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American airlines News

American Airlines customers can stream Apple Music for free

On January 30, it was announced that American Airline customers can access Apple Music for free in-flight. It is evident that music and entertainment on the airline is getting better now.

American Airlines looks to the IBM Cloud to end travel hell

The airline is starting to move its online services to IBM's cloud network, beginning with its website, apps and airport kiosks, as well as a handful of internal processes.

Near 120 degree temperatures ground some flights in Arizona

Phoenix - Quite a number of regional flights out of Phoenix on Tuesday were grounded, as extreme heat, which is expected to last into the weekend, kept some planes on the runway.

Man struck on head by flying beverage cart sues American Airlines

White Plains - A passenger launched a lawsuit against American Airlines for injuries suffered after his head was struck by an unsecured beverage cart. Rather than make an emergency landing to treat his injuries, the flight continued to its destination.

American Airlines accused of racism in woman's seat downgrade

A black woman, who was travelling with her white friend, is accusing American Airlines of racial discrimination after she was bumped from first-class. The airline has apologized but said the decision to downgrade her seat was not based on her race.

Man required to sit next to two obese men sues American Airlines

An Australian man is suing American Airlines for $100,000, alleging being forced to sit next to two obese men on a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles aggravated his existing health problems. He also claims the flight crew would not let him change seats.

Flight attendant accused of hitting passenger with baby stroller

San Francisco - An American Airlines flight attendant is accused of violently taking a stroller from a woman, striking her and almost hitting her baby. After confronted by a male passenger, the flight attended dared the man to hit him.

Some Americans willing to pay more, travel longer to avoid United

The results of a poll is not good news for United Airlines. Taken in the wake of Dr. David Dao being seen physically removed from a plane show a significant number of people would choose another airline even if the flight was more expensive and longer.

Korean man sues American Airlines for discrimination in bumping

After a 69-year-old doctor forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight because the airlines needed his seat for a crew member, a Korean pastor has launched a lawsuit against American Airlines alleging discrimination in being bumped from a flight.

Engine cover falls off on take off in Arizona, plane has to land

Phoenix - An American Airlines flight bound for San Francisco from Phoenix, Arizona on Monday, had to make an emergency landing after part of an engine cover came off as the plane was ascending.

FBI: Flight attendant set fire on plane in order to find it

Detroit - It is alleged a flight attendant set a fire in a washroom of an aircraft in flight so he would be able to discover it and put it out. The plane was forced to make an emergency landing.

7 passengers injured, plane makes emergency landing in St. John's

St. John's - An American Airlines flight from Miami to Milan was forced to make an emergency landing in St. John's, N.L. after encountering severe turbulence. Seven people, passengers and members of the flight crew, sustained injuries.

Op-Ed: Black Monday's 28th anniversary

Twenty-eight years ago Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average crashed; a one day loss of 508 points, or 22.6 percent, down to 1,738 on what is now referred to as Black Monday. It was by far the largest one-day percentage drop in US stock market history.

Op-Ed: This week, companies begin reporting third quarter results

Tomorrow afternoon the Fed will release the minutes of their September FOMC meeting where the Fed did not raise interest rates. That decision has been described as a close call. Tomorrow we’ll get a better idea just how close.

American Airlines accidentally flew the wrong plane to Hawaii

Los Angeles - Last month, American Airlines violated Federal Aviation Administration regulations when it accidentally flew the wrong plane from Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Airline screwup ruins vacation and leaves family stranded

American Airlines and U.S. Airways merged, but their reservation systems are not yet integrated. One unlucky family got caught in the middle and it ruined their dream vacation.

Op-Ed: American Airlines shows companies can avoid laying off workers

American Airlines' recent decision to avoid laying off 400 employees at two maintenance facilities shows companies can adopt flexible plans that keep its workers employed.

American Airlines will add more seats to its planes

American Airlines released a statement announcing that it has plans to add more seats to many of its planes' coach sections.

Woman singing Whitney Houston songs escorted off AA flight

Los Angeles - An American Airlines flight on its way to to New York from Los Angeles was forced to land in Kansas City when a female passenger refused to stop singing Whitney Houston songs.

Woman, belting out Whitney Houston song, forces emergency landing

An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing Thursday after a passenger refused to stop singing Whitney Houston's hit song, "I Will Always Love You.”

Changing your American Airlines or Delta flight? That'll be $200

The next time you think about changing your flight, get ready for your wallet to take a hit. Especially if you are booked on American Airlines or Delta.

American Airlines reservation system glitches, flights grounded

An American Airlines computer system went down on Tuesday which affected travel. All flights were grounded until the issue is fixed.

Op-Ed: Apple Airline — The Only Way To Fly?

I think Mr. Jobs would strongly consider purchasing American Airlines from creditors through the bankruptcy court and reinvent commercial aviation travel.

American Airlines flight attendant goes berserk

Dallas - An American Airlines flight attendant terrifies passengers en route from Dallas Ft. Worth to Chicago. Plane returns to the gate and resumes with new crew after she's taken off the flight by police. Questions raised about mental screening of crews.

American Airlines attendant disrupts flight

Dallas - An American Airlines flight was delayed and sent back to the gate at Dallas/Fort Worth airport today after a flight attendant ranted over the PA system and had to be restrained by passengers and crew.

American Airlines cutting 13,000 jobs as cost-saving measure

New York - American Airlines has confirmed to its unions Wednesday that it is cutting 13,000 jobs from its workforce of 88,000. The No. 3 airline in the United States is conducting cost-saving measures to emerge from bankruptcy.

Alec Baldwin bashes Greyhound — CEO invites actor for a ride

After being kicked off from an airline flight Tuesday, Alec Baldwin seems to have some problems with traveling in public transportation these days.

Alec Baldwin thrown off American Airlines plane

Los Angeles - A crew member who dealt with Alec Baldwin before he was thrown off the American Airlines plane at LAX described his behaviour as "violent, abusive and aggressive."

Passenger died after eating in-flight meal, family sues airline

Miami - The family of a man who died after eating an in-flight meal has initiated a lawsuit saying the food was contaminated with bacteria which resulted in the death of their loved one and that the airline was negligent in how the situation was handled.

American Airlines parent files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection

After months of speculated rumours, AMR Corporation has put through a claim in the United States for bankruptcy protection under the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Code. American Airlines is assuring its customers it's business as usual during this reorganization.
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American Airlines Boeing 767
American Airlines Boeing 767
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American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82 landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
American Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-82 landing at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.
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Bombardier CRJ American Eagle
Bombardier CRJ American Eagle
An American Airline s jet are taking off from McCarran international airport Las Vegas NV
An American Airline's jet are taking off from McCarran international airport Las Vegas NV
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