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Said Alexa too often? Get ready for custom based voice assistants

Amazon is considering different ways for brands to use the Alexa service, without the opening command of 'Alexa'. Is this best for brands or are there alternatives?

Q&A: Alexa, why are voice assistants always women? Special

Some 47.3 million adults in the U.S. have access to voice assistants at home and work. Before companies jump on the voice assistant bandwagon, they need to consider how these devices will affect the dynamic between men and women at work.

Apple says sorry, but Amazon dominates voice assistant market

There are several news items relating to voice assistants, from the dominance of Baidu and Amazon being confirmed; with the BBC launching its own voice assistant; and Apple apologizing over Siri's covert spying.

Amazon is developing an 'Alexa robot' to follow you around

Devices like Amazon's Alexa are now commonplace to many homes, to the delight of many and to the annoyance of others. Alexa is a static voice controlled tool, but what if Alexa could follow you about? Amazon are working on that.

Employees have been listening in to Google Assistant

A news report finds that contractors employed by Google have been listening in and transcribing audio recordings captured by Google's AI assistant. This includes capturing sensitive information.

Health service partners with Alexa to provide medical support

The U.K. National Health Service (NHS) is to partner with Amazon’s Alexa in order to provide health information. This is being piloted as an alternative to medical advice helplines and to reduce the number of medical appointments.

Amazon sued over Alexa's recording of child's voice

Amazon is to be sued in the U.S. over recordings made by Alexa of a child. Two separate cases allege that Amazon did not have the consent to create the voiceprints of children talking to the personal digital assistant.

Mozilla executive shocked to learn what Alexa has been recording

A security executive working at Mozilla has said he was shocked to discover that recordings of his family had been made by Alexa and were being stored by Amazon. He adds that users of Amazon's Alexa need to be aware.

Amazon staff may be listening in on Alexa recordings

Alexa owners concerned with their privacy have something new to worry about. It has emerged that Amazon staff have the functionality of listening in to questions and commands posed to the Alexa voice assistant.

Amazon has 10,000 employees dedicated to Alexa

Amazon's VP of Alexa, Steve Rabuchin, has confirmed that yes, there really are 10,000 Amazon employees working on Alexa and Echo.

Cortana is no longer a competitor to Alexa: Microsoft

People love them or hate them, but virtual assistants are being found on a greater range of devices. And the competition between providers is intense, so much that Microsoft has declared Cortana is no longer a rival to Alexa or to Google Home.

Cortana is no longer a competitor to Alexa: Microsoft

People love them or hate them, but virtual assistants are being found on a greater range of devices. And the competition between providers is intense, so much that Microsoft has declared Cortana is no longer a rival to Alexa or to Google Home.

MediSprout integrates telehealth solution with Alexa

MediSprout, an innovator in healthcare and telehealth solutions, has announced that its V2MD telehealth platform that connects physicians with their patients through video conferencing will integrate with Amazon Alexa.

Alexa spies on couple in house

Portland - A couple in Portland, Oregon have discovered that Amazon's Alexa listened in, recorded and then posted a recording of a private conversation. Amazon has been accused of flouting data privacy.

'Alexa' not as popular a name: could Amazon be to blame?

It seems like parents just don't want to look down at their new baby and think of Amazon Echo's personal assistant. The popular personal assistant is changing the baby naming game.

New Alexa skill DeepMusic plays AI-generated music

DeepMusic is a new Alexa skill, which allows listeners and users to request their virtual assistant to play music that is generated by artificial intelligence.

Amazon Web Services power outage took hundreds of sites offline

Amazon has confirmed that a datacentre power outage affected scores of online services including GitHub and Slack. The incident occurred almost exactly a year after a similar failure in the same region of Amazon's cloud. Service was quickly restored.

How AI can make conversational agents smarter

How can conversational agents be made better? The answer is with an improved human/machine hybrid system that can answer a wide array of questions.

Amazon to 'double down' on Alexa 'positive surprise'

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has announced the company will "double down" on Alexa in 2018 after it exceeded internal expectations last year. The company said Alexa has delivered "positive surprises." It is now committed to extending its market lead.

Google Assistant shouts down Alexa at CES

Google's attended CES with its biggest showing in years, arriving with an aggressive round of promotional material for Google Assistant. It comes after Amazon's Alexa was widely seen to have "won" last year's CES with more integrations than Google.

Amazon Alexa to launch on Windows 10 PCs this year

Amazon's announced that select Windows 10 PCs will come with Alexa built-in this year. The company has partnered with Windows device manufacturers including Acer, ASUS, HP and Lenovo to add Alexa to new laptops. Microsoft doesn't appear to be involved.

Simplifying travel planning through technology and AI: Interview Special

The way businesses and consumers book travel is set for further shake-ups as artificial intelligence becomes the norm. The process of planning travel is becoming simplified and easier.

Amazon announces plans to put Alexa inside workplaces

Amazon's announced Alexa for Business, a program designed to convince enterprises that voice assistants can work in offices. The company said it wants employees to have an "intelligent assistant at work" while giving IT controls to manage voice devices.

GE's smart lights can now integrate with Alexa, Google Assistant

GE has announced an update to its smart lights range, C by GE. The company's expanding the system with a network-connected hub that adds Wi-Fi connectivity. The lights can be controlled by digital assistants including Alexa and Google Assistant.

The ‘voice’ of AI: Why Americans are picky

New research, conducted in the U.S., provides insight into Americans’ attitudes regarding artificial intelligence and customer service. It seems like much of the population hold strong views on the ‘voice’ of AI.

Amazon's Alexa gets smarter with new custom lists

Amazon has announced it's improving one of Alexa's most popular features by adding support for custom lists. Alexa currently helps you manage your to-do list and shopping list. The assistant can now also keep track of other items you need to remember.

Amazon's Echo family advances the smart home but risks confusion

Amazon has launched a new line of Alexa smart speakers in a surprise event. The devices include a redesigned "Echo Plus" and the all-new Echo Spot. Analysts have said the devices will help to usher in home automation but the range could cause confusion.

Simple 'Dolphin' flaw trivialises hacking Siri and Alexa

A simple but serious vulnerability in the design of modern smartphone assistants could allow attackers to pull off silent hacks. Researchers found digital assistants including Siri and Alexa will respond to ultrasound commands inaudible to humans.

Cortana and Alexa make friends in joint collaboration

Microsoft and Amazon have teamed up to combine their digital assistants. Users of Cortana and Alexa will be able to access either one from any device. The two assistants will act as gateways to each other, extending what's possible with voice control.

Amazon's Echo Dot leads Prime Day sales

Amazon has announced that its Alexa-powered Echo Dot was the best-selling item during its Prime Day sales bonanza yesterday. The company slashed the price of the smart home device in a bid to increase sales of its connected ecosystem. The effort paid off.
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Amazon s trying to encourage adoption of voice shopping
Amazon's trying to encourage adoption of voice shopping
Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo Show
Cortana and Alexa will collaborate together
Cortana and Alexa will collaborate together
Amazon Echo Show
Amazon Echo Show
The Amazon Echo smart speaker with Amazon s Alexa digital assistant
The Amazon Echo smart speaker with Amazon's Alexa digital assistant
Amazon s Alexa personal digital assistant.
Amazon's Alexa personal digital assistant.
Can Amazon Alexa analyze your emotions.
Can Amazon Alexa analyze your emotions.
The spike in s online traffic in February 2011
The spike in's online traffic in February 2011
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ASUS laptop with Alexa assistant
ASUS laptop with Alexa assistant

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