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TritonWear gives swimmers AI-powered analytics, launches Triton 2

TritonWear has completely disrupted the archaic approach to training in the sport of swimming by bringing AI-powered analytics to all swimmers. Digital Journal has the scoop.

Seattle companies merge to create 'seed-to-sale' pot software

On Monday, Dauntless, Inc., a Seattle-area software developer providing point-of-sale and tracking software to the cannabis industry, has acquired pot sales software company Soro.

Q&A: 'Lab of the Future' unveiled by Dynacare in Brampton Special

Dynacare has completed a large-scale upgrade to its Brampton laboratory facility, known as the “Lab of the Future”, with an enhanced scope and scale. Richard Chee-A-Tow explains how.

Spotify launches an analytics platform for music publishers

On November 8, it was announced that the streaming service Spotify has launched an analytics service for music publishers.

If you’re at IoT World Congress you’ll want to read this

Planning to attend IoT World Congress 2018, in Barcelona? Good choice. It’s a unique opportunity to learn from IoT experts, network with industry pros, and experience some of the newest IoT solutions first-hand.

New platform improves software development analytics

London - The company Electric Cloud has released the platform ElectricFlow DevOps Foresight. The system applies machine learning algorithms to the data generated by tool chains to develop a risk score metric.

How companies can prepare for digital transformation

Digital transformation is impacting every sector and business, and with all the guides being published it's easy to get lost. Here's a roundup of how experts think companies should be preparing for digital transformation.

Toronto is hosting a conference on Big Data and analytics

Toronto - The Canadian data industry convenes in downtown Toronto this week for the two-day Big Data Toronto 2018 Conference & Expo happening June 12 and 13.

Interview: Data with a location component is increasing in value Special

Modern marketers rely on data to better understand consumers and leverage insights, and as beacons, smartphones and connected devices become more prevalent. This means data with a location component is increasing in value. Santiago Giraldo explains more.

Confirmed: Salesforce is acquiring MuleSoft for $6.5 billion

Salesforce has officially announced it's acquiring data integration platform MuleSoft in a deal valued at $6.5 billion. MuleSoft provides tools for companies to connect their data sources with apps and devices in cross-cloud environments.

IBM evolves Watson to create intelligent enterprise assistant

IBM has announced it will transform its Watson computing platform into an intelligent assistant for enterprises. The company said it will deliver conversational interfaces that combine AI and the cloud, helping businesses "transform customer experiences."

LinkedIn adds new feature to let you 'ask for a referral'

LinkedIn is rolling out a new feature that lets jobseekers ask for referrals before submitting an application. The addition is intended to let users make better use of their network of professional connections by involving them in the application process.

Will business intelligence negate the need for data scientists?

A controversial study notes how Business Intelligence tools advance, giving rise to self-service analytics, is there still a need for data scientists? This is the context of improved algorithms that yield quicker and simpler results.

Construction needs to become data-driven for future success

To remain competitive and to be fit for the future, the construction sector needs to embrace data driven technologies. According to different analysts, this includes maximizing the potential of the Internet of Things.

Why user and entity behavior analytics matter

As employee numbers grow, an organisation's vulnerability to insider threats grows. A new report suggests businesses can protect themselves with user and entity behavior analytics.

Cisco expands Tetration analytics platform

Cisco has detailed changes coming to its Tetration data center analytics platform that will add additional cybersecurity tools and improved monitoring capabilities. Cisco is broadening the platform to provide visibility into entire datacentres.

Oracle unveils 'self-driving' automated cloud platform

Oracle has announced it will rollout autonomous functions across its entire cloud. Initially launched as a pilot database system last year, Oracle said businesses can reduce risk and accelerate innovation by getting predictive insights from the cloud.

Construction set for increased digital transformation by 2025

Considerable digital transformation is to beset the construction and building sectors by 2025, according to a new report. This is a path towards smart construction, involving digitalization, analytics, and smart assets.

Samsung offers 'retail-as-a-service' rentable IoT pop-up store

Samsung's announced a connected pop-up store solution that will be available for retailers to rent. Retailers will be able to hire a "Connected Space" when they want a pop-up brick-and-mortar location "infused" with data collection and analysis functions.

Rooting out corporate toxicity by advanced analytics: Interview Special

The company Visier helps customers to root out ‘corporate toxicity’ using advanced analytics. To discover what this entails and what more companies can do to protect their online presence, Digital journal spoke with John Schwarz.

Interview: Mining companies use data analytics to beat corruption Special

"The proliferation of technology over the past several years has been a huge boon to companies fighting corruption," said business advisory firm BDO to Digital Journal. Mining companies are using cloud data analytics to turn the tide against corruption.

HP insists it didn't install spyware on personal PCs

HP has responded to allegations it has silently installed spyware on its consumer PCs. The company is accused of sneaking a telemetry client onto computers in a software update. It's said to make the system sluggish by continually occupying the processor.

Accenture partners with 1QBit to help create quantum analytics

Accenture has announced an undisclosed minority investment and strategic alliance with quantum computing company 1QBit through its Ventures arm. It expects the partnership to help it "expand its capabilities" in quantum computing analytics.

Google Analytics aids workplace recruitment

Human resources professionals are making use of Google Analytics as a tool for recruitment. This is a reflection of the majority of hiring now being via digital channels and the need for employers to reflect the needs of potential hires.

Salesforce and Google unite to help enterprises unlock their data

Salesforce and Google have announced a new joint partnership intended to help customers utilise the cloud in their business. The firms have integrated several of their products together, creating new "collaborative experiences" for companies in the cloud.

Apple and GE partnership puts industrial IoT on the iPhone

Apple and GE have announced a partnership that will see GE's Predix industrial IoT platform land on iOS. Developers will be able to build industrial IoT services that can run on the iPhone and iPad, offering a way to access analytics from iOS devices.

Survey shows retailers are underutilizing their location data

The company CARTO has announced the findings of its “State of Location Intelligence” survey. The survey polled midsize to large enterprises about their use (or otherwise) of locations analytics software.

Ford invests in start-up to create open-source mobility platform

Ford has invested in Silicon Valley start-up firm Autonomic Inc. The company's software provides services useful to autonomous ride-hailing businesses, including networked data streams between vehicles and operators. Ford will build open-source services.

Growth seen in advanced metering infrastructure in U.S.

Advanced metering infrastructure can be defined as a collective network of smart meters, communication networks, and data management systems that can help customers, utilities and third-party providers to manage electricity usage in an efficient manner.

Advances in AI will aid in autonomous industrial inspections

Avitas Systems has partnered with Nvidia to use artificial intelligence, drones and analytics to improve inspections of industrial infrastructure such as power lines, oil rigs and other sites.
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