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'Parrot Heads' documentary soars to No. 1 on Amazon Special

Jimmy Buffett's fans, which are affectionately known as "Parrot Heads," are one of the most loyal fan-bases in contemporary music.

Amazon opens Echo smart speaker tech to every developer

Amazon has announced it's making the voice recognition tech inside its Alexa-powered Echo speaker available to developers building on the Alexa platform. It'll improve the voice input capabilities of third-party Alexa products, developing the ecosystem.

Amazon launches new FreeTime tools to help children online

Amazon has announced the launch of a new service built to give parents the confidence that their children are staying safe online. The company's new Parents Dashboard simplifies monitoring a child's Internet activity, showing what devices are used for.

Amazon to spend about $4.5 billion on its fight against Netflix

Amazon is set to spend a gargantuan ~$4.5 billion on video in 2017, according to analysts at J.P. Morgan, a figure that would put the internet giant much closer to rival Netflix than many industry observers thought.

Amazon is looking into virtual and augmented reality store spaces

Amazon is looking to use cutting edge AR and VR technology to revitalize the physical retail environment. With all sorts of physical store space projects on the go, the ecommerce company thinks virtual and augmented reality could help out in a big way.

Amazon typo took the Internet down on Tuesday

Amazon has revealed the cause of a service outage to its Web Services cloud platform earlier this week. The problem caused many major websites and apps to be inaccessible for a short time. The company blamed human error, citing a typo as the root cause.

Amazon is going to train veterans for jobs in tech

As part of the Joining Forces initiative, Amazon will go through with its plans to train thousands of veterans for jobs in the tech industry.

Amazon to create 100,000 jobs in U.S. by 2018

Over the next 18 months, Amazon has plans to create 100,000 full-time jobs in the United States, which will include full benefits.

Amazon will soon start accepting food stamps

Starting this summer, Amazon will start accepting food stamps from the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program. Seven other online food retailers will start accepting SNAP, too.

US prosecutors ask Alexa: whodunit?

Miami - Amazon's connected personal assistant Alexa may have witnessed a murder. But will she talk?

Amazon is ready to flip the switch on utility-scale wind farm

Elizabeth City - The Amazon Wind Farm U.S. East, located on 22,000 acres of farmland near Elizabeth City, North Carolina, is the first utility-scale wind farm in the state and maybe the Southeast U.S. By the start of the New Year, it will be churning out electricity.

Police union demands Amazon to remove offensive BLM shirt

The largest police union in the United States has urged Amazon to remove a shirt that says "Bulletproof: Black Lives Matter".

Microsoft previews the first Cortana-powered Amazon Echo rival

Microsoft has announced a new Amazon Echo rival based on its Cortana digital assistant. As part of an expansion of Cortana's capabilities, Microsoft has partnered with audio company Harman Kardon to create a smart speaker with the assistant built-in.

Op-Ed: Amazon Go — No checkout shops

Seattle - The DIY version of shopping has been around for a while now, but Amazon Go is a new level – Grab what you need from a physical location and get charged later. The theory now is that this will rewrite the global economy.

Google unveils its take on Amazon's Alexa skills

Google has expanded its Google Assistant developer program to include every app creator as opposed to just private beta testers. It will expand the number of services compatible with Assistant as the company prepares to take on market leader Amazon.

Amazon's Kindle now lets you read e-books in Indian languages

Amazon has finally added support for several Indian languages to its Kindle e-reader. For the first time, books written in languages including Hindi, Tamil and Marathi are available to purchase from the Kindle store. "Thousands" are available at launch.

Amazon's new Echo smart speaker features a seven-inch touchscreen

Amazon is planning an upgraded version of its popular Echo smart speaker with a large touchscreen display, according to a report today. The new device will be physically bigger and include higher-quality speakers but retain the same functionality.

Amazon preparing to banish fake products during 2017

Amazon has announced a new initiative to eradicate fake products and counterfeit sellers from its site. The retailer will introduce new policies that will make it harder for traders to sell fake goods on the site. It is also revising its reviews system.

Amazon wants to open thousands of grocery stores in the U.S.

