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Microsoft confirms update bricks AMD PCs, causes slowdowns

Microsoft has withdrawn its patch for the Meltdown and Spectre processor flaws after admitting AMD PCs have been left unusable by the update. Certain devices with AMD CPUs will be blocked from installing the update, leaving them at risk.

AMD announces new low-cost graphics cards for budget gaming PCs

AMD has today announced a new generation of graphics cards that continue the company's recent focus on value-for-money gaming performance. The Radeon RX 500 series are priced lower than the competition but still offer ample power for most games.

AMD unveils new set of Ryzen processors for mainstream users

AMD has officially announced its new range of Ryzen 5 CPUs. The gaming-oriented chips are designed to undercut Intel's rival offerings by offering comparable performance at a much lower price, bringing competition back to PC components.

Michael Fassbender is the perfect AI companion Special

Fox releases new short to accompany its recent trailer for ‘Alien Covenant’, introducing audiences to Michael Fassbender’s Walter.

AMD's new processors are faster than Intel's, half the price

AMD has unveiled its next-generation line of processors, known as Ryzen. Anticipated for years and marking AMD's return to competitive performance-focused CPUs, Ryzen could be highly disruptive. The chips are faster and cheaper than Intel's rival line-up.

Report: Future Intel processors could feature AMD graphics

Intel has struck an unusual deal with rival AMD, according to reports circulating online. The company may be planning to integrate AMD's superior graphics technology into its own processors. If true, the arrangement could prove to be mutually beneficial.

AMD's RX 480 is a $200 graphics card to make VR affordable

AMD has given the world its first look at its new series of graphics cards based on its Polaris architecture. The range is led by the Radeon RX 480, a card capable of playing virtual reality games for just $199, offering exceptional value for money.

Windows 10 coming in July, says AMD's CEO

Every now and again you get a massive leak in the technology world that doesn't originate from a buried forum but rather a reputable public figure. In one of these incidents, processor manufacturer AMD's CEO just let slip the release date of Windows 10.

World's first telescopic contact lens developed

A team of researchers have created the world's first telescopic contact lens. The "bionic" eye lens gives users "superman" powers to zoom vision 2.8x on points of special interest in their field of vision, like birds of prey, such as the eagle.

Study: Regular aspirin use more likely to cause blindness?

Sydney - New Australian research has found that people who take aspirin regularly, such as those with heart problems, may be more likely to develop a form of blindness called 'wet' age-related macular degeneration (wet AMD) than those who do not.

Op-Ed: Intel, Stop Acting Like a 6-Year-Old

What has happened to the value of winning fair and square? More often we see huge companies, giants of industry, achieving their success by employing strategies we see in the average 6-year-old. To those companies who would stoop so low, I say, "Grow up!"

Intel unveils new chip design to out-rival AMD

Intel Corp unveils a new chip design to challenge Advanced Micro Devices Inc. once again, as the rivalry between the two computer chip makers continues.

AMD banking on China in competition with Intel

The occasionally fashionable “other” chip maker, AMD, reports a surge in revenue and staff numbers in its Chinese operations. Chinese domestic PC makers are turning to AMD, in a reversal of previous buying behavior.

Chip maker AMD in financial trouble

Advanced Micro Devices finds itself financially wounded from price war with its competitor Intel.

AMD takes the lead

AMD launched its first quad-core processor

AMD Launches New Quad Core Platform for Gaming Enthusiasts

Following Intel’s trend, Advanced Micro Devices has recently announced the introduction of their most powerful processor by now, the FX-70.

AMD Spins Up 65nm Production in 2006

Following AMD’s Fusion remarks this morning, AMD focused on their changing process announcing that they would certainly transition to 65nm in 2006 with full product conversion in 2007.

AMD Launches "Stream Processor" Accelerator Board

AMD today introduced what it calls the world's first dedicated stream processor.

AMD reveals it's future plans

In an interview, AMD's CTO reveals their future plans.

AMD talks about processor shortages

Over the last few weeks, reports of AMD processor shortages have run rampant.

AMD + APPLE = !!!!

AMD ships graphics card for older Macs

Gateway's Servers Powered BY AMD

Gateway has followed Dell and is now offering servers that are powered by AMD.

Excellent Overview of NUMA

A good introduction to non uniform memory access pros/cons for developers. It should be interesting to see Intel's solution (if they ever come up with one that works) or if they will end up licensing AMD's Hypertransport.

Dell's AMD laptop

We wouldn't exactly call it a torrent of AMD-based laptops from previously Intel-faithful Dell, but it's at least a start.

Watch Out Intel: AMD Just Bought Graphics Giant ATI

Digital Journal — Look out, Intel. Your rival just got a whole lot bigger. PC chip maker Advanced Micro Devices will buy ATI, a developer of graphic chips based in Markham, Ontario, in a deal valued at $5.4 billion (US). Expect a massive shift of ma..

AMD Unveils New Athlon XP Processor

SUNNYVALE, CA - AMD unveiled new Athlon XP processor considered to be the world's highest-performance processor for high-performance desktop computers. The AMD Athlon XP processor features the new, patented QuantiSpeed architecture, which delivers ...

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AMD Ryzen launch motherboards and coolers
AMD Ryzen launch motherboards and coolers
AMD Polaris architecture will make graphics cards more efficient
AMD Polaris architecture will make graphics cards more efficient
AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen
AMD Ryzen

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