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Allergies News

Looking for new targets for allergy drug development

An important aspect of the immune system's response to allergens has been found. Here a laboratory has identified a neuropeptide (Substance P), which is essential in the development of allergen-induced immune responses.

Nasal smear offers a solution as an allergy screening test

A new allergy test has been developed by research scientists. The test involves the detection of allergen-specific antibodies in nasal secretions, and it offers a fast and reproducible alternative test method for medics.

Google will now let you know if there's high pollen in your area

Google has announced a new feature designed to help allergy sufferers stay aware of pollen conditions. The company said it had observed seasonal surges in search traffic about pollen levels, leading it to expand its weather info with allergy details.

Adamis Pharm. gets approval from FDA for cheaper EpiPen

San Diego - On June 15, it was announced that San Diego, California-based Adamis Pharmaceuticals has received FDA approval for their Pre-filled single dose syringe (PFS) for the emergency treatment of allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis.

Woman claims she was thrown off United flight because of a cat

Another day, another airline story. A woman claims she was kicked off a United Airlines flight because she told an agent at the gate she had respiratory problems and needed to sit as far away as possible from a cat that was in the passenger cabin.

Keeping pets lowers allergy risk

Toronto - Does keeping cats and dogs help to protect children from developing allergies and does it also help to reduce obesity levels? These are the indicators from a new U.S. survey on families that keep pets. The reason comes down to the human microbiome.

Elixir of life? Some Chileans nourishing infants with donkey milk

Melipilla - When severe food allergies kept Fiorella Fuentes from stomaching her formula -- leaving the infant on the brink of starvation -- her desperate mother turned to a curious source of sustenance: donkey milk.

Nanotechnology explains dust mite allergies

Dust allergies relates to mites that live and feed on dust particles (with most dust being composed of skin cells). Researchers have made a breakthrough in explaining allergies using nanotechnology.

Giving antibiotics to children increases allergy risk

Prescribing antibiotics to children may raise the risk of children going on to develop allergies in later life, a new study suggests.

Using nanoparticles to block asthma

A biodegradable nanoparticle has been used to treat asthma and other allergies in a radically different type of research. The particles act in a way to stop the immune system from attacking an allergen and thus preventing the allergic response.

Florida woman found to be allergic to herself

Clearwater - Humans have been found to be allergic to just about everything, including sunlight and water. One Florida woman, Julie Reid, has been diagnosed with being allergic to herself.

Support for peanut butter allergy theory

London - The idea that eating peanuts early as a child is the best way to avoid a peanut allergy has been confirmed in a new research study.

New treatment may cut peanut allergy by 86%, study says

A new study suggests that infants exposed to peanuts before their first birthday may be at reduced risk of developing peanut allergy.

Stressed mothers lead to babies with allergies

During pregnancy it is best to keep relaxed and stress free. This is the best way to protect the health of the baby, according to new research.

iPad materials may be causing allergic reactions in some users

If you are one of the many people who has an iPad and enjoy using it regularly you might be at risk for a rash or other problems.

Tips for eliminating summer allergies Special

With summer allergy season in full swing, many adults and children are suffering from the “wheezes and sneezes” of the season. To help deal with this Digital Journal has spoken with a health expert.

Unusual but practical ways to reduce allergies Special

If April showers bring May flowers, then surely what comes next is the “wheezing and sneezing” of spring and summer allergies, an old saying has it. With this, the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has provided some tips to reduce allergies.

How to deal with the most common allergy problems Special

A leading doctor has said that around 55 percent of people suffer from allergies. Most people are allergic to something, such as pollen, dander, dairy products, gluten, and mold. Digital Journal caught up with the medic to find out more.

Spring allergy advice for sore eyes Special

Spring is here! As many people are welcoming warmer weather, they are also being reminded of the unwelcome discomfort of seasonal allergies. The California Optometric Association have contacted Digital Journal with some allergy tips.

Does too much hygiene cause diabetes?

The incidence of auto-immune diseases like type 1 diabetes and allergies has risen dramatically in developed countries over the past 50 years. Some medics think that the cause is linked to the "hygiene hypothesis."

Living near highways may be hazardous to your health

A new study revealed how Americans living close to busy highways or roads are more likely to contract various diseases compared to those living far from congested streets.

Summer cold? It's more likely to be an allergy

A scientist is of the opinion that most ‘summer colds’ are actually allergies to grass pollen and mold carried in the air.

Video: 'Eugenics Now!' by The Truthseeker

To really make your weekend, have a look at this brief documentary on eugenics, including information on Monsanto, GMOs, Bill Gates, vaccinations and how water is simply not a human right anymore.

Man's runny nose not allergy but brain fluid leaking out

A man who thought he was suffering with allergies was, if fact, leaking brain fluid through his nose, which nearly killed him.

Do supplements in baby formula prevent allergies?

A research review suggests that prebiotic supplements in infant formula may help to prevent eczema and avoid other types of allergies.

Allergies to peanuts have tripled in last decade

A recent study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology shows that peanut allergies are becoming more common, particularly in one southeastern Minnesota community.

Genetic research produces 'allergy free' wines

Canadian scientists have linked the reasons that some people have allergies to wine to the yeast used to produce the wine. By using genetic engineering, the scientists have developed a strain of yeast which is capable of producing allergy free wine.

Teenagers living in the countryside have lower rates of asthma

Helsinki - A Finnish study suggests that increasing urbanization, and lower exposure to nature, has led to increased rates of allergies and asthma in children. A possible warning sign about changing lifestyles.

CDC study: 1 in 5 kids are exposed to second-hand smoke in cars

A recent report commisioned by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlights the dangers of passive smoking for kids in cars.

Girl, 7, dies from deadly reaction to peanut allergy

Chesterfield - Young Ammaria Johnson, 7, died from a deadly allergic reaction after she was given a peanut by a fellow classmate who was unaware of her condition.
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File photo: Steak Tartare in the French Quarter  San Francisco.
File photo: Steak Tartare in the French Quarter, San Francisco.
Mark Mitchell
Benadryl has been used as a first choice for allergies for years.
Benadryl has been used as a first choice for allergies for years.
cenzi7 (CC0 1.0)
Epinephrine auto-injectors are made for emergency use when having a severe allergic reaction. Screen...
Epinephrine auto-injectors are made for emergency use when having a severe allergic reaction. Screengrab from a video demonstrating the proper use of Epipen,
By James Heilman, MD - Own work,
Always remember to count to ten so that the full dose of epinephrine is administered when using an E...
Always remember to count to ten so that the full dose of epinephrine is administered when using an Epipen.
Childrens National

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