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Aliens News

NASA backed project to find alien life

Is there life on other planets? This perennial question still fascinates. An international team of scientists, supported by NASA, have laid the groundwork for scanning the skies for life.

Essential Science: Planets close to dim stars may support life

The question of whether life exists on other planets in the depths of our galaxy continues to intrigue people. If we are to find out that we are alone in the universe then examining planets orbiting dim red stars might provide the answer.

Review: Ridley Scott returns to form with Alien Covenant Special

For those slightly disappointed with Prometheus, Ridley Scott has returned to form with his second Alien prequel - Alien Covenant. The movie veers sometimes towards an 'Alien greatest hits', but it's none the worse for it.

Actor Bill Paxton has died

The actor Bill Paxton, perhaps best known for his role in the sci-fi horror movie Aliens has passed away aged 61. He died following complications from surgery.

New focal point for looking for life on Mars

Houston - Is there life on Mars? The question these days is more ‘has there ever been life on Mars?’ In the search for past life (probably bacterial), scientists have selected a new ‘hot spot’ on the planet to investigate.

Review: Arrival delivers a sci-fi treat to the cinema Special

Arrival, a new movie featuring Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker, delivers thought-provoking science fiction to the big screen and leaves the audience to question the nature of time and reality.

Review: Aliens score live at the Royal Albert Hall Special

London - To mark the thirsty years since the release of the groundbreaking science-fiction / horror move 'Aliens', the movie has been shown at London's Royal Albert Hall, scored by a live orchestra.

Review: Everyone’s fighting to survive in this week’s releases Special

This week’s releases include a Marvel war that exceeds expectations; a comedy that stays true to its absurd roots; a horror film from a skilled director; and the impressive celebratory release of a sci-fi classic.

The Force Awakens passes the test for alien life

London - Star Wars thunders back onto the big screen this week. It's science fiction, right? The fictional universe of George Lucas has got one thing right: the proportion of alien life.

Scientist warns against replying to aliens' signals

Sydney - On Tuesday, a scientist leading efforts in Australia to find signals from alien life on other planets said people should think twice before replying.

UFO specialists claim these photos prove aliens exist

Previously unreleased photos which many claim show the remains of alien lifeforms taken from the crash in Roswell, New Mexico are once again sparking a debate about whether or not life exists outside of plant earth.

NASA picks top team to hunt for aliens

NASA has just got serious about finding alien life. The space agency has picked a top team of scientists to hunt for extraterrestrials – and you may be able to participate.

A signal from aliens? No, it's just a kitchen appliance

Parkes - Strange an inexplicable radio signals detected by the Parkes telescope puzzled scientists. Could these be signs of alien life? In the end, the source of the signals was traced to something closer to home and a little more domestic.

NASA believes alien life will be found by 2025

NASA chief scientist Ellen Stofan, said during NASA panel discussion on the search for extraterrestrial life, that alien lifeforms will probably be discovered in the next two to three decades.

UFO appears to fly through the sky during live news broadcast

Experts are reviewing a video which appears to show a UFO flying through the sky during a live news broadcast in Argentina.

Israel preparing for an alien invasion

Do the Israel Defense Forces really believe an alien invasion might occur sometime in the near future? According to a report from the Jerusalem Post, that's exactly what they've been training for.

New 'ghost particle' may prove aliens exist, say researchers

An oddly shaped microscopic structure has been found in the outer reaches of the Earth's atmosphere, say scientists from Sheffield University, who claim that this could be proof of alien life!

U.S. Physicist: Alien nuclear bomb wiped out Mars civilization

Monmouth - A U.S. physicist claims evidence that an ancient Mars civilization was wiped out by nuclear bomb-armed aliens. He warns that evidence of a past nuclear attack on Mars raises concerns about a similar attack on Earth.

Searching for aliens, forty years on Special

London - On 16 November 1974 an encoded radio message was transmitted into deep space by the Arecibo radio telescope. The objective is to see if an alien civilization will respond. In London, a special event was held to mark the fortieth anniversary.

