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Op-Ed: U.S. to become more involved in Somalia

Mogadishu - On the request of U.S. African Command leaders, President Trump has relaxed the combat rules for U.S. troops and operations within Somalia.

Kenya: Police arrest med students plotting bio-terrorist attacks

Kenyan police have arrested several medical students for allegedly plotting to carry out a biological terrorist attack and for allegedly recruiting fellow students to join the Islamic State.

Drone strikes kill 30 in Somalia

Mogadishu - A US. .drone fired at least two missiles that struck a vehicle and caused a large explosion on a nearby al-Shabab base at Bardere.

Op-Ed: Is counter-ideology the way forward for Kenyan counter-terrorism?

Nairobi - As potential solutions to the al-Shabab menace, bombing, erecting barrier at borders, advancing counter-terrorism unit, and removing KDF from Somalia are pertinent physical security measures Kenya currently explores.

Somalia's Al-Shabab names new leader mounts revenge attacks

Mogadishu - A US drone strike recently killed Al-Shabab leader Ahmed Godane. The group has threatened revenge strikes in retaliation. The group lost no time in naming a new leader Ahmad Umar to replace Godane.

Al Shabab fighters storm presidential palace in Somalia

Mogadishu - Al-Shabab fighters stormed the presidential palace in the Somali capital Mogadishu. The Interior Ministry reported the the president Hassan Mohamud was not in the compound when the attack happened.

U.S. Navy Seals launch raid against Shabab leader in Somalia

U.S. Navy Seals launched a pre-dawn raid in the Somali town of Baraawe, with the operation targeting a senior leader within the al-Shabab militant organisation.

Al-Shabab threaten more attacks against Kenya

The militant Somali group al-Shabab, has warned that it will carry out further strikes against Kenya in a statement released on Wednesday.

American jihadi killed by al-Shabab in Somalia

An American militant who went by the name of Abu Mansoor al-Amriki was today gunned down by gunmen belonging to the al-Shabab organisation.

15 dead after UN office attacked in Mogadishu

Mogadishu - At least 15 people were killed when militants belonging to Al-Shabab attacked a UN office in the capital of Somalia. According to witnesses, the gun battle lasted for an hour.

Al-Shabab militants launch deadly attacks inside Mogadishu

Mogadishu - The militant group Al-Shabab has claimed responsibility for launching attacks inside the Somali capital of Mogadishu. At least 19 people have been killed, including several of the attackers.

Somali Islamists decide to execute French hostage Denis Allex

Somali Islamic militant group Al-Shabab issued a statement on Jan. 16 saying they have decided to execute the French hostage Denis Allex.

Militants display photos of dead French soldier

Mogadishu - Somali militants belonging to Al-Shabab, today released photos of a dead French soldier. The soldier was killed in a failed rescue attempt of a French intelligence officer who has been held by the militants.

French soldier killed in botched rescue operation

Paris - One French soldier was killed, and another missing, in a failed rescue attempt in Somalia. The French military were attempting to free an intelligence officer, Denis Allex, kidnapped in October 2009 at the hands of militants in the country.

Terrorist threat high in Kenya

Nairobi - The British government has issued a warning to its citizens abroad that a terrorist attack in Nairobi is imminent. This follows the activities of the Kenyan army in Somalia. The UK warning comes after a similar alert issued by the USA.

Hand grenade Attack on Radio Galkayo in Puntland Special

Mogadishu - It is not an easy task to work in Somalia where journalists are in continuous danger and are not protected from intimidation and killing.

Kenyan military forces move into Somalia Special

Kenyan troops moved into the southern border of Somalia to pursue Al-Shabab terrorist who are behind the kidnapping of two female Spanish aid workers.

The Effect of the Kidnapped aid Workers in Dadaab Special

Mogadishu - Dadaab is the biggest refugee camp in Kenya. Approximately 500.000 people live there waiting help from the different aid workers. This wave of human population came from Somalia in search for security and survival.

Member of Somali Parliament has been wounded by explosion Special

Mogadishu - An explosion has occurred in Mogadishu Hodan’s district where a member of the Transitional Federal Parliament and two of his friends were wounded.

Al-Shabab deny responsibility for kidnap of aid workers in Kenya

Al-Shabab, the Somali militant Islamic group with links to al-Qaeda, had denied responsibility for the kidnap of two female aid workers from Kenya on Thursday. However local police believe that the women have been taken across the border into Somalia.

The Battle of Northern Mogadishu

According to Press TV 96 civilian have been killed and more than 238 were injured. Ambulance workers were busy transporting the injured to different hospitals.

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