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Israel preparing for an alien invasion

Do the Israel Defense Forces really believe an alien invasion might occur sometime in the near future? According to a report from the Jerusalem Post, that's exactly what they've been training for.

New 'ghost particle' may prove aliens exist, say researchers

An oddly shaped microscopic structure has been found in the outer reaches of the Earth's atmosphere, say scientists from Sheffield University, who claim that this could be proof of alien life!

U.S. Physicist: Alien nuclear bomb wiped out Mars civilization

Monmouth - A U.S. physicist claims evidence that an ancient Mars civilization was wiped out by nuclear bomb-armed aliens. He warns that evidence of a past nuclear attack on Mars raises concerns about a similar attack on Earth.

Searching for aliens, forty years on Special

London - On 16 November 1974 an encoded radio message was transmitted into deep space by the Arecibo radio telescope. The objective is to see if an alien civilization will respond. In London, a special event was held to mark the fortieth anniversary.

Americans conflicted on whether or not we should contact aliens

If aliens exist, should we try to get in touch with them? According to a new poll, many Americans think it would be a bad idea.

Microbes found growing in a tar pit

La Brea - A new study has shown that microdroplets of water in a natural asphalt lake are home to active microbial life. This has thrown up the re-occurring question of whether such bacteria could exist on seeming inhospitable planets.

Creative Assembly addresses concerns about 'Alien: Isolation'

Creative Assembly lead designer, Al Hope, wants to assure gamers that 'Alien: Isolation' will be nothing like 'Aliens: Colonial Marines.'

What does science say about alien life?

Too often those who study detailed scientific studies dismiss claims for alien life. So here is a roundup of some hard facts for both believers and skeptics.

Bill Clinton would be 'surprised' if aliens didn't contact us

In a conversation last Wednesday night on the popular chat show Jimmy Kimmel Live, former American president Bill Clinton admitted that he would be "surprised" if Earth was not someday contacted by extra-terrestrial life.

Op-Ed: While at CIA’s secret Area 51 base, I spy with my little eye...

Las Vegas - Area 51, the most secret air base on the planet, does exist, the CIA was forced to admit after documents were declassified and made public last summer – but a few days ago, there was a new development.

'Alien: Isolation' officially announced

Sega and Creative Assembly have officially announced that 'Alien: Isolation' is in the works and is expected to be released sometime in late 2014.

'Sirius' documentary has premiered, now available to view or buy

On April 22, Dr Steven Greer and filmmaker Amardeep Kaleka premiered their new alien documentary "Sirius" to the world, streamed online from Los Angeles, Ca. The film is now available for viewing and purchase.

Review: ‘Dark Skies’ is gripping invasion cinema Special

In ‘Dark Skies’, a suburban family’s life is turned upside-down when an unknown sinister force targets them without explanation.

Review: 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' is a bigger regret than 'Alien 3' Special

“Aliens: Colonial Marine” is not just a major disappointment but more like the “Duke Nukem: Forever” of 2013 for its high anticipation, cancellation and resurrection along with a long hiatus only for a disappointing end result.

Aliens welcome in Glasgow says City Council

It's one of the stranger requests from the FOI Act but in response to a member of the public's enquiry about "what provisions have been put in place for our inevitable encounter" with aliens, Glasgow City Council said they would be welcome.

Video: 'Aliens — Colonial Marines' contact trailer

The newest trailer, called "contact," for the upcoming game called "Aliens: Colonial Marines" has been made available. It gives a visual time line of the US Colonial Marines preparing to sortie to the initial contact with the xenomorph threats.

Video: 'Aliens — Colonial Marines' multiplayer trailer

The multiplayer demonstration trailer for "Aliens: Colonial Marines" has been released. You can play as either the United States Colonial Marines or as the xenomorphs.

Video: 'Aliens — Colonial Marines' marines pep talk trailer

Sega and Gearbox Softwear have released the latest trailer for its sci-fi horror first-person shooter game called "Aliens: Colonial Marines" which is directly connected to the movie "Aliens" that was directed by James Cameron.

Video: 'Aliens — Colonial Marines' hive concept conversion

"Aliens: Colonial Marines" developer Gearbox Software has uploaded a new video which shows an example of a 2D drawn concept being converted into a 3D background for the game.