Earlier this month, sources claimed Amazon was getting close to opening convenience stores. Now, there is a report suggesting Amazon plans on opening physical grocery stores and could have 20 within the next two years.

Cyberattacks show new method of taking down the Internet

Cybersecurity expert Bruce Schneier wrote an essay last month warning that someone was "learning to take down the Internet," and it seems especially prescient after a number of major websites were taken offline Friday amid a major cyberattack.

Apple accuses Amazon U.S. of selling fake products

Apple has made a complaint to Amazon about a "flood" of counterfeit goods masquerading as legitimate Apple products. The complaint relates to products sold on only.

Apple finds 90 percent of brand products sold on Amazon are fakes

Apple has complained that Amazon is putting consumer safety at risk by selling vast amounts of fake goods on its site. The company says over 90 percent of Apple-branded power accessories found on the U.S. version of Amazon are not genuine products.

You could soon be buying your broadband from Amazon

Amazon is reportedly considering becoming a broadband provider in Europe. The company wants to resell internet services to Prime subscribers, enabling it to further diversity its product range. A U.S. launch is unlikely due to network restrictions.

Amazon ropes in streaming holdout Garth Brooks

New York - Amazon's new streaming service on Wednesday announced an exclusive deal with country superstar Garth Brooks, the top-selling artist to have resisted the fast-growing music format.

Amazon launches Music Unlimited: a budget-priced Spotify rival

Amazon has officially launched a new music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited, with a catalogue of "tens of millions" of songs. It enters a crowded market led by Spotify and Apple Music. Amazon already has one streaming provider, Prime Music.

Amazon's new Fire TV Stick is 30 percent faster, still only $40

Amazon has announced a new Fire TV Stick, one of the company's most successful hardware products. The low-cost compact dongle is now 30 percent faster than the original. Amazon is also teasing a major software update with a "new on-screen experience."

Amazon’s Twitch buys popular gaming media outlet Curse

The battle for supremacy in the growing market of interactive game streaming services has intensified as rivals are aggressively expanding their ventures.

Amazon patents noise-cancelling headphones with hazard alerts

Amazon has been granted a patent for a pair of noise-cancelling headphones that can automatically mute themselves when in an emergency situation. They solve the problem of headphones disconnecting you from your surroundings, keeping you aware of hazards.

Britain approves Amazon delivery drone tests

London - As the successful transport of chicken sandwich, donuts and hot coffee by an unmanned small aircraft recently made aviation history in the United States, Britain could be the next to roll out the delivery drone technology.

Bipartisan data initiative to reduce U.S. prison population

The Obama Administration is looking to lower the prison population through innovative data management. The Data-Driven Justice Initiative (DDJ) was announced on June 30, and will work to divert low level prisoners out of the prison system.
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In a landmark judgement  a New York judge upheld a US Department of Justice penalty against publishe...
In a landmark judgement, a New York judge upheld a US Department of Justice penalty against publishers for ebook price fixing. Sept 2012.
Map showing the Amazon watershed.
Map showing the Amazon watershed.
Amazon Kindle 2.0 vs A Book
Amazon Kindle.
Amazon s Dash.
Amazon's Dash.
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The Awá of Tiracambu community  Brazil.
The Awá of Tiracambu community, Brazil.
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Screenshots of a game rendered in Amazon s new Lumberyard game engine
Screenshots of a game rendered in Amazon's new Lumberyard game engine
The team behind the winning robot in Amazon s 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
The team behind the winning robot in Amazon's 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
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Oil exploration in Peru s Amazon has generated
wide-scale indigenous protests.  ©D. Dudenhoefer
Oil exploration in Peru's Amazon has generated wide-scale indigenous protests. ©D. Dudenhoefer
The 2015 Amazon Fire TV and Voice Remote
The 2015 Amazon Fire TV and Voice Remote
The Pluspetrol Jibarito oil base in the Amazon jungle.
The Pluspetrol Jibarito oil base in the Amazon jungle.
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Brazil s Amazon rainforest and deforestation.
Brazil's Amazon rainforest and deforestation.
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In One Person, a new book by John Irving
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An collection point at the White Rose Centre in Leeds, England.
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