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Einstein was right: U.S. researchers detect gravitational waves

Washington - After decades of effort, scientists in the United States have opened a new era of discovery by detecting gravitational waves 100 years after famed theoretical physicist Albert Einstein first predicted their existence in his general theory of relativity.

Oldest complete copy of 10 Commandments goes on display in Israel

Jerusalem - Never before publicly shown in Israel, the 2,000 year-old Dead Sea Scroll containing a complete copy of the 10 Commandments will be displayed for a brief period of time at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem.

Test your eyesight – Do you see Einstein or Marilyn Monroe?

This optical illusion created by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), could leave you seeing double. The image is an eye test in which the observer has to decide which face s/he sees – Einstein or Monroe?

Super-connectivity of Einstein's brain a clue to his genius

Tallahassee - The left and right hemispheres of leading twentieth century physicist Albert Einstein, who developed the Theory of Relativity, were exceptionally well connected to each other, a new study has found.

Unlocking Einstein's brain

Some previously unseen photographs of Albert Einstein’s brain have been published in a science paper. The photographs suggest several unusual topographic features that may explain why the physicist was so smart.

Einstein's 'God Letter' to be auctioned on eBay; opening bid $3M

A handwritten letter detailing Albert Einstein's rejection of God and religion is going up for auction on eBay later this month with an opening bid of $3 million.

British four-year-old child prodigy joins Mensa with an IQ of 159

Winchester - Four-year old British girl Heidi Hankins has joined Mensa, the largest and highest IQ society in the world. The toddler from Winchester in Hampshire has a 159 IQ, just one below that of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Albert Einstein's brain on public display in London

London - Sections of the brain of the famous Nobel Prize-winning physicist Albert Einstein were put on public display on Thursday at the Wellcome Collection museum in London, as part of the exhibition "Brains: Mind as Matter."

NASA's probe confirms Einstein's gravity warp

A 52-year-old project by NASA and Stanford University has concluded with the confirmation of two key gravity predictions made by Albert Einstein, opening a deeper understanding of the universe and a toolkit of technological applications.

Viennese university physicists create first quantum twin atoms

Vienna - Will the first quantum twin atoms experience quantum entanglement? In the mysterious world of quantum physics, quantum particles, even at a distance, share similar physical properties. Physicists have created the world's first quantum twin atoms.

Op-Ed: The 'science' of impossibility — A disease at the soul of science

Science is getting as bad as Creationism in one way. It’s refusing to even consider its own principles. “Thou shalt have no other equation” could easily be applied to E=mc2, and whole new concepts are routinely relegated to heresy/science fiction.

Has the human brain reached its limit of understanding?

Britain’s Astronomer Royal, Lord Rees, has said the human brain may have reached its capacity for understanding, and there are some major problems we may never be able to resolve.

Doctor Who lands in Canada tonight

Doctor Who is taking all of North America by storm this weekend, with its launch in Canada as well as in the United States.

Doctor Who hits UK screens tonight – with a new man in the TARDIS

America must hold its breath for two more weeks, but today millions of sci-fi fans in the UK will tune in to see a new actor in the guise of the eccentric Time Lord with the sonic screwdriver and the police-box time machine.

Modern robot impersonates Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein might long been dead, however a group of researchers seem to have resurrected the immortalized scientist.

Albert Einstein: The White-Haired Wonder

He was Time magazine’s Man of the Century. Google the name “Einstein” and more than 18 million websites are referenced. Turn to Austrian artist Werner Horvath’s work called Wisdom and Beauty and it’s Albert and another modern icon: Marilyn Monro

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Size matters
Size matters
Portrait of Albert Einstein taken in 1879
Portrait of Albert Einstein taken in 1879
This artistic rendering of the Gravity Probe B  one of the longest running NASA and Stanford researc...
This artistic rendering of the Gravity Probe B, one of the longest running NASA and Stanford research projects, shows the satellite orbiting the Earth, measuring space-time and devising a four-dimensional description of the universe, as width, height, length, and time.
Stanford University

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