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Star-Spangled Trivia

Let’s face it America has it all: baseball, apple pie, and Mom! But how much do you really know about our great country? Try this road trip-ready quiz!!

Op-Ed: Another American detained. What isn't 'rash' by DPRK standards?

Pyongyang - Another American is detained on equally stupifying reasons as the other two. The US is trying to get them out, but how effective can negotiations really be?

Op-Ed: One more girl: 13-year-old American injured by the HPV vaccine Special

Thirteen-year-old Skylee Butler's life has not been the same since receiving the Human papillomavirus or HPV vaccine in Massachusetts last August.

Thousands of American retail stores closing in the United States

Retail experts are projecting that the pace of store closings will accelerate over the course of the next decade. Just last week American retail chain Radio Shack announced that it was going to close more than 1,000 stores.

Rock group Kiss tackles tricky spectacle of indoor football

Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley of the rock band Kiss put down their instruments, wiped away the face paint and unveiled their own arena football franchise on Monday, promising to pair the niche...

American Air flight attendants pact on union representation

Flight attendants at US Airways, which merged with AMR Corp late last year to form American Airlines Group <AAL.O>, on Friday approved an agreement to change their union at the merged company.

American Eagle says parent to seek other carriers to fly new jets

American Airlines Group will start looking for other regional carriers to operate new regional jets from Embraer after pilot union leaders at the carrier's American Eagle Airlines unit on Wednesday rejected a proposed labor contract, the pr...

American Airlines gets JFK slots in swap with JetBlue Airways

American Airlines Group <AAL.O> has gained control of 24 takeoff and landing rights at New York's John F.

American imprisoned in United Arab Emirates for YouTube video

Abu Dhabi - On Monday, Shezanne Cassim, a U.S. citizen working in the United Arab Emirates as an aviation business consultant, was sentenced to one year in prison and a fine of 10,000 UAE dirhams (about $2,700) for posting a spoof video on YouTube.

American Music Awards go on for some reason

Los Angeles - For many, when it comes to the American Music Awards, it is a big night for music. For many others, it begs the question, why?

85-year-old Korean war vet detained in North Korea

Now that the State Department has relaxed some of its previous travel restrictions, the prospect of visiting the once forbidden land of North Korea has tempted many an adventurer. For Korean War veteran Merrill Newman, it was the chance of a lifetime.

Op-Ed: Still proud to be an American

All the bickering, backstabbing, and bushwhacking going on up on Capitol Hill has bothered me more than ever before. Maybe it is my age.

American Music Awards nominations revealed

The American Music Awards were announced this morning (Oct. 10). Kelly Clarkson and did the honors via a live stream on "Good Morning America."

American jihadi killed by al-Shabab in Somalia

An American militant who went by the name of Abu Mansoor al-Amriki was today gunned down by gunmen belonging to the al-Shabab organisation.

American man fined for swallowing toe in Canadian bar

Dawson City - An American man was fined $500 Saturday, August 24 after he swallowed a human toe belonging to the Yukon, a Canadian bar.

American tourist accidentally breaks 600-year-old statue in Italy

Florence - An unnamed American man was reportedly trying to measure the finger of a priceless 14th century sculpture's finger when he accidentally snapped the digit off.

Israeli co-ed unit possible example for new U.S. military policy Special

Recently, the United States military rescinded a policy restricting women to non-combat roles. The move, instigated by then-U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta, was partially an acknowledgment that many women are already working in combat zones.

Thousands of smitten American girls want Dzhokhar Tsarnaev freed

Thousands of girls across the United States are crushing on Dzhokhar “Jahar” Tsarnaev, 19, the Boston Marathon bomber, and have been on social media sites proclaiming his innocence.

American female secretary is an African king

Around 4 in the morning, she received the call: She is the king of Otuam, Ghana. Now she lives in America while ruling Otuam in Africa.

American man makes an igloo as a 'man cave'

A man and his group of friends decided to make a man cave. However, the men did not build an indoor man cave, instead they made one out of ice.

