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Altruism News

Depression rates are low among those who help others

For people who are diagnosed with depression, helping other people is one way of lowering the effects of feeling depressed according to new research.

Bird revives another bird: Video

Are birds capable of altruistic behavior? A new video suggests so. The scene, shot in Saudi Arabia, shows a robin slapping wings and stroking unconscious partners using its beak. The bird regains consciousness and flies away.

Op-Ed: What is the driving force behind altruism?

In the classic dichotomy of nature vs. nurture there exists a separation of views among philosophers and biologists as well as psychologists and geneticists.

Infected bees leave the hive altruistically

Scientists have established that sick and infected bees leave their hives voluntarily, as an act of altruism, rather than being driven out by the healthy bee population.

The power of sharing a good sense of humour

Everybody loves a good joke. Whether it’s a classic knock-knock, or one of those long-winded stories with an all-important punch line, joke sharing is a significant in many interactions. But there is more to a shared sense of humour than meets the eye.

Study: Volunteering seen to benefit cardiovascular health

A recent study of teen-aged subjects published in JAMA Pediatrics suggests that the action of volunteering and of altruism can improve cardiovascular health.

Video: Dolphins help stranded seal pup swim to safety

A video shows a pod of dolphins appearing just in time to rescue a baby seal from being washed ashore. The seal had become separated from its group and appeared unable to resist strong ocean currents driving it away from deep waters to the shoreline.

Op-Ed: Do selfish people have small minds? Physically, yes, in part

Sydney - If you’ve ever been inflicted with a really selfish person, seen the pettiness and the immaturity, “small minded” is one of the more natural, if much too polite, descriptions. It seems selfish people actually do have a smaller part of the brain.

Op-Ed: NGOs: The Parasitic Altruists

Some NGOs genuinely contribute to enhancing welfare, to the mitigation of hunger, the furtherance of human and civil rights, or the curbing of disease. Others are ideologically biased, religiously-committed and, often, at the service of special interests.

Citizens receive Quebec's merit of honor

Quebec - Two Townshippers, one a young paper boy, were honored Monday for bravery and acts of heroism. Honors were conferred at the 25th Hommage ceremony for civic altruism held November 22, 2010 in Parliament.

Altruism: According to science it does exist, but academically, it’s pure selfishness

This New York Times article started innocently enough with the revelation that paying taxes can feel good, according to a study by the University of Oregon. Well, what else would a university be studying? In Oregon?

Are you a giver?

Don’t lie to me, now I can scientifically detect it.

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