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Albino News

Malawi albinos targeted in 'unprecedented' killing wave: Amnesty

Lilongwe - Albinos in Malawi are being targeted in an "unprecedented wave of brutal attacks", Amnesty International said Tuesday in a report that blames police for failing to tackle a scourge fuelled by ritual practices.

Malawi witchdoctors banned following albino killings

Blantyre - A Malawi court has banned witchdoctors from operating in the impoverished southern African country following a spate of albino killings linked to witchcraft, according to a court ruling seen Thursday.

Malawi arrests 10 men for albino murder

Blantyre - Ten Malawian men have been arrested for murdering a 21-year-old albino woman, police said Monday, as a United Nations team conducts a two-week assessment after a series of similar killings.

UN expert questions 'witchcraft' as cause of rising albino violence

Ginebra - "Witchcraft" and mysterious occult beliefs have been blamed for the surge in attacks targeting albinos in Africa over the last decade, but a UN expert said those theories leave a lot unexplained.

Malawi teacher accused of trying to sell albino girl for $10,000

Blantyre - A Malawian teacher suspected of attempting to sell an albino schoolgirl for $10,000 was arrested Tuesday, police said, as the country battles to stop albino killings fuelled by superstition.

Kenyan albino attack as Tanzania elections approach

Nairobi - Attackers in Kenya tried to hack off body parts from a man with albinism to sell for witchcraft, reports said Monday, rising fears of cross-border attacks from neighbouring Tanzania.

200 witchdoctors arrested in Tanzania crackdown

Dar Es Salaam - Over 200 people have been arrested in Tanzania as part of a nationwide crackdown on witchdoctors linked to a wave of albino attacks and murders, police said Thursday.

Seven held in Tanzania over latest albino attack

Arusha - Police in Tanzania said Tuesday they have arrested seven suspects over a vicious weekend assault in which a six-year-old albino boy's hand was hacked off with a machete.

Tanzania bans witchdoctors to stem grisly albino murders

Arusha - Tanzania has banned witchdoctors to try and stem a surge in murders of albinos, whose body parts are sold for witchcraft, officials said Wednesday.

Four held in Tanzania over albino girl kidnapping

Arusha - Police in Tanzania said Wednesday they have arrested four people over the kidnapping of an albino girl in the north of the country, where many are killed and their body parts sold as lucky charms.

Thailand captivated by sacred white elephant, $200,000 reward

Phetchaburi - An infrared camera appears to have recorded the first image of the albino elephant calf that's being sought since almost a month. Thai people regard a white elephant as sacred, bestowing prosperity and power. Capturing the animal will be rewarded.

Rare albino dolphin discovered off Brazil coast

Santa Catarina - A rare albino dolphin belonging to an endangered species living off the South American coast has been found by Brazilian biologists who state it is the first recorded instance of albinism in the Pontoporia blainvillei species.

Rare albino alligator from Louisiana goes on show in Washington

An extremely rare albino alligator will be taking up residence in Washington after being saved from the swamps of Louisiana.

Two-headed albino snake amazes zoo visitors

Yalta - A two-headed albino California Kingsnake, whose heads sometimes try to steal food from one another, is now on display at a Ukrainian zoo.

11-year-old albino girl killed and beheaded in Swaziland

An 11-year-old albino girl was walking home when she was shot in front of her friends in Swaziland. Her headless body was found a short time later.

Albino mom and child killed in Burundi for body parts

A young woman and her 4-year old son, both albinos, were killed in Burundi by a gang of armed men. The authorities have said the victims were murdered for their body parts, which according to witchdoctors bring luck in love, life, and business.

Four Tanzanian Men to Hang, Albino Man Killed for Body Parts

A court in the Shinyanga region of northern Tanzania this week sentenced to death four men convicted of killing a 50-year-old albino man whose body parts the killers believed to have magical powers.

Rare Albino Ratfish Found

A research team from the University of Washington has found a rare albino ratfish. A ratfish described as ghostly and mutant was caught off Whidbey Island in Washington State. Ratfish are common in the Puget Sound area.

Albino Peacock, Video

A video of Albino Peacock male.

Odd albino deer 1 in 100,000

Roaming the 900 hectare deer range at the foothills of the Erzgebirge Mountains in eastern Germany is a snow-white deer with pink eyes and skin. An albino deer -- one in 100,000 according to estimates by zoologists.

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Albino dolphin calf with adult.
Albino dolphin calf with adult.
Photo courtesy Projeto Toninhas/Univille
Albino Burmese python
Albino Burmese python
Karen Gr√łnskov, Jakob Ek, and Karen Brondum-Nielsen- wikimedia commons
Infrared image of possible albino elephant. Kaeng Krachan National Park  Thailand
Infrared image of possible albino elephant. Kaeng Krachan National Park, Thailand
The Nation, Thailand
Albino Burmese python
Albino Burmese python
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Albino alligator
Albino alligator
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