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Alcohol News

App combines beer with free movies

Developer Aleksandr Semenov has created a way to get free movies for buying beer. Bluetooth technology reads information on the bottle and unlocks movies on your computer. You only need to tap it on a sensor to make it work.

CNN reporter apologizes for allegedly biting two EMTs while drunk

Baghdad - Arwa Damon bit two emergency workers while in a drunken state. Shortly after that the media coverage exploded and Damon is now facing a massive lawsuit.

Spain's cold shower for sex and booze resorts

- Wearing only underwear and angel wings, three young women wiggle their hips to entice customers to enter one of the many nightclubs in Magaluf, a Spanish beach resort notorious for its sex and booze excess."We came to get drunk, basically.

Photo essay: Exploring London's new gin museum Special

London - A gin museum opened up in London this month. The museum explores the history of the versatile drink and its relationship with London's past and present. Digital Journal paid the museum a visit.

Addiction 'off' switch is possible but not a cure

A new report has indicated that it may be possible to 'turn off' withdrawal symptoms deriving from when people refrain from taking illegal substances for a period of time to make it easier for people to stop.

One in 10 deaths among adults due to excessive drinking

Washington - In the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), excessive alcohol use accounts for one in 10 deaths among working-age adults ages 20-64 years.

New 'BrewDrop' app brings beer to your house

Austin - The new smartphone app called BrewDrop is offering a way for legal drinkers to get beer delivered to their house. The cost of the drinks and a $5 delivery fee are all you will need to get some fresh beer at home.

Video: Drunken handler releases furious bull into crowd

One thing everyone likes to do during a bullfight is drink. However the man keeping the crowd safe apparently had too much when he set the bull loose on a crowd of men, women and children.

Op-Ed: Another prohibitionist lies about marijuana

In the minds of prohibitionists, truth and honesty have no merit. No matter how big the lie, the anti–legalization crowd will use fallacies or inconsistencies to defend a system of extraordinary economic and societal cost.

Study: Alcohol use declines in soldiers who kill during combat

A study recently showed that troops who kill during combat are less likely to abuse alcohol both in the military and in their civilian life.

Bahraini parliament taking steps to ban alcohol

Manama - In a bid to undo its reputation of decadence and vice among its neighbors Bahrain is taking steps to ban alcohol and other un-Islamic activities subjects of the kingdom partake in.

WHO: Alcohol kills millions per year

The World Health Organization (WHO) wants global governments to crack down after study shows that alcohol kills millions per year.

Powdered booze, overlooked by feds, gets banned

New York - A powder that turns water into booze has been banned from distribution and sale after initially being approved "in error" by federal regulators.

Powdered alcohol aka palcohol is approved for sale in U.S.

The U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau has approved "palcohol," alcohol that comes in a powdered form. It's expected to hit store shelves this fall.

New study finds casual pot use alters the brain

Young adults who occasionally use pot show abnormalities in two key areas of their brain related to emotion, motivation, and decision making, new research reveals.

Good beers need new yeasts

Beer is the most widely consumed alcoholic beverage on the planet. Good beer requires good quality yeasts and researchers are continuing to hunt for new strains.

Jack Daniel's angers rivals over 'Tennessee whiskey' rule

New York - For Jack Daniel's, Tennessee's world-famous corn-based whiskey should be made according to a strict recipe -- basically, its own.

Obesity-obsessed Americans fear sugar more than marijuana

Denver - Obesity-obsessed Americans fear sugar more than marijuana. A new poll found they also think tobacco and alcohol are more dangerous.

Secrets of a good wine are found in bacteria

Scientists have mapped the partial genetic structure of a common lactic acid bacterium. This bacterium is key to a good bottle of wine.

Op-Ed: Whisky review #2: Jameson Special

Dublin - In the second of our series of whisky reviews we're going to look at Jameson Irish Whiskey, a beautifully smooth blended whisky.

Op-Ed: Whisky review #1: Isle of Jura Special

In this first of a series of whisky reviews, the classic oily, briny characteristics of the 10-year-old Isle of Jura are sampled.

Big beer fights back, MillerCoors is targeting your taste buds

Chicago - MillerCoors, brewer of the iconic lite beer, sets its sights on consumers looking for something a little different with their upcoming release of 'Fortune', a beer that they hope will please whiskey drinkers.

Op-Ed: World facing tsunami of preventable cancer cases

London - The World Health Organization says the world is facing a tidal wave of cancer that can be controlled by healthier diets. Much of it could be prevented.

Drinking in the sun may increase risk of skin cancer

Scientists believe that drinking too much alcohol could set off a chain of reactions in the body that could increase the risk of skin cancer by 55 percent.

Super yeast improves wine, but lowers alcohol content

Australian researchers have identified special yeast for wine making. The yeast produces a lower level of alcohol but also help to preserve and to enhance the flavor.

Sugar and alcohol during the holidays Special

If there is one thing I love about the holidays, it is all the sweets laid out on bright colored trays and dishes. And if there is one thing I despise at the holidays, it is that tempting desire to try every last one.

A sobering truth, drinkers live longer than non-drinkers

A recent study shows that people who have never taken a drink in their lives will die prematurely, while those who drink in moderation will live longer. It does seem strange, but there may be a good explanation for this startling information.

How to keep fine wines for longer

Once a bottle of wine has been opened it needs to be drunk fairly quickly otherwise the wine goes off. This effect is worse with whites than reds. Preserving wines for longer has recently become the subject of a science study.

Mutated gene possible cause for excessive drinking

Alcoholism has been deemed to be cause of 1 in 25 deaths worldwide. A study conducted by UK scientists say that a gene mutation could be linked to excessive drinking.

After booze in a box, now comes wine in a can

Miami - After screw caps, glass-sized bottles and boxed wine, wine makers are starting to market wine in a can in an attempt to cut costs and reach new markets.
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Linda Giddens
 Flaming  cocktails
"Flaming" cocktails
Nik Frey
Labels on the bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva.
Labels on the bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva.
Screen shot from the video
Screen shot from the video
Labels on the bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva.
Labels on the bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva.
Popular wines
Popular wines
Tim Dobson
Assorted bottles of wine.
Assorted bottles of wine.
A bartender s bar
A bartender's bar
Rice and D
Craft beer allows for much more variety than with normal brands  this brand is actually gluten-free.
Craft beer allows for much more variety than with normal brands, this brand is actually gluten-free.
Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary
Shots of vodka
Shots of vodka
Pouring a glass of California wine
Pouring a glass of California wine
Coors Light Iced T  coming soon
Coors Light Iced T, coming soon
Molson Coors
Glasses of wine
Glasses of wine
This is  the third series of cigarette warning labels to be used in Brazil. They are far more explic...
This is the third series of cigarette warning labels to be used in Brazil. They are far more explicit than the labels being used in Canada and the U.S.
Brazilian Health Ministry (MS) - Instituto Nacional do Câncer (INCA)
A bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva. Used with permission from Liqourature.
A bottle of Panamonte XXV Reserva. Used with permission from Liqourature.
Lance Surujbally, Liqourature
A liquor store in Breckenridge  Colorado  USA.
A liquor store in Breckenridge, Colorado, USA.
David Shankbone

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