheid fight to internal struggles

Paris - South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC), now struggling with internal conflicts, started out as an elite black group.

South Africa cabinet bloodbath exposes ANC generational divide

Johanesburg - South African President Jacob Zuma's sweeping cabinet overhaul exposes deep divisions between the ANC's apartheid-struggle old guard and a new generation often accused of not living up to expectations.

Splits plunge S. Africa's liberation ANC party into turmoil

Johanesburg - South Africa's government has descended into open warfare as a clash between President Jacob Zuma and his finance minister unveils rivalries that could tip the country into instability.

S.Africa's ANC faces deep crisis after vote defeat

Johanesburg - Record electoral losses and deep internal divisions are threatening both the long hold on power enjoyed by South Africa's ruling ANC party and the political future of President Jacob Zuma.

Desmond Tutu: I will NOT vote ANC!

Desmond Tutu has confirmed that he will not be voting for the ANC in the upcoming elections, and has subtly called on South Africans to do the same by advising them to think and pray before they vote, and not to just vote "like cattle".

SABC bans DA television commercial critical of ANC

The South African Broadcasting Commission (SABC) has banned and refuses to show a Democratic Alliance (DA) political television commercial critical of current ANC government, ahead of the coming May elections.

Do NOT vote for ANC, urges Ronnie Kasrils with Vote NO campaign

Either don't vote for the ANC or spoil your votes, Ronnie Kasrils urges ANC voters through a new campaign called "Sidikiwe Vukani! (We are fed up! Wake up!) Vote No", to be launched on Tuesday.

Police homes destroyed in violent Bloemhof protests

A total of 12 police homes have now been destroyed in violent protests after residents of the Boitumelong township in the Bloemhof area went on the rampage over nepotism and lack of service delivery in the local ANC government.

Jacob Zuma's resignation deadline is 17 April, says Julius Malema

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, has set current South African president, Jacob Zuma of the ANC, a deadline of 17 April to resign.

Expropriate 50% of all farms, plans ANC government

In a leftist move some have called phantoms of Zimbabwe, the South African ANC government has proposed a plan to expropriate half of every commercial farm and handing it over to farm workers.

Zuma stole public money is fair comment, rules High Court

The High Court in Johannesburg ruled that a text message sent out by the DA accusing ANC president Jacob Zuma of stealing public money was fair comment.

ANC president Zuma must resign in 20 days, demands Julius Malema

Following the release of the Nkandlagate report, Julius Malema of the Economic Freedom Fighters has given ANC president Jacob Zuma 20 days to quit the presidency, while the Democratic Alliance has laid criminal charges at the Nkandla police station.

Jacob Zuma & ANC 'crucified' during debate about SONA

Speaking during the debate on Jacob Zuma's State Of The Nation Address, president Jacob Zuma was heavily critisized by opposition parties, while Zuma and his ANC MP's heckled and chuckled at the issues raised.

ANC MP's fashion dress goes viral for all the wrong reasons

At the State Of The Nation Address, ANC MP Thandile Sunduza wore a rather remarkable dress on the red carpet that made social media go mental. She became an overnight Twitter sensation — for all the wrong reasons.

ANC blames Julius Malema for Limpopo crisis

The ANC’s national executive committee member and Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa labels Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema the “boy” who plunged the Limpopo government into a financial crisis.

ANC has given up on jobs, says DA

"The ANC under Jacob Zuma has given up on jobs for everyone and is only interested in enriching themselves and their friends. In the Zuma ANC, jobs and opportunities go to people with connections," said the DA's Helen Zille on Monday.

EFF: Jacob Zuma told many lies during State Of The Nation Address

The Economic Freedom Fighters, founded by Julius Malema, stated that Jacob Zuma told many lies during his State Of The Nation Address speech on Thursday, and claimed easy victories.

ANC throw bricks and petrol bombs at DA supporters and police

Johannesburg - The Democratic Alliance attempted a march through Johannesburg to Luthuli House today to hand a memorandum to the ANC regarding "real jobs." They were stopped by violent ANC members who threw bricks and petrol bombs at them and the police.

Accident happens while SA public safety official talks bad roads

Lichtenburg - People in the North West frequently complain about the bad state of the roads. Provincial MP's decided to inspect it and while there, they witnessed an accident first-hand.

ANC policies are racist, says De Klerk

Former South African president F.W. de Klerk, who removed the last race-based "Apartheid" laws from South Africa's law books and set Nelson Mandela free, criticized the racist, race-based policies implemented by the now ruling ANC.

Bomb threat at SANRAL rounds off 2 anthrax scares this week

Johannesburg - A bomb threat was reported at the SA National Roads Agency Limited's (Sanral) operations centre in Samrand, near Midrand on Sunday.

Op-Ed: South Africans protesting ANC's e-toll scam on Jan 25

Johannesburg - Who would have thought that so many South Africans from all walks of life could stand together for a common cause? South Africans have had enough of the ANC government's highly questionable e-toll monstrosity.

ANC government & SANRAL's e-tolling causing chaos and dismay

From dead people to people who don't travel on toll roads, to people who don't even own cars to people who don't even live in South Africa, the ANC government's SANRAL seems hell-bent on squeezing money out of whomever they get the details of.

Jacob Zuma booed at Mandela memorial service

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma of the ANC ruling party of South Africa was booed several times by the crowds at Nelson Mandela's memorial service in Soweto, Johannesburg.

Nelson Mandela dead at 95

Johannesburg - Nelson Mandela, beloved anti-Apartheid activist and former South African president, has died at 95. He passed away surrounded by friends and family.

White police woman wins skin color discrimination case

After 8 years battling discrimination by an "affirmative action" policy characteristic of an ANC-run South African Police Service, Lieutenant Colonel Renate Barnard finally had a victory when the Supreme Court Of Appeal ruled in her favor.

Op-Ed: ANC police state to jail 1 million South African citizens daily?

Johannesburg - Citizens refusing to be robbed to the point of poverty by South Africa's controversial e-tolling scam, have been declared targets for criminal proceedings against them, signed into law by ANC state president Jacob Zuma.

United Nations: Can they help stop farm murders?

Can the United Nations help South Africans stop farm murders? Afriforum will be presenting a petition as supporting evidence to a report on farm murders, which will be submitted to the UN Forum For Minority Issues in November this year.
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Jacob Zuma s homestead  built with over R200 million of stolen taxpayer money.
Jacob Zuma's homestead, built with over R200 million of stolen taxpayer money.
Protesters against the ANC s e-toll scammery
Protesters against the ANC's e-toll scammery
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