Video: Power Loader exoskeleton demonstration

The Power Loader in "Aliens" could soon become reality. A Japanese company called Activelink is working on the first prototype of such a machine.

Video: 'Aliens — Colonial Marines' game pre-order trailer

A special pre-order trailer has been released for the upcoming Sega game called "Aliens: Colonial Marines." To get people to pre-order, the trailer reveals references from the original 1986 movie "Aliens."

Video: 'Earth Defense Force 2025' game play demonstration trailer

A game play demonstration trailer has been released for the upcoming third-person action shooter game called "Earth Defense Force 2025."

PM Dmitry Medvedev: Russia has top secret files on aliens

Russian PM Dimitry Medvedev may have set conspiracy theorists in a rut of excitement two weeks to the Mayan Apocalypse when he said in a footage recorded after a TV interview that Russian presidents get to see secret files about aliens living among us.

Video: 'Aliens - Colonial Marines' survivor trailer

The latest trailer for the upcoming game called "Aliens: Colonial Marines" is available for viewing. It demonstrates a "survivor mode" for both Colonial Marines and xenomorphs.

Video: Possible origin theory, we're aliens from outerspace

A video, from TIME Magazine, gives the suggestion that humans may have originated from outer space; but, not in the usual belief of aliens and space ships.

Former Blue Book director, others, say UFOs real, need study

Las Vegas - Former Blue Book Director Director, Col. Robert Friend, told lecture attendees at the Las Vegas National Atomic Testing Museum that UFOs are real and should be studied.

Alien discovery likely in 40 years

If the claims of a top UK astronomer are to be believed, alien life beyond our solar system may be found within the next 40 years. The claim is reported in the Daily Mail quoting Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society of London.

UFO: Sisters report huge orange ball over Ottawa, Ontario

Ottawa - UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects". What was the nature or origins of the "reappearing" UFO that an Ottawa witness reports?

Op-Ed: Human-made UFOs reveal Military, Financial Crisis credibility gap

UFOs are "Unidentified Flying Objects". Are UFOs which are distinctly manufactured, alien or "human-made"? What is a "human-made" UFO, and how would such UFOs support a commitment to "our troops"? What would such UFOs relate to the "financial crisis"?

Op-Ed: Darwin's Theory and Creationism -- Deceptions on Human origins?

Who are we as human beings? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Why are we all here on Earth? What is the purpose, if any, of our species? How might prevailing problems on our planet Earth relate to the question of our true human origins?
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Aliens Image

 ALF   short for Alien Life Form
'ALF', short for Alien Life Form
File photo
A screenshot from the video taken by a film crew of a strange purple UFO that was spotted in Peru
A screenshot from the video taken by a film crew of a strange purple UFO that was spotted in Peru
Screen capture from YouTube video
Power Loader from  Aliens.
Power Loader from "Aliens."
Alien craft from the planet
Alien craft from the planet
Jason Ritter as Sean Walker in The Event
Jason Ritter as Sean Walker in The Event
Entertainment One
Dark Skies
Dark Skies
Entertainment One
A US Colonial Marine taking on a Xenomorph with a smart gun.  One of the screenshots from  Aliens: C...
A US Colonial Marine taking on a Xenomorph with a smart gun. One of the screenshots from "Aliens: Colonial Marines."
Boyd Bushman displays alien photos
Boyd Bushman displays alien photos
YouTube/Mark Q Patterson
Entertainment One
Screenshot of YouTube video
Screenshot of YouTube video
Alien Telescope Array (ATA)
Alien Telescope Array (ATA)
Dave Deboer / Jcolbyk / wikipedia
While at the world s most secret air base dedicated to aliens and UFO research  I spied more than ju...
While at the world's most secret air base dedicated to aliens and UFO research, I spied more than just visitors from another planet.
Boyd Bushman shows a photo of aliens taken at Roswell
Boyd Bushman shows a photo of aliens taken at Roswell
YouTube/Mark Q Patterson
An early leaked screenshot of  Aliens: Isolation .
An early leaked screenshot of 'Aliens: Isolation'.
Entertainment One
Boyd Bushman with more photos of aliens and UFOs
Boyd Bushman with more photos of aliens and UFOs
YouTube/Mark Q Patterson