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Ambulance News

Virus crisis eases but no let-up for Spain's ambulances

Sabadell - Jordi Rodriguez drives the ambulance across the city at top speed as his colleagues in the back start putting on their protective gear.

Patients die as Manila traffic jams block ambulances

Manila - Gridlock in Manila is costing lives as ambulances stuck in traffic face severe delays in the race against the clock to reach the city's hospitals, medics warn.

Automation of hospital services using cloud based technology

Data reviewed by Acuity Link found that the typical time it takes to book a non-emergency transport was up to 14 minutes per call; following this a patient, on average, is required to have to wait over one hour to be transported.

New medical app aims to fetch help for patients

London - An experimental digital app tries to fetch medical help before cardiac arrest kills the person who owns a smartphone or tablet.

Annual West Point pillow fight turns bloody, 30 cadets injured

A pillow fight that has been part of a West Point tradition turned bloody when cadets swung pillowcases stuffed with helmets and other hard objects at each other. Thirty cadets were injured, including 24 who suffered concussions.

Ambulance driver run over by his own ambulance

Pittsburgh - An ambulance driver in East Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been run over by his own ambulance, after the vehicle was left in gear at a crash scene.

Arrested for using an ambulance as a taxi cab

Ambulances are used to transport people to the hospital due to an emergency, but a woman in South Carolina has been using the ambulance as a taxi for the past seven years.

Video: Woman runs over husband's lover, strips to stop ambulance

Shandong - A Chinese woman was so enraged her husband was having an affair that she ran over his lover and her daughter, then stood guard to stop anyone giving them first aid. She later stripped naked and blocked the path of the their ambulance.

Man rings 999 service to inform them he's out of toilet paper

In an attempt to make people aware of the indirect dangers that can result from prank calls to emergency services, the bosses of the South Western Ambulance Service have released a prank call from a man who informed them he was out of toilet paper.

Naked man killed on freeway after jumping from ambulance

Tustin - A California man jumped out of a moving ambulance Friday afternoon as it traveled on Interstate 5 through Orange County. He was killed after being hit by a truck.

Three dead and many injured in Sydney care home fire

Sydney - At least three elderly people have been killed following a fire at a care home in Sydney in the early hours of the morning.

Soldiers open fire on civilians, ambulances, surround hospital

Manama - Martial law announced as doctors confirm hundreds of injuries. Ambulances have been targeted and seized as government forces and foreign troops attempt to break up protests and vigilante roadblocks.

Paramedic goes shopping while ambulance waits

Cardiff - A UK female paramedic who was available for an emergency call did not report to her durties and instead parked her ambulance to go shopping.

Technician who refused to attend fatal 999 call will keep his job

Tomintoul - The UK ambulance technician who was at the centre of an investigation at the end of last year after he refused to interrupt his tea break to attend a 999 call has found out that he can keep his job.

Taxi driver charged for moving ambulance

Eastbourne - A motorist whose car was blocked by an ambulance decided to move the vehicle out of his way. This meant that when emergency workers preparing to take an ill baby to hospital headed for the ambulance, they were faced with empty space.

New York man blows arm off with fireworks

Islip Terrace - An Islip Terrace man has been hospitalized at Southside Hospital tonight after blowing his arm off his body in a horrific accident. The man took a direct hit from a mortar he was launching. Friends packed his arm in ice for the trip to the ER said police.

Man killed when bomb explodes at West Virginia bar Special

Barboursville - A bomb exploded. killing a West Virginia man. Police detonated three more bombs found outside of the bar Cactus Joe's in Barboursville. Patrons are shocked by the incident in this small community and say the bomber was seeking revenge over breakup.

Ambulance ride from hell? Vehicle stolen with patient inside

It’s bad enough to be a patient in an ambulance, but having the vehicle stolen and taken for a joy ride around a parking lot can’t be too good for the patient’s well-being even if paramedics were along for the unwanted ride.