Op-Ed: Canada-China corporate rights pact needs debate says Maude Barlow Special

Calgary - The NEXEN takeover by China National Offshore Oil Corp has been given a 30 day extension and may be extended again as opposition continues to grow from all factions with the exception of investors and the energy sector.

U.S. soldier who opposed Iraq war arrested, deported from Canada

An American soldier who moved to Canada to avoid the Iraq war has been arrested at the border after following a deportation order.

US Pediatricians say circumcision benefits outweigh the risks

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is now saying the health benefits of circumcision outweigh any risks from the procedure and even suggested it be covered by insurance.

Rescue mission in Antarctica a success thanks to good weather

The medical rescue of an American working in Antarctica is being hailed a success after good weather allowed a plane to land on an ice runway at McMurdo Station.

Mystery surrounds deaths of Canadian/American women in Vietnam

An investigation is underway after a Canadian and an American woman travelling together in Vietnam both died mysteriously.

Bettye LaVette sings pure soul Special

Bettye LaVette has one of the most passionate voices in all of popular music. The award-winning, much-celebrated singer brings her soulful sound to the Toronto Jazz Festival on June 24th.

Eight U.S. citizens died in Nigerian Dana Air plane crash

Lagos - The Dana Air commercial aircraft that crashed at Iju-Ishaga, Lagos had eight U.S. citizens on board. According to Dana Air officials, the pilot was a U.S. citizen. Also on board the plane were seven other U.S. citizens.

Muslim American claims detention and torture by FBI

Naturalized U.S. citizen Yonas Fikre claims that he was detained in the United Arab Emirates last year and was tortured by FBI agents.

John Wayne still on list of favorite actors

For years, the Harris Poll has been asking Americans who their favorite actor is. With that comes the list. On this list over the years seems to be a man who the public still loves and admires.

One in seven American drivers are uninsured

The odds of having an accident involving an uninsured driver continue to rise as new data released by the Insurance Research Council (IRC) found that approximately one in seven motorists on the nation's highways are driving without insurance.
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Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain - Louisiana Sizzling Hot Shrimp.
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain - Louisiana Sizzling Hot Shrimp.
Café Yanx
Social Security Administration
Photo of cover of Death & Life of American Journalism by Robert McChesney and John Nichols.
Photo of cover of Death & Life of American Journalism by Robert McChesney and John Nichols.
Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain. Sausage  Egg  Bacon triple breakfast sandwich.
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain. Sausage, Egg, Bacon triple breakfast sandwich.
Café Yanx
Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain.  Smoked Baby Back Ribs -
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain. Smoked Baby Back Ribs -
Café Yanx
Military Soldiers stationed in Afganistan.
Military Soldiers stationed in Afganistan.
Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain  Smoked Baby Back Ribs.
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain, Smoked Baby Back Ribs.
Café Yanx
Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain - Breakfast pancakes.
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain - Breakfast pancakes.
Café Yanx
Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain - Chilli nachos.
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain - Chilli nachos.
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A nice shot of the North American Harvard trainer.
A nice shot of the North American Harvard trainer.
GIANT: Credit Suisse headquarters at Paradeplatz in Zurich  Switzerland.
GIANT: Credit Suisse headquarters at Paradeplatz in Zurich, Switzerland.
Roland zh/Wikimedia Commons
Tears for a fellow soldier
Tears for a fellow soldier
Here with You- American Soldier Dedication
Group of people and American flag.
Group of people and American flag.
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An Asian American
An Asian American
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Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain.  Double Chocolate Cheesecake.
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain. Double Chocolate Cheesecake.
Café Yanx
This blog  used as a source in the story  was forced from Blogger. The info published has a definite...
This blog, used as a source in the story, was forced from Blogger. The info published has a definite slant. I might use it for leads but I would then do a personal follow-up.
Edgar Jones
Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain.  Lox and bagels.
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain. Lox and bagels.
Café Yanx
Café Yanx - Marbella  Spain
Café Yanx - Marbella, Spain
Café Yanx


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