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Left and right like Canada, Mexican food (and not much else) Special

Brooklyn - Americans are increasingly distrustful of brands and the companies that produce them. But to restore consumer confidence companies may need to take politics into account – and that’s tricky.

Op-Ed: Trump's campaign is the monster created by an irresponsible media

The rise of Donald Trump as the Republican front-runner has frightened the political establishment along with many voters and it was all made possible by the media's need for ratings over their journalistic duty.

Op-Ed: Presidential Primary is reminiscent of California's 2003 Recall

The 2016 Presidential Primary has attracted a diverse crowd of candidates who are either focusing on the issues that affect Americans or seeking their 15 minutes of fame.

Op-Ed: The Quixotic John Boehner

In an era of austerity and budget cuts the dreams of every politician are reduced to the reality of governing for the survivability of their constituency and not for their own self interests.

Op-Ed: Saving the American Dream Means Letting it Die

As we enter a new age of thinking, it seems as though the ideals of the American Dream are stuck in antiquity. It is these residual industrialist ideals that keep people hanging on to the old world while being left behind by the new.

Op-Ed: Democracy — What’s in it for consumers?

The recent Drama Queen Shootout at the Less Than OK Corral in Washington could not be described as any form of democracy. The public’s best interests weren’t mentioned. At best, a vague reference to “the economy” was about as close as it got.

Op-Ed: US Default on Debt? What's the Problem?

Washington - While headlines about the U. S. default on August 2 tops all the reporting, I find no concrete statements about what the real consequences might be, concluding -- most likely -- this is a thin veil, a veneer, a front of little consequence on main street.

Op-Ed: 2037 — The democrats' new Social Security lock box

Social Security insolvency: It's not as bad as you've heard... it's worse... and democrats are working hard to find a way to blame the collapse on Republicans.

Op-Ed: If Obama is in danger, it's not just a black thing

Several weeks ago, the sight of Obama during his victory speech encased in bulletproof glass was a cold reminder that U.S. President has never been the safest of jobs. But why might Obama be particularly at risk?

Op-Ed: This poor maimed thing called America

It looks in the mirror and sees an enemy. It talks to itself but will not listen. Where one foot leads, the other refuses to follow. It’s blind in one eye or the other, depending on point of view. Both nostrils smell something and blame the other.

Op-Ed: Senator Reid and Big Feet

As the political footballs of 2007 are set aside and new political footballs are formulated, Senator Harry Reid gives a hint of what is to come...more of the same of the failed DNC Double Standard tactics. There are many eagerly awaiting the new games.

Op-Ed: Depolarizing America - Grass roots religious right rethinks endorsements

Polarization is the current curse of US politics. The endorsement of Rudi Giuliani by conservative icon Pat Robertson got a lot of attention. But the religious right is no longer the monolith it was, and some middle ground is showing at last.

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