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Amazon News

After backlash, Amazon raises pay for some longtime workers

Amazon is still working out the kinks in the minimum wage increase deal they gave employees. The e-commerce giant has been facing a backlash from its longtime employees, who say its $15 hourly minimum wage for new employees wouldn't benefit them.

Amazon's private brands show growth success

Amazon has been steadily developing its own private brands, sold exclusively on the ecommerce site. Due to large growth in sales, Amazon is encouraging new manufacturers to take part.

Amazon pay hike — Cheers, jeers, and skepticism on Twitter

After Amazon announced thousands of its warehouse workers will be paid at least $15 per hour under a new wage hike, the e-commerce giant got a round of applause. Now that the dust has settled, people are wondering what really happened.

Amazon's minimum wage hike to 15 dollars per hour may boost sales

Amazon will raise the wages of over 250,000 minimum wage employees to $15 an hour. This is more than twice the present federal minimum wage of $7.25 an hour. The wage hike goes into effect on November 1.

Raising the minimum wage helped Walmart boost sales

Walmart, Amazon's biggest rival in online shopping, increased its minimum wage back in 2016. That same year, the retailer saw a boost in sales, which the CEO attributed to the pay raise.

Amazon raises minimum wage to $15 for all U.S. employees

Starting on November 1, Amazon is raising its minimum wage to $15, a bump that could have implications throughout the US workforce.

Amazon donates $1 million to Wikimedia

E-commerce company Amazon has made a large donation of $1 million to the Wikimedia Endowment, the body that funds behind Wikipedia. This reflects the widespread use of the online resource by Amazon.

Streaming services dominate the 2018 Primetime Emmy awards

Los Angeles - On September 17, 2018, the 70th annual Primetime Emmy awards took place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Op-Ed: Amazon has problems with book critical of official 9/11 account

A new book critical of the official version of the events on the 11th of September 2001 by David Ray Griffin and Elizabeth Woodworth was to be released on September 11 this year.

Amazon opens up into the small business world

Amazon has opened up a new store (or channel) called Amazon Storefronts. The mini-site will only sell products produced by small-to-medium sized businesses. To begin with the service is only available in the U.S.

Amazon investigating claims of employees leaking data for bribes said on Monday it was investigating suspected internal leaks of confidential information by its employees for bribes to give sellers a leg up in the $1 trillion dollar company's marketplace.

Amazon hits trillion-dollar milestone with focus on the long game

San Francisco - Amazon's market value hit $1 trillion on Tuesday, the second company after Apple to hit the milestone, following an incredible journey for the internet giant which has kept a long-term focus since launching as an online bookseller two decades ago.

Employees being paid to sing Amazon's praises on social media

There is a method behind Amazon's latest stunt to upgrade its image, and that is the company's army of paid employees who are flooding social media with tweets full-time about how satisfied they were at their jobs.

Op-Ed: Amazon Twitter army of sycophants? Not likely, but…?

New York - There’s an odd group of Twitter Amazon sycophants, posting very standardized good things about Amazon on the global birdbrain. Real or not? Looks more like a work to me, a real deliberate screwup.

Cashierless retail is becoming more mainstream

Inokyo bills itself as a "cashierless store where you can grab and go," meaning that customers walk in, pick up what they want, and leave — without standing in line waiting to check out.

Where are Amazon packages stolen most?

While Amazon and other online retailers deliver more and more to our doorstep, package theft is on the rise. New research reveals the most likely spots where a parcel will be stolen.

Amazon reportedly trying to buy Landmark Movie Theatres

On August 16, it was reported that Amazon, the Seattle based commerce and cloud computing company, is in the running to acquire the Landmark Movie Theaters.

Tefe, a town afloat in the Brazilian Amazon

Tef - To get around town, the 60,000 people of Tefe -- in the heart of Brazil's Amazon -- hop into boats. Even the outside world is only reachable by water or air.

Drones fly to rescue of Amazon wildlife

Matupa - A hoarse sound abruptly wakes visitors staying at a floating house that serves as a base for environmentalists on the Jaraua river in the Amazon rainforest.