Woman Died After Ambulance Canceled Because of Welsh Pilot Program To Save Costs

A woman in Ceredigion, Wales died after a doctor canceled an ambulance as part of a pilot NHS scheme to cut medical costs.

Ambulanceman Took Meal Break Instead Of Helping A Dying Woman

A Scottish paramedic failed to stop a meal break to attend to a dying woman. He was within his rights to carry out his break, the BBC has learned today. The woman died two days later. The ambulance service in question has backed the paramedic

Could the Flying Car Become a Robotic Ambulance?

Could flying cars become robotic ambulances? Israel seem to think so and America is not far behind. A group of Israeli technological firms are working on it.

Britney Spears Taken Away In Ambulance

Britney Spears has been taken by ambulance to an undisclosed facility on Thursday at about 1 a.m. The ambulance was escorted by more than a dozen police officers and two helicopters. The 26 year old star was being taken to somewhere to "get help."

Protecting the Frontline: Why UK Ambulance Drivers Are at Risk of Being Attacked

We live in an increasingly dangerous world, so perhaps it's not surprising now that UK union bosses have demanded that it's about time that British Paramedics should be issued with stab proof vests

Italian senator calls ambulance to beat traffic

Gustavo Selvo, Italian Senator didn't want to be late for a TV interview, so he called an ambulance to go there quickly. He said to the emergency personnel that he had to see a heart specialist and gave the TV station address.

Man Falls From Speeding Ambulance Caught On Tape

In this pretty shocking video caught on a CCTV camera in a tunnel in Moscow, we see a man fall out of an ambulance

Navigation System Sends Ambulance 200 Miles Off Course

An ambulance crew, from London transferring a patient to the hospital, were sent 200 miles in the wrong direction by a faulty satellite navigation system.

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Ambulance Image

An Ornge ambulance helicopter in Ottawa
An Ornge ambulance helicopter in Ottawa
File photo of an ambulance.
File photo of an ambulance.
Spanish Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulance with reverse wording of  UVI MOVIL  ( mobile intensive care...
Spanish Mercedes-Benz Sprinter ambulance with reverse wording of "UVI MOVIL" ("mobile intensive care unit"): "LIVOM IVU".
Juan Pablo Amador Álvarez
EMT Jason Green  outside court in January  was shot and killed outside a Manhattan nightclub early S...
EMT Jason Green, outside court in January, was shot and killed outside a Manhattan nightclub early Sunday.
DelMundo for News
While less corrupt and more efficient societies move forward like sprinters  societies with high lev...
While less corrupt and more efficient societies move forward like sprinters, societies with high level of corruption are doomed to drag themselves, just as this 'human ambulance' is doing, carrying a patient on back in rugged terrain. Better societies would have well-built roads and automobile ambulances and even air ambulances.
File photo: NYC ambulance on street  April  2006.
File photo: NYC ambulance on street, April, 2006.
Eyeone/Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 2.5)
This map shows the location of the incident.
This map shows the location of the incident.
Google Maps
Jeffrey M. Vinocur (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Ambulance parked outside a hospital  London  U.K.
Ambulance parked outside a hospital, London, U.K.
Marriage or cohabitation may have benefits for surviving acute coronary syndrome.
Marriage or cohabitation may have benefits for surviving acute coronary syndrome.
Italian Ambulance - Fiat Ducato II facelift  with  AMBULANZA  in mirror writing ( AZNALUBMA )
Italian Ambulance - Fiat Ducato II facelift, with "AMBULANZA" in mirror writing ("AZNALUBMA")
Ambulances at depot
Ambulances at depot
Andrew Wood
An ambulance travelling through a London street.
An ambulance travelling through a London street.
Screen shot from video: Emergency personnel respond to shooting at Austrian school
Screen shot from video: Emergency personnel respond to shooting at Austrian school
International Business Times
An ambulance in London  September 2017.
An ambulance in London, September 2017.
Scottish Air Ambulance on the clifftop
Scottish Air Ambulance on the clifftop
Gordon Hatton

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