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Amish News

Ohio judge ends oversight in chemo fight of Amish girl

An Ohio judge ended court efforts to force chemotherapy on an Amish girl and formally freed her from court-ordered guardianship.The girl along with her parents had fled the country to Mexico to seek alternative treatment.

Amish girls abducted with intent to 'victimize'

New York - A US couple arrested and charged with kidnapping two Amish sisters intended to "victimize" the girls after snatching them from their roadside produce stand, authorities said Saturday.

Amber Alert issued for two missing Amish girls in New York

Oswegatchie - Earlier today police reported that they have received numerous leads regarding the abduction of two Amish girls at a roadside stand in northern New York, near the Canadian border. Searchers have scoured the countryside in an effort to find the girls.

Amish leader and 15 others found guilty of hate crimes

Cleveland - Sam Mullet, Sr, the leader of an Amish breakaway group in Ohio, and 15 of his followers, were found guilty of hate crimes for forcibly cutting the beards and hair of members of their own faith.

Review: Amish — A Secret Life Special

There are a quarter of a million Amish living in the United States; in this one-hour documentary, a BBC team films one family close up in defiance of the strict Amish code against photography and filming.

Amish men sent to prison for not paying buggy fines

Mayfield - Earlier this week an Amish man was convicted of failing to place a red-orange slow-moving vehicle triangle on his horse-drawn buggy on a Mayfield, Ky. road.

Ohio man cleaning gun killed Amish girl found in buggy

Fredericksburg - The shooting of a 15-year-old Amish girl who was driving a horse-drawn buggy appears to be accidental, say police. A man came forward and admitted to shooting his muzzle-loader into the air when cleaning it at the time she was struck by the stray bullet.

Op-Ed: Amish accused of hate crimes

A rural Amish community in Southern Ohio has been shaken to its core after seven members of a breakaway sect were arrested for hate crimes.

Amish cult community may commit mass suicide, former member warns

Bergholz - A former member of the Amish Bergholz Clan is warning that if something is not done in time the Amish community in Bergholz may end up like Jim Jones' Peoples Temple which committed mass suicide in Jonestown Guyana, 1978.

Trucker charged with murder after fatal Amish buggy accident

A three-year-old was killed and three members of her family injured after their horse and buggy was hit by a tractor-trailer truck. One of the horses also died.

FDA recall of Amish Wedding Foods butter products Special

Millersburg - A traditional Amish wedding involves food preparation that starts a year before the wedding. Only their very best recipes are on the reception table, hence the name Amish Wedding. Today their very best recipes prepared up to a year ago are being recalled.

Amish are surprise champions of solar technology

In Holmes County Ohio, nearly 80% of Amish use solar energy power.

Children arrive to begin studies at new Amish school

Remember the horrible attack on the Amish school that happened? They return to a new school, and a new start.

N.Y. Amish Man Robbed At Gunpoint

Why won't people leave the Amish alone? And what would you really get from a poor Amish guy. two men armed with a .50 caliber muzzle-loading rifle held up an Amish buggy driver and made off with a pipe, tobacco and flashlight.

Leaving the Amish Life Behind

Apple Creek, Ohio, USA - (voa) - The choice between living the rustic Amish lifestyle, or joining the fast-paced, convenient modern world, has always been an option for Amish teens. Many continue to embrace the security of their strict communities, whe...

Amish Oppose Marking Their Carriages

WASHINGTON (dpa) - Amish man Jonas Swartzentruber spent three days in Ebensburg city jail in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. His crime was a simple: He refused to label his carriage with the reflective orange triangle required for all slow-moving ve...

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Amish Wedding Foods are well known for their taste and exceptional quality and are widely distribute...
Amish Wedding Foods are well known for their taste and exceptional quality and are widely distributed.
Amish Wedding Foods
An Amish buggy in Lancaster County.
An Amish buggy in Lancaster County.
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