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Algorithm News

Review: AI program used to create wondrous whisky Special

London Colney - An artificial intelligence algorithm has been used to develop a new whisky. The whisky, from Mackmyra, is branded Intelligens and its precise concoction is only known to the software. The end product is a good dram.

Decentralized algorithm developed for collision-free driving

Autonomous car technology continues to advance but the risk of crashes remains ever-present. To combat this, researchers have been experimenting with swarming robots, which are designed to teach vehicles to avoid collisions.

Algorithm can identify a person by looking at their dance style

A new study finds that each of us responds to music, if we elect to dance or shuffle, in a movement that is almost the same and characteristic of the individual. Now computers can identify the dancer with pinpoint accuracy.

New technique aims to teach robots exactly what humans want

Technologists are developing processes to ensure robots understand better what humans want. This involves coming up with more accurate and faster ways of providing human guidance to improve the decision making and responses of autonomous robots.

Review: Would a master algorithm solve all our problems? Special

Algorithms are with us, from predicting the music we may like to helping with medical diagnosis. While technology improves how far can it progress and is there a master algorithm that can unlock all mysteries?

Essential Science: Algorithm provides caffeine in-take strategy

For many people caffeine is an effective stimulant, providing much needed alertness. But when is the best time drink coffee? And how can you avoid drinking too much? An algorithm has the answers.

Justice algorithm wipes the criminal past of thousands

San Fransisco - An algorithm has been developed which can, at the touch of a button, delete the criminal records of thousands of people. Such measures are undertaken when sufficient time has served and individuals can be granted a clean sheet.

Alphabet-owned company aims to prevent eye disease

Madurai - Alphabet-owned company Verily is developing an algorithm designed to detect and prevent eye disease in India. The algorithm is currently undergoing a trial at a hospital

Donald Knuth celebrates his programming bible

Fifty years ago, Donald Knuth wrote a seminal text that addresses many kinds of programming algorithms and their analysis. His unfinished magnum opus on computer programming has made him a highly respected figure in the field.

Designing wind farms to be more efficient using BBO approach

With energy demands rising, researchers at Penn State Behrend and the University of Tabriz, Iran, have completed an method to design more efficient wind farms, helping to generate more revenue for builders and more renewable energy for their customers.

Essential Science: The computer that can look into the future

A computer program has been developed that can look five minutes into the future. The artificial intelligence was developed at the University of Bonn, and it appears to be able to accurately predict future actions.

Startup offers an easy way to build deep learning algorithms

Using a visual interface, this AI startup is making it easier to build deep learning algorithms — as simple as dragging and dropping.

New algorithm predicts life expectancy after heart failure

London - A new algorithm, devised from deep learning, can accurately predicts who is most likely to survive heart failure, and for how long. The platform can also determine whether or not a patient will receive a heart transplant.

New algorithm allows for potential 'brain-reading'

Rio De Janeiro - A new algorithm paves the way for potential 'brain-reading'. This is through machine learning technology which can identify musical pieces from fMRI scans of the listener.

Algorithm helps fight infection spread

Many global health authorities are fighting against the spread of infectious diseases thanks to computer software. A new algorithm has been devised to address the issue of non-diagnosed diseases.

Scientists create AI system to detect and locate earthquakes

The state of Oklahoma has seen a rise in the number of earthquakes, many of them believed to be caused by the fracking boom. Before 2009, earthquakes above magnitude 3.0 in the state went from fewer than three a year to as many as 903 in 2015.

Algorithm repairs corrupted digital images

Bethesda - University of Maryland researchers have devised a technique exploits the power of artificial neural networks to tackle multiple types of flaws and degradations in a single image in one go.

New algorithm speeds up 3D printing two-fold

Detroit - An algorithm has been developed with enables 3D printers to work at twice the current speed. This is without sacrificing the quality of the end-product.

The Grover algorithm: Fine tuning for quantum computing

Another step along the path towards quantum computers has been completed. This is a database search mechanism. The system has recently been tested for future quantum computers at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

Is it a ship or iceberg — Can you decide from space?

The Centre for Cold Ocean Resource Engineering (C-CORE) and Norwegian energy company Statoil have launched a competition to find a more effective method of spotting icebergs that pose a risk to ships and infrastructure.

Google 'Optometrist Algorithm' brings us closer to fusion power

Nuclear fusion, considered the holy grail of limitless energy production, may have moved a big step closer to becoming reality, thanks to a new computer algorithm.

Artificial intelligence helps stroke patients walk again

Lausanne - Researchers have developed an algorithm designed with a robot-assistive rehabilitation approach, to help people learn to walk again after neurological injuries such as stroke.

Algorithms: the managers of our digital lives

Paris - Algorithms are a crucial cog in the mechanics of our digital world, but also a nosy minder of our personal lives and a subtle, even insidious influence on our behaviour.

Play Store saves your data by cutting app update file sizes

Google has developed a method of compressing app downloads made through its Play Store that will heavily reduce the size of app updates. The new algorithm saves you data and speeds up downloads by compressing new content in patches.

Facebook to emphasise friends above pages, harming publishers

Facebook has announced it is changing the algorithm used for News Feed posts once again, this time to place your friends' status updates above those of publishers and groups. It said it wants to make Facebook a more personal place, emphasising closeness.

Twitter launches algorithmic timeline — Despite denying it exists

Twitter has begun to roll out a new version of its timeline that displays tweets algorithmically instead of in the traditional reverse-chronological order. The feature will be disabled by default, to the relief of many vexed users.

Astrophysisist Rashied Amini can help people find love Special

The former NASA employee has lent his expertise to Nanaya, an app that can determine whether or not a person will find true love based on science and probability. Digital Journal found out more.

Rise of the robotic journalist: Welcome to the future Special

For reporters on the business or sports beat, some stories can be boring, monotonous, and stressful all at once. The stories can seem rather…robotic. As well they might, because some stories are being written by robots.

'Majority' of Google searches now processed by 'RankBrain' AI

Google has revealed it uses an artificial intelligence system to process a large majority of searches made through its website. Known as 'RankBrain', the AI helps with ambiguous questions never answered before.

Computer algorithm can create a masterpiece in one hour

There is now a computer algorithm that can recreate a Van Gogh or Picasso painting in just 60 minutes. The algorithm has been developed by German computer programmers.
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Algorithm Image

The Next Rembrandt was built up using information from all 346 known paintings by the Dutch master a...
The Next Rembrandt was built up using information from all 346 known paintings by the Dutch master and based on algorithms and facial recognition techniques.
The Next Rembrandt
Prof. Jürgen Gall (right) and Yazan Abu Farha from the Institute of Computer Science at the Univers...
Prof. Jürgen Gall (right) and Yazan Abu Farha from the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Bonn presenting their predictive algorithm.
Barbara Frommann/Uni Bonn
A group of researchers at MIT have proposed a camera that can take a perfect picture  no matter what...
A group of researchers at MIT have proposed a camera that can take a perfect picture, no matter what the lighting contrast is. Called a “modulo camera,” this camera is designed to never overexpose an image, enabling high dynamic range photography.
Image by MIT

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