Americans conflicted on whether or not we should contact aliens

If aliens exist, should we try to get in touch with them? According to a new poll, many Americans think it would be a bad idea.

Microbes found growing in a tar pit

La Brea - A new study has shown that microdroplets of water in a natural asphalt lake are home to active microbial life. This has thrown up the re-occurring question of whether such bacteria could exist on seeming inhospitable planets.

Creative Assembly addresses concerns about 'Alien: Isolation'

Creative Assembly lead designer, Al Hope, wants to assure gamers that 'Alien: Isolation' will be nothing like 'Aliens: Colonial Marines.'

What does science say about alien life?

Too often those who study detailed scientific studies dismiss claims for alien life. So here is a roundup of some hard facts for both believers and skeptics.

Bill Clinton would be 'surprised' if aliens didn't contact us

In a conversation last Wednesday night on the popular chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live, former American president Bill Clinton admitted that he would be "surprised" if Earth was not someday contacted by extra-terrestrial life.

Op-Ed: While at CIA’s secret Area 51 base, I spy with my little eye...

Las Vegas - Area 51, the most secret air base on the planet, does exist, the CIA was forced to admit after documents were declassified and made public last summer – but a few days ago, there was a new development.

'Alien: Isolation' officially announced

Sega and Creative Assembly have officially announced that 'Alien: Isolation' is in the works and is expected to be released sometime in late 2014.

'Sirius' documentary has premiered, now available to view or buy

On April 22, Dr Steven Greer and filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka premiered their new alien documentary "Sirius" to the world, streamed online from Los Angeles, Ca. The film is now available for viewing and purchase.

Review: ‘Dark Skies’ is gripping invasion cinema Special

In ‘Dark Skies’, a suburban family’s life is turned upside-down when an unknown sinister force targets them without explanation.

Review: 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' is a bigger regret than 'Alien 3' Special

“Aliens: Colonial Marine” is not just a major disappointment but more like the “Duke Nukem: Forever” of 2013 for its high anticipation, cancellation and resurrection along with a long hiatus only for a disappointing end result.

Aliens welcome in Glasgow says City Council

It's one of the stranger requests from the FOI Act but in response to a member of the public's enquiry about "what provisions have been put in place for our inevitable encounter" with aliens, Glasgow City Council said they would be welcome.
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Aliens Image

Alien Telescope Array (ATA)
Alien Telescope Array (ATA)
Dave Deboer / Jcolbyk / wikipedia
A woman browses the concert program for the screening of movie classic Aliens  scored live in London...
A woman browses the concert program for the screening of movie classic Aliens, scored live in London.
 ALF   short for Alien Life Form
'ALF', short for Alien Life Form
File photo
The screen is ready for the screening of  Aliens  alongside a live orchestra  at London s Royal Albe...
The screen is ready for the screening of 'Aliens' alongside a live orchestra, at London's Royal Albert Hall.
No source cited
Entertainment One
A screenshot from the video taken by a film crew of a strange purple UFO that was spotted in Peru
A screenshot from the video taken by a film crew of a strange purple UFO that was spotted in Peru
Screen capture from YouTube video
Jason Ritter as Sean Walker in The Event
Jason Ritter as Sean Walker in The Event
Dark Skies
Dark Skies
Entertainment One
Entertainment One
Screenshot of YouTube video
Screenshot of YouTube video
Boyd Bushman displays alien photos
Boyd Bushman displays alien photos
YouTube/Mark Q Patterson
Power Loader from  Aliens.
Power Loader from "Aliens."
Boyd Bushman with more photos of aliens and UFOs
Boyd Bushman with more photos of aliens and UFOs
YouTube/Mark Q Patterson
The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra ready to score the movie Aliens.
The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra ready to score the movie Aliens.
The screen is ready for the showing of the classic movie  Aliens   with a live orchestra  at London ...
The screen is ready for the showing of the classic movie 'Aliens', with a live orchestra, at London's Royal Albert Hall.
Boyd Bushman shows a photo of aliens taken at Roswell
Boyd Bushman shows a photo of aliens taken at Roswell
YouTube/Mark Q Patterson
Entertainment One