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Amputee News

Hand-made tale: Indian amputee's new lower limbs adapt to her body

New Delhi - When amputee Shreya Siddanagowder was offered new hands, the Indian student didn't hesitate -- even though they were big, dark and hairy, and once belonged to a man.

Smart artificial hand developed for amputees

A new smart artificial hand developed for amputees merges user and robotic control to improve movement, control and sensation. This forms part of the emerging field of neuroprosthetic technology.

Dust-sized sensors are the latest in health technology

As health technology advances, it's also getting smaller and more sophisticated. The latest biosensors are no larger than a speck of dust and they hold the potential to a range of life-enhancing possibilities.

Bionic fingertip implant success

Advances in prosthetic touch resolution will allow an amputee to feel smoothness and roughness in real-time, thanks to an artificial fingertip.

Teen amputee saves, bonds with three-legged stray dog

Gainesville - A Florida teenager who lost his leg due to an ATV accident has found a new best friend, a Dachshund who also happens to be an amputee due to a vehicle accident.

VIDEO: Double amputee puppy newest GoPro star

Vancouver - A Vancouver Washington puppy refuses to let the double amputation of his hind legs get in his way of living life to the fullest.

Kayden Elijah Kinckle has 'got it' as he learns to walk (Video)

Back in January, little two-year-old Kayden Elijah Kinckle had his right foot and left leg amputated. He may have lost those limbs, but he certainly hasn't lost his spirit, as he learns to walk with his new prosthetics.

Amputee is given a bionic hand (video)

Dennis Aabo Sørensen, a patient with an amputated lower arm, has been given an artificial limb that enables him to grasp at an object and feel it as though he was using his real hand.

Time-lapse video: Amputee woman builds prosthetic leg out of LEGO

The time-lapse video documents how Christina Stephens, an amputee, taking inspiration from the "leg" in "Lego," builds herself a prosthetic leg out of LEGO bricks.

Video: 'Terminator-like hand' in use turns sci-fi into reality

Metal worker Nigel Ackland, who lost his right forearm in an accident, demonstrates his "Terminator-like" replacement. From the video, it seemingly functions like an actual arm.

Houston cop shoots double-amputee in wheelchair

Houston - In an incident outside of a group home in Houston, a police officer shot and killed a wheelchair bound, double-amputee after the man threatened his partner.

Houston police shoot and kill double amputee armed with a pen

Houston - A Houston police officer shot and killed a man in a wheelchair, missing an arm and a leg, when he allegedly threatened people with a pen.

Shark attack victim Craig Hutto receives faster bionic leg

Panama City - Over six years ago while on vacation at Cape Sand Blas, about 50 miles southeast of Panama City, Florida, Craig Hutto, then aged 16, was fishing in waist-deep water about 60 feet from shore with his brother when he was attacked by a bull shark.

Amputee plays flawless piano recital with toes for TV talent show

A young Chinese man stunned the judges and audience of the China's Got Talent television show when he played the piano, using only his toes.

Doctor alleged to have fitted wrong prosthetic foot on amputee

Edinburgh - A city doctor faces being struck off after it's alleged he fitted the wrong prosthetic foot on an amputee. He also failed to notice his error on two separate occasions within seven months.

Double amputee Oscar Pistorius fails to qualify for Beijing Olympics narrowly

Double-amputee Oscar Pistorius will not be competing at the Beijing Olympics after he failed to qualify in the 400m event narrowly. Later, South African federation opted not to include the 'blade runner' in the Olympics relay squad.

Scientists Restore Nerve Sensation in Amputees

Amputees may soon be able to regain the sense of touch and temperature in their “phantom” limbs, a new innovative surgery promises. In the future, artificial limbs may not be so different from regular limbs in terms of sensation.

It May be Possible for Amputees to Feel Through Prosthetic Limbs

Ground breaking surgery performed by a team of U.S. scientists has successfully rehabilitated a sensation of feeling in the prosthetic arms of two patients by rerouting their nerves.

Amputee Soldiers Return to Duty

The Army used to give a quick discharge to the severely wounded, but since the Iraq war began, the Army has been holding on to amputees.

Double amputee jailed over English high-speed car chase

Is this guy crazy or does he just have big brass ones?

Neural Engineering Gives New Life to Amputees

In a pioneering procedure called muscle reinnervation, nerves from one part of an amputee's body are transplanted to his (her) chest where they are connected to healthy tissue.

Fixing Phantom Limbs With Virtual Reality

Amputees suffering from phantom limb pain could be helped by a virtual reality system being developed by scientists at the University of Manchester.

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