Two tech giants filed patents to personalize autonomous car rides

Patents filed by Apple and Amazon show that both companies are looking in to how they can each make autonomous car rides more user-specific.

Amazon: Not our job to worry about fears we're killing retailers

Amazon's senior vice president Russell Grandinetti said it's up to society and government to figure out how to handle the company's becoming a $178 billion disruptor in the retail sector.

28 US Congress members match mugshots in facial recognition test

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) tested Amazon's facial recognition system by scanning all 535 members of the US Congress against 25,000 mugshots public mugshots. The test generated 28 false positives.

Amazon to open fifth fulfillment centre in Ontario

Ottawa - E-commerce giant, Amazon is expanding its footprint in Canada, with a fulfillment center in Ottawa that will create 600 full-time jobs.

Co-founders of PillPack get $100 million each in Amazon deal

The co-founders of PillPack, an online pharmacy, are reported to be receiving about $100 million each in the Amazon deal.

Amazon to buy online pharmacy PillPack

Amazon has announced its intention to purchase the online pharmacy PillPack, further expanding the e-commerce site's scope and expansion into health services.

Amazon unveils plan for entrepreneurs to take over from UPS

E-commerce giant Amazon, wanting more control over how its packages are delivered is rolling out a program Thursday that lets entrepreneurs around the country launch businesses that deliver Amazon packages.

Amazon workers protest facial recognition software sale to cops

Seattle - Workers at Amazon are demanding that the company cease selling facial recognition software to the U.S. government as it would be contributing tools that violate human rights.

Will blockchain replace the web? Special

Brooklyn - Blockchain – a decentralized data base – is known today because it’s used to produce and exchange cryptocurrencies. But blockchain might prove to have many more applications, one day threatening the monopoly of companies like Amazon and Facebook.

Bonjour, Alexa: Amazon digital assistant heads to France

San Francisco - Amazon on Wednesday announced that its digital assistant Alexa is heading for France in Echo voice-commanded speakers as of next week.

Facebook gave user data to 60 companies including Apple, Amazon

Facebook has had data-sharing agreements with at least 60 device makers, including Apple, Amazon, Samsung, and Microsoft, many of which still exist.
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The river is located in Mayantuyacu  Peru  deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. For some reas...
The river is located in Mayantuyacu, Peru, deep in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. For some reason, the river has escaped scientific scrutiny.
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Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo
Crossed spears left by uncontacted Indians in the region where Repsol-YPF is working.
© Marek Wolo...
Crossed spears left by uncontacted Indians in the region where Repsol-YPF is working. © Marek Wolodzko/Survival
Amazon Sumerian
Amazon Sumerian
Amazon Go allows shoppers to simply take whatever they want to purchase and leave.
Amazon Go allows shoppers to simply take whatever they want to purchase and leave.
In a landmark judgement  a New York judge upheld a US Department of Justice penalty against publishe...
In a landmark judgement, a New York judge upheld a US Department of Justice penalty against publishers for ebook price fixing. Sept 2012.
The Amazon Echo smart speaker with Amazon s Alexa digital assistant
The Amazon Echo smart speaker with Amazon's Alexa digital assistant
Deter deforestation alert for Aug. 2009 through July 2014
Deter deforestation alert for Aug. 2009 through July 2014
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Amazon delivery drone
Aerial photograph of ditches at Fazenda Parana
Aerial photograph of ditches at Fazenda Parana
Edison Caetano, Antiquity Journal
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Amazon Echo Show
All-new $79.99 Amazon Kindle  announced 22/06/2016
All-new $79.99 Amazon Kindle, announced 22/06/2016
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Jeff Bezos, the president, CEO and founder of
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Amazon FreeTime
Fishing community along the Amazon River.
Fishing community along the Amazon River.
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The winning robot in Amazon s 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
The winning robot in Amazon's 2016 Robot Picking Challenge
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Amazon Video Direct
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2015 Amazon Fire HD (8-inch edition)
2015 Amazon Fire HD (8-inch edition)
Amazon drone scanning landing spot
Amazon drone scanning landing spot